Charming Glamory {Chaste Moon}

Charming Glamory

 {Chaste Moon}

Glamory is all about the image you present to the world. In the faery realm, glamory is the source of magick that faeries use to shape shift. Changing their appearance at will, for example from a gorgeous faery queen to a frightening, black cat, faeries can move through worlds undetected, and when discovered, they can charm their way out of a situation.

Create your own glamory and make yourself more faery-like  and charming. At midnight, think about how you project your image into your world. Exactly what persona and appearance are you presenting to those around you? Notice how you act in different situations. As you notice the many qualities about yourself, write them down in your journal.

Now that you are becoming more aware of your glamory, it’s time to become charming. These are five things you can practice to do just that.

  1. Smile when you are with people.
  2. Make eye contact when you meet and talk with people.
  3. Stay present and in the moment.
  4. Relax and enjoy yourself.
  5. Think, act, and be as confident as possible.

Practice these things all the time, and become aware when you do the. Also, notice how people respond to you whenever you do things. The more you practice tailoring your glamory into the cloak you desire, the more you will attract the people and experiences in your life that you really want. Accordingly, you life will improve as you become more and more adept at applying your charming glamor every night and every day.


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