My Magickal Gift to You for March 4th – House Blessing Spell

I am sure my regular readers know that every Full Moon, I bless my home. I also try to remind all of you to do the same. To help you get the ball rolling, my git to you this day……

House Blessing Spell

It is a good idea, when moving into a new home or even every few months – to bless your home with positive energy. This is an effective way to bring positive energy and prosperity into your home.

Items you will need:

Sea Salt


House Blessing Incense

Glass of Red Wine

Dried White Sage


In the room you spend most of your time in, or a “main room” of your house (like your living room) – cast a circle of power. You do not have to perform an elaborate ritual for this, however you can simply visualize a protective circle around you that slowly expands to encompass your entire living space and house. Invite positive energy, your guides and all spirits who will be positive to come to your aid – and release all those spirits and energies that are negative. An easy way to do this, is to say this, while casting your circle:

By Fire, Air, Earth and Water – I conjure three that there remain within thy frame, no adverse spell or enmity, or spirit not in accord with me, this is my Will, So Mote It Be!”

Take you Water and Salt, in a small bowl you will take with you on your journey through the house, place the dried sage on top of the water and salt. Have House Blessing Incense burning in the room you cast your circle. Then walking through the house, go to each door, window and entrance and anoint the doors and windows with a sprinkle of the mixture, while saying something to the effect of:

“By the Elements, I purify this home and all doorways. May love and light, prosperity and joy enter. May these passages allow friends and love ones to enter, and prevent those who wish ill or harm.”

Do this to all the windows and doors. Then follow your steps one more time, ringing the bell (this raises positive energies and spirits). Then take the wine, and anoint the front doorway with touches of wine. If you own your home, you can pour the wine across the doorway outside. Place the remaining water, salt and sage outside as an offering to the Gods. Close your circle and the Blessing is complete.


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