The Witches’ Pyramid

The Witches’ Pyramid 

The Witches’ Pyramid is a set of four principles that are very important to successful to magick:

To Know, To Will, To Dare, and To Remain Silent.

To Know

Research the spells you cast. Learn about the magickal correspondences and use them in your spells. The more of these you work into your spell/ritual, the more focused your energy will become.


To Will

Practicing meditation will teach you to focus your mind which will in turn energize your magick more effectively. You will have confidence in your spell/ritual for it to work. You must believe that you have done real magick and that the real magick worked. Your spell feeds off of your intentions and intent.


To Dare

Any thoughts you have lingering will compromise your magick. Feel your magick as you’re doing the spell. Focus on it completely.


To Remain Silent

The energy you spend thinking about something else will not go toward your spell work. It’s more effective to just think about the spell, focus on it and let your spell do its work. Do not talk about your spell work to anyone, never. If you discuss your spell crafting, it will weaken it. So it is of the utmost importance that you “Remain Silent” always.

My Magickal Gift to You for March 4th – House Blessing Spell

I am sure my regular readers know that every Full Moon, I bless my home. I also try to remind all of you to do the same. To help you get the ball rolling, my git to you this day……

House Blessing Spell

It is a good idea, when moving into a new home or even every few months – to bless your home with positive energy. This is an effective way to bring positive energy and prosperity into your home.

Items you will need:

Sea Salt


House Blessing Incense

Glass of Red Wine

Dried White Sage


In the room you spend most of your time in, or a “main room” of your house (like your living room) – cast a circle of power. You do not have to perform an elaborate ritual for this, however you can simply visualize a protective circle around you that slowly expands to encompass your entire living space and house. Invite positive energy, your guides and all spirits who will be positive to come to your aid – and release all those spirits and energies that are negative. An easy way to do this, is to say this, while casting your circle:

By Fire, Air, Earth and Water – I conjure three that there remain within thy frame, no adverse spell or enmity, or spirit not in accord with me, this is my Will, So Mote It Be!”

Take you Water and Salt, in a small bowl you will take with you on your journey through the house, place the dried sage on top of the water and salt. Have House Blessing Incense burning in the room you cast your circle. Then walking through the house, go to each door, window and entrance and anoint the doors and windows with a sprinkle of the mixture, while saying something to the effect of:

“By the Elements, I purify this home and all doorways. May love and light, prosperity and joy enter. May these passages allow friends and love ones to enter, and prevent those who wish ill or harm.”

Do this to all the windows and doors. Then follow your steps one more time, ringing the bell (this raises positive energies and spirits). Then take the wine, and anoint the front doorway with touches of wine. If you own your home, you can pour the wine across the doorway outside. Place the remaining water, salt and sage outside as an offering to the Gods. Close your circle and the Blessing is complete.

Circle casting in Spells and Magick

 Circle Casting in Spells and Magick 

Long before circles were adopted by ceremonial magicians, they have appeared in folk tradition as people for thousands of years have danced in circles around a festival fire. They offer power as well as protection.

In essence you can cast a circle anywhere for any kind of spell or ritual (a visualized one using your index finger takes seconds). If someone is being spiteful at work, you can swivel round in a circle in your chair casting a circle close to your area (about an extended arm span all round) so that nasty words bounce off or are diverted back to the speaker.

Any circle you create should enclose yourself your altar and tools, if you are using them, and anyone working with you to create an enclosed protected place of concentrated power. Even if you are carrying out a whole spell with words or in your mind you can cast a visualized circle of light.

Water Magick – Floor Washes

Floor Washes


A floor wash is made by adding specific herbs, oils, crystals and other ingredients to water and then using the solution to wash a surface. The reasoning behind this practice is to infuse the surface with the vibrations of the wash, so that it will then attract or dispel the corresponding energies. For example, if you were owed payment for services and the check was late, you might want to wash your mailbox with a money-drawing wash.

Traditional methods call for you to scrub the floor on your hands and knees. The repetitive motion and low concentration level needed allow for a shift in consciousness to take place. Incorporating a chant as you wash will boost the powers of the wash and help your goal to manifest even faster. Remember to be as specific as possible in the wording of your chant.

Water Magick – Energy Boost Elixir

Energy Boost Elixir

1 clear quartz crystal

3 ounces orange juice

1 tablespoon honey

1 teaspoon lemon juice

Charge the crystal with intent. Clearly state that the crystal will absorb positive energy, which it will impart to you at a later time. Mix all the ingredients together. Say, “I call the universal energy of white light and love to impart energy into this drink.” Drink it quickly but do not allow the crystal to flow into your mouth, to avoid choking. Say, “So it is done!”

