MuffinMarie, the Cat of the Day
Name: MuffinMarie
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Shorthair Tabby
Home: West Virginia, USA
MuffinMarie came to me in a bucket along with her siblings. That litter was found under a trailer after their mom was hit and killed by a car. MuffinMarie has a middle name because she is a female RED tabby and most red tabbies are male so we didn’t want there to be any question. She is special as she not only doesn’t mind the car, but enjoys it. She is my constant companion on long road trips. She sits on my lap in the front seat for the entire trip which lasts seven to eight hours. When we make a rest stop, she jumps down below the seat while the car stops. Then when we resume traveling, up she comes to her favorite spot.

Every morning and evening she and I share strips of meat and cheese called “sandwiches.” We also share conversations. I talk – she eats and purrs. I love my MuffinMarie.

Special Kitty of the Day for Spring Equinox!

Za'rour, the Cat of the Day
Name: Za’rour
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Orange Tabby
Home: Damascus, Syria
Hi there, my name is Za’rour and my name is Arabic for “Hawthorn.” When I first heard this name I told myself “what kind of name is that???” then I understood that the sound of my name is similar to the Arabic translation for “Mischievous.” Still, I do not know how my parents chose this name, I mean I am so kind and gentle, my voice is hardly heard too, and I do not disturb them at all, unlike my cat-friend who keeps nagging and running around the house. Humans are strange.

Anyways, let me tell you more about me, I remember being so skinny and weak before, but now I am so fluffy, healthy and handsome. I also remember having a family of four cute sisters but now all I care about is my human family, especially mommy who loves me so much to the extent that she is ready to wake up when I do just to play and cuddle with me, although she works so much and she’s most of the time tired, I really appreciate that.

I also love the fact that she always gives me treats when I behave, and man those Salmon treats are sooo delicious.

In a nutshell, I live a life that most of other cats would envy, I am pampered, taken-care of – although I hate the bathing and nail-clipping part of the care I get – and I would never think of leaving this wonderful family I have.

Special Kitty of the Day for March 8th

Celeste, the Cat of the Day
Name: Celeste
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tabby
Home: Emporia, Kansas, USA
This is Celestial (Celeste for short), and she’s a Cinnamon Tortoiseshell Tabby. While volunteering at the local shelter we came to know Celeste and she soon won our hearts! Unfortunately the shelter euthanizes strays on schedule. We watched as her carrier slowly made its way toward the top of the list. We just couldn’t let that happen. Her litter was found under the porch of an abandoned house and there were two left. After much deliberation, we decided to bring one sickly, striped, green-eyed kitten into the family! Since then our lives have been enriched with a steady supply of hijinks, acrobatics, amazing saves, and occasional all out lovefests.

She loves to sit upon our 55 gal. fish tank and one day while we were feeding the fish she decided to leap into action and by sheer luck we managed to catch her midair, her athletic body suspended over the open water. Now she’ll try anything to get the colorfull little fishies!

She also has bravado, and will walk up to any animal or person she sees to check them out, and then goes about her business as if nothing caught her eye. She’ll then crawl into her box heaven that we built for her and stalk the world, her tail swaying to and fro waiting for the perfect moment…to attack a peice of paper!!

Independent, curious to a fault, and always on the stalk, Celeste is more than just a Kitty of the Day… she’s our kitty forever.

Kozy Kitten of the Day for March 6th

Chuck, the Cat of the Day
Name: Chuck
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Orange Tabby
Home: Gloversville, New York, USA
This is Chuck. He loves sleeping in high places, and also trying to eat my food. He shares his home with his two sisters Inky and Flower, so he is outnumbered by the girls! He is five years old and is an orange tabby. He loves to chase his sisters around and follow my boyfriend and I like he’s our shadow. He is very friendly and loves people. He greets you at the door when you get home and walks us to the door when we go to leave. He loves to drink from the sink, until his sisters realize what he is doing and they push him out of the way. When he’s not following us around, he likes to hang out on top of my boyfriend’s bookcase.

He loves to play in bags and boxes and we cut holes in the boxes because he likes to stick his paw through the hole to attack his sisters!!! He is the sweetest cat ever!

Special Kitty of the Day for March 4th

Max, the Cat of the Day
Name: Max
Age: Fifteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Orange tabby
Home: Braunlage, Germany
I‘m Johanna and I’m eleven years old. The name of my cat is Max and he’s fifteen years old, so he is even older than me. He is so sweet and I pet him every day. Sometimes I play with him and the other time he sleeps. He is getting pretty old for a cat, so that’s okay. Old people sleep a lot, too.

The special think about him, that makes him different from other cats is: He loves to eat Nutella and milk. As you can tell, he doesn’t mind getting picked up or carried around, and will even fall asleep there! But I love him most of all, because he is so sweet!!!

Special Kitty of the Day for March 3rd

Squirt, the Cat of the Day
Name: Squirt
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby
Home: Seabrook, Texas, USA
Hello, my name is Squirt, but my family sometimes calls me Squishy (they’re really silly, huh?) As you can see from my pictures I’m a really sweet boy…when I want to be. I love to be petted and sit in my human’s lap, but only on my terms. If they try to touch me any other time, I like to hiss at them to show my dissatisfaction at being touched without my permission. My family accepted a stray into the house last year!! (And they did not even consult me first!). I like her now, but she really got on my nerves at first. Kittens, HMPF!!! My Mom grows Cat Nip for us, and we just love rolling in it. We have a very Zen day when she gives us some.

