Prayer to Handle Anxiety


Let calm flow in like waves of water
With each breath in, with each breath out
Let tension ease like ropes unknotted
In magick’s light there is no doubt.
The Goddess wraps Her cloak around me
Loving warmth and reassurance
That all will happen as it must
Gifting me with calm endurance.
No more worries, no more stress
My burdens lie on stronger shoulders
I release anxiety’s weight
Turn into pebbles what seemed like boulders.
Faith is mine and strength is mine
The love of those who stay unseen
Let calm flow in with every breath
I am grounded and serene.

So Mote It Be.

Mastering the Element Air

Mastering the element Air…

1- Make a list of the things which have the combined qualities of warmth and
moistness. Practice this for one week. Be sure to record the results each day in
your magickal diary.

2- Find a place where you can be alone, take a lounge chair along with you. Wear
as little clothing as you can (if possible, nudity is best), and sit or lie in the chair. Begin pore breathing. This is started by doing the relaxation ritual. Next, become very aware of your breath. Become aware of the slow in and out motion of the physical air. Notice the way the air feels as it enters your body. Now imagine that your body is nothing more then a huge breathing apparatus. Imagine that every part of your body only has the function of breathing. You should do this exercise daily for one week.

3- Spend a period of up to three minutes (no more), once a day, imagining that
you are the element Air. Feel the lightness, the giddiness, the warmth and moisture of Air. Feel how physical things don’t seem to matter. Do this exercise
for only one week, NO MORE. If you wish to do it again, only do it once a month.

4- Once you have learned to “be Air”, the next step is to control the element Air. Take a moment and imagine yourself to be Air. Bring the feeling from the previous exercise into your consciousness. Next, hold your hands 9-12 inches apart, palms facing each other. Imagine a bottle or box between your hands. Now, as you exhale, visualize all of the Air element which is in you going out with
your breath and into the container between your hands. Three to five breaths should be enough to fill it. Then, with three breaths, inhale it back into you and go back to normal consciousness.

The next time you feel heavy, slow or lazy, do this exercise. If you feel relaxed and refreshed, you have succeeded with the test AND with mastering the element Air.

Daily Feng Shui News for Sept 23 – 'Innergize Day'

Let’s all get energized on ‘Innergize Day.’ The fastest and most effective way to energize from the inside out is to practice deep breathing. This next exercise will not only energize you but you’ll also get a bit of cosmic assistance to take through your day. Called The Ferson Method, stand with your feet flat on the floor and your arms straight out from the shoulders with your hands turned slightly up to the sky. Breathing in through your nose, fill your belly with air. Exhale through your mouth as if you are whistling. Then say this: ‘Universal life force energy flows through me now. I feel it.’ Wait 15 seconds and do this again, and repeat for a total of four times. Then you’ll be filled with universal life force energy! It just doesn’t get any more ‘innergized’ than that.

By Ellen Whitehurst for

Today’s Affirmation, Thought & Meditation for February 24th

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Sorry about running a little late postings these. My cable got knocked out for some unknown reason. You know cable is fantastic according to my husband. Yeah right! Again I apologize.


Today’s Affirmation

I am committed to finding the most worth while routes for my energies – I will work to transform my emotion into the exhilarating energies of the spirit.


Today’s Thought

“My heart, which is so full to overflowing,has often been solaced and refreshed by music when sick and weary.”

Martin Luther (1483 -1546)


Today’s Meditation

The Complete Breath

This is a form of yogic meditation in which deep breathing is synchronized with arm movements to unite mind and body.

  1. Lie on your back with arms out to the sides.
  2. Close your eyes and focus on breathing through your nose
  3. Inhale for five counts and exhale for ten.
  4. Repeat three times, noticing the sense of relaxation that permeates your body.
  5. Take five more breaths, this time raising our arm over your head as you inhale and returning your arm to your sides as you exhale.