Water Magick – Peaceful Night’s Rest Brew

Peaceful Night’s Rest Brew

5 tablespoons lavender flowers

A saucepan of clear water

Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce heat and boil gently for two minutes. Strain the lavender buds from the water. Add the scented water to your laundry when you wash your bed linens.

Water Magick – Shell Magick

Shell Magick


Shells hold universal energies. They can be used for spell work in the same manner as crystals or herbs:

Abalone:  The abalone shell is often featured on the Water Witch’s altar as a focal point. It can be used to hold smaller items, to burn things, or simply to add extra power to a spell

Clam:  Clam shells are used for purification and love spells. They can  be placed in charm bags

Conch:  Conch shells work best in love spells

Coral:  Coral works well in matters of health and healing

Cowries:  Sacred to the Orisha Oya, the cowrie shell has a prestigious magickal pedigree. Due to its vulva-like appearance, this shell is frequently used upon altars as a representation of the Goddess. Cowries work well in matters involving money and prosperity

Oysters:  Oyster shells work best in matters pertaining to luck. They are said to promote good fortune. They make wonderful additions to charm bags

Water Magick

Water Magick

The properties of water are both constant and variable at the same time. Water exists on the Earth in three forms: solid (ice), liquid, and gas (evaporated). Water magick is very versatile; it incorporates techniques that bring about changes both within and without. For water magick to occur within, one must consume the water or call upon that aspect of the self. For it to occur without, one must bathe in it, swim in it, cleanse with it, etc.

Not all liquid magick belongs in the realm of water. For instance, brews that incorporate vinegar or alcohol as the primary ingredient fall in the domain of fire.

The magickal properties of particular types of water can be used for the following purposes:

Creeks and streams:  Purification, harmony, cleansing

Dew:  General health, eyesight, beauty. Dew is said to be especially powerful if gathered at dawn on Beltane.

Fog and mists:  Creativity, balance, partnerships

Ice:  Transformations, balance, creativity

Pond or lake water:  Peace, contentment, relaxation, self-reflection.

Rain water:  Energy, protection, cleansing. The first rain that falls in the month of May is considered sacred to the Water Witch

River water:  Cleansing, moving forward, protection

Seawater:  Health, magickal power, manifestation of goals. An old Welsh belief states that a spoonful of sea-water a day will ensure a long and healthy life.

Snow:  Transformations, balance

Spring water:  Growth, holy water, cleansing, protection, prosperity

Swamp and  waste water:  Banishing, binding

Waterfalls:  Power, energy, success

Well water:  Healing, wishes, intuition

The Water Witch also has an attachment to the ares surrounding the water, which can be used for the following magickal purposes:

Beaches:  Rituals, spells, fascinations, meditations

Harbors:  To promote abundance and prosperity; to serve as an aid in banishing things

Riverbanks:  To increase personal power

In Santeria practices, water from particular environments is offered as food to specific Orishas, as follows:

Ogun and Babalu-Aye:  Pond water

Oya:  Rain water

Oshun:  River water

Yemaya:  Seawater

In addition, Santeria incorporates the use of a special cleansing water called omiero. Omiero is comprised of sacred herbs, belonging to the Orisha being petitioned, and water. It is steeped upon coals to bring out the magickal properties. The making of omiero is complicated and has a full ceremony attached to it. The resulting product is used for initiation purposes.

Edible Earth Magick – Corn Woman’s Magickal Mush

Corn Woman’s Magickal Mush

1 cup corn meal
1 cup cold water
1 teaspoon salt
3 cups boiling water
Combine the corn meal, cold water, and salt. Pour the mixture into the boiling water. Cover and cook on low for 15 minutes, stirring when needed. This mush turns solid when cold. It may then be sliced into blocks about 1/2-inch thich and fried in hot oil. Serve with honey on the side, if desired. You may also dust the slices with a mixture of cinnamon and powdered sugar.

Magickal Powders (Earth Magick)

Magickal Powders

The making of a magickal powder falls in the realm of earth, due to its dry form. If the ingredients are especially aromatic, the powder will incorporate the element of air, but as a rule it belongs primarily to earth.

Magickal powders consists of a variety of ingredients. Everything from chalk to eggshells to herbs are placed in a mortar and ground to a fine powder. The powder is then sprinkled inside a charm bag or around an altar, burned in a censer, or even dissolved into a glass of liquid for drinking.

Magickal Gardening (Earth Magick)

Magickal Gardening

 Magickal and healing herb gardens are sanctuaries of the soul. Indeed, any garden is a magickal on to the Witch.

The earliest formal record of gardening dates back to a stone tablet from Mesopotamia circa 4000 BC. It describes how Enki, the Sumerian God of Water, provided fresh water to the dry land and thereby produced fruit trees and fields from a desert like land. By 2250 BC, the famed Hanging Gardens of Babylon were well established in the capital of Sumeria. These are considered to be the forerunners of gardens today.

