Wealth Sachet

Wealth Sachet

2 parts Cinnamon

2 parts Lemon Balm

1 part Cinquefoil

1 part Clove

1 Vanilla Bean

1 Tonka Bean

Tie in a green cloth and carry or hang up to attract wealth.

Healing Sachet

Healing Sachet

2 parts Cinnamon

2 parts Sandalwood

1 part Rose petals

1 part Cayenne

1 part Ginger

1 part Rue

Mix and tie up in a blue or purple cloth. Anoint with Eucalyptus oil and wear or place near the bed at night. Some herbs that are good for pain relief and magickally good for healing that you can all also are Chamomile, White Willow bark and Wood Betony.

The Witches’ Pyramid

The Witches’ Pyramid 

The Witches’ Pyramid is a set of four principles that are very important to successful to magick:

To Know, To Will, To Dare, and To Remain Silent.

To Know

Research the spells you cast. Learn about the magickal correspondences and use them in your spells. The more of these you work into your spell/ritual, the more focused your energy will become.


To Will

Practicing meditation will teach you to focus your mind which will in turn energize your magick more effectively. You will have confidence in your spell/ritual for it to work. You must believe that you have done real magick and that the real magick worked. Your spell feeds off of your intentions and intent.


To Dare

Any thoughts you have lingering will compromise your magick. Feel your magick as you’re doing the spell. Focus on it completely.


To Remain Silent

The energy you spend thinking about something else will not go toward your spell work. It’s more effective to just think about the spell, focus on it and let your spell do its work. Do not talk about your spell work to anyone, never. If you discuss your spell crafting, it will weaken it. So it is of the utmost importance that you “Remain Silent” always.

Correspondences for Spring Equinox

Oestre – Spring Equinox – March 20 

Theme: balance – energy breaking out – spring-cleaning

Colours: mauve, pink, pale green & yellow, pastels

Oils: lily of the valley, violet, honeysuckle

Philtre: fumitory, horehound, lavender, lovage, lemon balm, celandine, orris root

Candles: mauve, pink, pale green, blue & yellow, pastels

Flowers: daffodil, jonquil, violet, dogwood, spring bulbs

Incense: lavender

Stones: bloodstone

Food & Drink: rose wine, eggs, lamb & barley stew, Brussels sprouts, hot crossed buns

The Festival of Oestre – March 21

The Festival of Oestre

The festival of Oestre or Spring Equinox, takes place on the day when the hours of light and dark art of equal length. Oestre was the Goddess of Spring, signifying all that was new and fresh. In the past, only fires were extinguished and the grates were cleaned. Only then could new fires be lit. This is where our tradition of “spring cleaning” originates. Today’s use of eggs, rabbits and hot crossed buns are rooted in ancient Pagan customs.


By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Good ideas are the flower of the mind, waiting to bloom for the benefit of the thinker.

We are constantly in the process of manufacturing ideas. Every waking moment we are thinking continually, making mental images of that which we desire or need. Everything we see was first an idea in someone’s mind.

Ideas are fleeting messages that pass rapidly through the mind. Some of them are strong enough to impress the thinker. Many are not worth saving, but a few are very precious. They have to be sifted, sorted and analyzed for value. Then they must be acted on immediately, for they are very perishable. Once we lose an idea, it is seldom if ever recaptured.

Everyone has access to a better and happier life through ideas, if we can trust the Lord to give us the will and courage to follow through on them.


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Elder’s Meditation of the Day – March 8

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – March 8

“Balance is implicit in the Red Road. When you’re on the Red Road, you are in the center. Yet, you do not go to either extreme, and you allow both sides to exist. This is accomplished by continually postponing surrendering to temptation, whatever it may be. It is saying `later’ instead of `no.'”

–Dr. A.C. Ross (Ehanamani), LAKOTA

The Sacred Path of life has a middle, a left side, and a right side. As human beings, we are designed to walk this middle path as much as we can. As we walk, we will stray to the left and to the right and come back to the middle. Straying to the left or right side is as sacred as being in the middle. Sometimes we call this straying our mistakes. We are designed by the Creator to walk to Sacred Path of life, and realize that our mistakes are the source of lessons. These lessons give us our wisdom. It is not wrong that we are tempted. What matters is what we do with the temptation.

Great Spirit, today, let me enjoy the Sacred Path of Life.