Mom here. Our little Squirtzie boy is truly a sweetie, he’s just too “cat-ly” to admit it. He likes to spend a lot of time outside, but wants someone to be outside with him. He’s definitely a social kitty. He’s even starting to warm to our other female cat, a stray we named Zebra. I can tell they secretly love each other. We love Squirt to pieces, even when he’s hissing at us!

Special Kitty of the Day for February 13th

Lucky, the Cat of the Day
Name: Lucky
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby
Home: Weisbach, Germany
Lucky is a very lovely cat, but three years ago Lucky has a bad time. When he was born, Lucky’s mum had left him and so I gave him potatoes and milk until we could get kitten food. Lucky is grey and black (he looks like a tiger). He loves to play with me, with other cats and to sleep in his basket. When I come home from school, Lucky waits for me and he picks me up from the bus. He is so special because he is simply unique and cuddly.

I love Lucky very much!

Special Kitty for January 2nd

Big Ben, the Cat of the Day
Name: Big Ben
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Orange Tabby
Home: Stettler, Alberta, Canada
We adopted Big Ben in August 2011 from a wonderful feline rescue organization called Whisker Rescue (Red Deer, Alberta), after losing our beloved Simon — who was also an orange tabby – to Feline Leukemia Virus earlier in the year. We had initially planned to adopt a kitten as we felt a younger cat would get along better with our two dark tabby girls. But we just fell in love with Ben! He really should be called ‘Gentle Ben’ because he is so sweet-natured.

Ben is a very handsome cat, with his big amber-colored eyes and a distinctive orange “soul patch” on his chin. His white underside extends partially down the inside of his back legs so in the rare moments when he shows us his belly, it looks like he is wearing white boxer shorts!

Whisker Rescue did not have much information on Ben but we suspect there might have been some unpleasantness in his past as he is quite shy and uncertain, especially around strangers. We felt he was perfect for us because we have a very peaceful home with no small children. His first couple of weeks with us were a bit rough,though. He was treated for ear mites before leaving the kitty orphanage, then developed a yeast infection in both ears and had to return to the vet clinic to have his ears flushed and then treated with drops for a week. He managed to find some very creative places to hide, but his loud purr always gave away his location.

All that is in the past now. He has become a playful cuddle-bug. Some of his favorite things are playing with his kong, enjoying couch-cuddles with his humans, watching the world from the big living room window, napping in his “man cave” (the comfy little room inside the scratching post), and being groomed by his little sister, Livy. As soon as the lights go out at night, he sneaks into bed with us and goes to sleep. Ben has definitely found his forever home.

Special Kitty of the Day for November 29th

Little Kitty, the Cat of the Day
Name: Little Kitty
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby Siamese mix
Home: Bailey, North Carolina, USA
Little Kitty (only name he ever answered to, so it stuck) found us about two years ago. He was just sitting outside the house and my son picked him up. He has been with us ever since. We began feeding him and allowed him to remain outside since that was his preference. When it turned cold, I couldn’t leave him outside so that began his wandering in and out. He has always gotten along with my other cats after slowly being introduced to the crew. When we first got him, as you can see, he was young enough so that his mature coloring had not yet fully grown in, so we just know he is somewhere over 2 1/2 years old, but are not sure.Last year, he got out of the house while I was away and had been hit by a car. It took him three days to make it back home. The trip to the vet produced both good and bad news. There was no major damage but he would no longer be able to protect himself properly. He had a broken hip, broken pelvis, multiple broken bones in his foot and damaged claws. He can walk, but he is limited in some activities and can no longer go outside. He was terrified of noises after the accident and would hide at the slightest sound. After much consistency and caution, he is now sitting in the window and only hiding when the offensive vacuum cleaner starts.

He is the most social cat I have ever seen with other cats. He plays with the new kitten and has taken her under his wing. He teaches her everything from the best places to sleep to ‘creatively acquiring’ treats. Helps her hunt, shares his toys and even allows her to play with his tail. He sleeps with the other cats and doesn’t mind at all being used for a pillow by any of them. His favorite places to sleep are my office chair, my spot on the bed, the window and the table I now keep beside my desk. That was the only way I could keep him off my computer!

Although he doesn’t like to be held, he loves to have his belly rubbed, his chin scratched and to be close to me or another cat. I occasionally become a chew toy or pin cushion when he wants something. He’s talkative in a quiet way. Rarely meows, but when he does it is definitely something important! Like opening his window so he can get in it, his empty food dish or that it is time for treats.

His most fascinating personality trait is that he is so protective! He sleeps between me and the door every night. He is usually within sight or within arm’s reach. He gets upset when he thinks that my orange tabby is a little rough with the kitten. Because he is so protective, I was concerned Little Kitty would be upset about the kitten, but he has turned out to be more of a “daddy” than anything else. He has even started fights with my orange tabby over the kitten!

He is loved and he knows it!