Calendar of the Sun for September 21

Calendar of the Sun

21 Halegmonath

Mielikki’s Day

Color: Forest green
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of dark green place a bowl of spring water surrounded by pine branches, and around this place the figures of many wild animals of the forest. Drums should surround the altar, with a hunting drum taking pride of place.
Offerings: Leave food out in the wild places for the creatures who live there.
Daily Meal: Wild game, if possible.

Invocation to Mielikki

Mistress of the forests,
Green mother of all the wild things,
Clear-skinned crone, fair to look upon,
Take the golden keys from the ring at your thigh
And unlock the storehouse of which you are the keeper,
The storehouse of Tapio, your husband.
Unlock the forests to the hunters,
Shift the forest stronghold
On the days of the prey-search!
Delicate forest maiden,
Mead-mouthed bride of Tapio,
Protect well your flocks and herds
Down to the least squirrel and bat,
For we know that you love them all well.
We will not steal from your pantry
Without your leave, without your blessing,
So send us that blessing when the winter comes
And our bellies are cold and empty.
Kindly forest mistress, honey-sweet crone,
With your fingers and hair adorned with gold,
Green-cloaked dame of the thicket,
Red-shoed lady of the swamp,
Bless us with your bounty
For we come always with respect.

(All should come forward and take the drums, and a drum circle should commence. Any who are moved to do so can dance, taking on the forms of wild animals, in honor of Mielikki.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]