Problem Banishment Ritual {Chaste Moon}

Problem Banishment Ritual

{Chaste Moon}

Remember, banishments should be used as a last resort when everything has failed to solve the problem. When you banish something from your life, you bind it away from yourself for the rest of your life. There is usually no going back on this decision once you have banished something away from you.

For this spell, you will need a green candle, a red candle, a white candle, a writing pen and a pie of paper.

Light the green candle, and dedicate it to the Goddess by saying:

Goddess may your divine light
Always shine bright in my life.

Light the red candle, dedicating it to the God, and the white candle dedicating it to Oneness. Place the green candle on your left, the red candle on your right, and the white candle in front of you, but up about a foot from the imaginary line formed by the green and red candles. The candles form a triangle.

Write what you want to banish on the piece of paper, and place it in the middle of the triangle. Use your athame to point a the piece of paper,and as you do so, say:

{The problem written on the paper}
I banish this problem forever from my life
By the powers of the God and Goddess
So be! So Mote It Be!

Complete the ritual by burning the piece of paper and throwing the ashes in the garbage or down the garbage disposal.