Change Your Luck Nutmeg Bath


6 tsp. ground Nutmeg 1 cup warm Water Coffee filter
Place the nutmeg in the coffee filter.
Pour the one cup of warm water into the coffee filter and let the tea brew.
When the liquid is cool, draw a warm bath and pour the tea in the bath water.
Soak at least ten minutes. This bath will cleanse the aura and negativity within you
that draws bad luck. It also makes others more accepting of your ideas, whims, and wants.
Use before important discussions or meetings with those you feel may be unresponsive to you.

Monday Morning Motivating Splash

Monday Morning Motivating Splash

Use this body splash on Monday morning, or any other time you need an extra bit of motivation. Simply splash it on after your bath or shower and let it dry. Meditate on having the motivation to make it through the day or to get through any kind of problem you are having.

1 cup yarrow flowers

1 cup heather flowers

1 cup rose flowers

1 cup bergamot leaves

¼ cup chicory root

¼ cup lemon peel

¼ cup lime peel

¼ cup orange peel

¼ cup peppermint leaves

4 cloves

Purification Soak

Purification Soak

This infusion should be added to your cleansing bath when preparing for a ritual. Mediate on purifying your thoughts and opening your mind to prepare for your ritual.

You can also use this infusion for cleaning or purifying rooms or objects. Simply set the items in the infusion or use a sponge soaked in the infusion to wipe areas down.

2 cups chamomile flowers

1 cup clover flowers

¼ cup pansy flowers

2 cups lavender flowers

¼ cup hyssop leaves

¼ cup thyme leaves

1 tsp. anise

¼ cup lemon peel

Business Success Infusion

Business Success Infusion


Use this infusion either as a soak added to your bath, or soak a washcloth with it and lay it across your forehead while you meditate on being successful in your work life. Try to focus on a specific event or project instead of on a general feeling.

If possible, use this infusion at your work, Try wiping down your desk with it, sprinkle droplets on the floor, or water plants in your work area with it–as they grown they will release the magic into the air.

1 cup magnolia blossoms

1 cup chamomile blossoms

½ cup Balm of Gilead

1 cup bergamot leaves

½ cup tangerine peel

½ cup sage leaves

¼ cup peeled ginger root

3 cinnamon sticks

½ cup basil leaves

1 TB. Juniper berries

Charming Glamory {Chaste Moon}

Charming Glamory

 {Chaste Moon}

Glamory is all about the image you present to the world. In the faery realm, glamory is the source of magick that faeries use to shape shift. Changing their appearance at will, for example from a gorgeous faery queen to a frightening, black cat, faeries can move through worlds undetected, and when discovered, they can charm their way out of a situation.

Create your own glamory and make yourself more faery-like  and charming. At midnight, think about how you project your image into your world. Exactly what persona and appearance are you presenting to those around you? Notice how you act in different situations. As you notice the many qualities about yourself, write them down in your journal.

Now that you are becoming more aware of your glamory, it’s time to become charming. These are five things you can practice to do just that.

  1. Smile when you are with people.
  2. Make eye contact when you meet and talk with people.
  3. Stay present and in the moment.
  4. Relax and enjoy yourself.
  5. Think, act, and be as confident as possible.

Practice these things all the time, and become aware when you do the. Also, notice how people respond to you whenever you do things. The more you practice tailoring your glamory into the cloak you desire, the more you will attract the people and experiences in your life that you really want. Accordingly, you life will improve as you become more and more adept at applying your charming glamor every night and every day.