In Ancient Persia, (modern day Iraq), gardens were the playground of life. They serves as a place of solace, a gathering place for friends and family, and a formal extension of the home outdoors. These gardens were called “Paradise” and were thought to be an earthly view of what heaven must be like. They were cultivated carefully and tended to lovingly. Due to the desert conditions of the area, the gardens were usually enclosed by high walls. Many had aqueducts installed to maintain the irrigation needed for the gardens to thrive. Most often these gardens were formed into a square pattern and further divided into four smaller squares. Fountains and water channels were an important part of the architecture of the gardens. The gardens were said to have two of every fruit tree and plenty of places for sitting so that one could rest and enjoy the view.

Zen gardening is considered an art form by many. A Zen garden is a dry-landscape style of garden consisting of sand trails raked into intricate patterns. Often, the trails are not made of sand at all but rather a crushed type of granite, a very fine gravel. Many times the gravel pathways circle a rock or bush. The purpose of Zen gardening (the raking of the gravels) is to provoke contemplation and meditation. These gardens are thought to be very peaceful and restful to the eyes.

Traditional Japanese gardens invoke a sense of peace and tranquility in both the gardener and the person lucky enough to view the garden. According to the principles of Japanese gardening, each element introduced must be something that could occur naturally. For example, you can find a waterfall in nature, but not a fountain. Hence, a fountain has no place in a traditional Japanese garden.

Knot gardens are by far one of the most fantastical types of magickal gardens. They can weave a spell right into the landscape. A know garden is a very formal, precise arrangement of plants and tress. To create a magickal knot garden, choose an herb that corresponds to your intent and plant it in a pattern. The pattern can be as intricate or a simple as you wish. It can be a symbol, meant to reaffirm the spell, or any pattern that you like.

The ancient Romans brought their gardens inside the home and invented the atrium. Many times the atrium was placed in the center of the home. The area was left roofless and was usually surrounded by walkways. It may have held reflecting pools, herbal gardens and fruit trees.

One of today’s most popular magickal-gardening practices is moon gardening. This technique uses an ancient system of moon phases and astrological placements to calculate planting and harvesting times. In a moon garden, white and night blooming flowers are the main ornaments.

How Is Natural Magick Different?

How Is Natural Magick Different

Sometimes you might put on a lovely dress and dance in a ballroom following taught steps so that you and partner move in harmony. On other occasions you might dance spontaneously, moving freely alone on a moonlit seashore or at a friend’s party to fast exciting music. Both are dancing, in the same way that formal magick and natural magick are both ways of performing magick. Neither is better, not are they mutually exclusive.
Formal magick uses traditional rituals and beautifully made tools to control magickal energy, while natural magick uses tools made from natural materials: wood, clay, herbs, beeswax or crystal. Usually they are very simple because they are secondary to the setting of the spell or ritual. For where possible natural magick is performed outdoors, winter or summer, rain or shine, whether in woodland, on the seashore or in your garden. You can, in really bad weather or if it would not be safe or feasible to cast spells outdoors, practice natural magick inside your home by bringing in flowers, herbs or berries and by linking your magick to what is happening outside the window.

Sometimes on a seasonal festival or personal rite like handfasting you may carry out quite an elaborate outdoor ritual and of course ritual magickal practitioners and covens do work outdoors where possible.

So natural magick involves a difference of emphasis and location, but adheres to all the traditional rules of magick follow.

Earth Charms

Earth Charms



Some naturally occurring objects are said to be empowered with extra luck or magickal powers. Those that fall in the realm of earth include four-leaf clovers, petrified wood and fairy stones.


Four-leaf clovers

It is rare to actually find a four-leaf clover. It is universally accepted as an harbinger of good luck to come your way. This belief stems back to the ancient Druids and is Celtic in origin.


Petrified Wood

If you are lucky enough to find a piece of petrified wood, then you are lucky indeed. It holds the magickal properties of secrets, wisdom, strength and transformation. Pay special attention to your dream after finding a piece of petrified wood, as the spirit of the tree may be trying to speak to you.


Fairy Stones

Fairy stones form a natural solar-cross shape. They are known as staurolite. These little stones charms contain vas t reservoirs of power and are wonderful when it comes to helping you maintain balance within your chosen elemental specialty.

Good Times Charm


Good Times Charm

The next time you pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate a special event or accomplishment, don’t throw away the cork. Cut a slit in the top and insert a coin. If you place it in your kitchen cupboard, it will bring luck to the entire household. The luck will last until the next bottle of champagne is opened. However, if you insert a coin minted in the year of your birth, carry the charm with you at all times. The luck will last the rest of your life.


By: Lynne Sturtevant