Feline Communication Spell

Feline Communication Spell

Items You Will Need:

  • Cat
  • Voice
  • Patience
  • Faith

The Spell:

First get your cat to sit in front of you, completely still. Next tap it three times between the ears to make extra sure the spell works. Then chant:

”Tail of Rat,  Wing of Bat,  Allow this Cat to Chit Chat.”

You might need to repeat this a couple of times if your cat does not remain completely still.

Attracting Extra Money

Attracting Extra Money

Items You Need:

Loose Change

The Spell:

  •   Gaze at the Moon.
  •   Turn your money over in your pocket.
  •   As you do so, repeat the following three times:

Goddess of Light and Love, I pray

Bring fortune unto me this day.

  •   You will know that it has worked when you -find extra money in your pocket or your -purse or come across money unexpectedly.

In previous times the Moon was recognized as much-as the Sun as being the bringer of good luck. This-spell acknowledges that and allows you to make use-of her power. It is said to ensure that you have at-least enough for bed and board until the next New-Moon.

Wiccan Tool List Master

Wiccan Tool List Master


  • a pentacle
  • 6 candles; 1 for each direction, 2 for altar
  • chalice of wine (hard apple cider on Samhain)
  • wand
  • scrounge of silken cords
  • small bowl of water
  • small bowl of salt
  • 3 cords, one red, one white, one blue, 9′ long each
  • white-handled knife
  • individual athames
  • incense burner and incense
  • small hand bell
  • dish of cakes
  • sword
  • chalk
  • altar cloth of any color
  • cauldron
  • tape recorder and tapes of appropriate music
  • veil for Great Rite of a Goddess color: Blue, green, silver or white

For New or Dark Moon Esbat:

  • extra incense
  • an apple and a pomegranate
  • cauldron with a fire in it and/or a bonfire
  • crystal ball or other scrying tools
  • white tabard with hood for Priestess

For Winter Solstice (Yule):

  • cauldron with candle or oak bonfire
  • wreaths, 1 of holly and 1 of mistletoe
  • crowns, 1 of oak and 1 of holly
  • blindfold
  • sistrum
  • animal skull filled with salt

For Spring Equinox:

  • cords as described in preparations
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • a bonfire ready to ignite or a taper
  • flowers in the cauldron

For Beltane Sabbat:

  • bonfire

For Initiations:

  • anointing oil
  • tub to bathe the candidate in
  • towels
  • salts, herbs and oils to add to the bath
  • a blindfold
  • a shirt or other clothing that can be cut
  • a length of string to measure the person
  • two lengths of cord to bind the hands and feet
  • bonfire for warmth if needed

For Blessings:

  • anointing oil
  • wine

Dedication of Altar and Athame

Dedication of Altar and Athame

Durwydd MacTara


    This Altar in the circle’s center, A focal point that only good may enter
    Erected to God and Goddess in strength, Circular, it has neither breadth nor length
    Focal point in A Circle of Power, A mighty lens for every Tower!
    Sacred to Lord, Maiden, Lady and Crone, The foundation of many a powerful Cone
    Resting Place of Magick and its implements, Let veneration and Love be our only sentiments!
    A tool of will, powerful and free, As it is willed, So Mote it Be!


    Mighty Deities, Gracious Lady and Mighty Lord, As I perform this ritual, Pray hearken to my wordThis tool, conceived in Mind of Air, (

point east

    ) Forged and formed in Fire of the South, (

point south

    ) Power tool for those who dare, I CLAIM thee with my mouth! (

kiss blade)

    Tempered with Water for Strength, (

point west

    ) Also dedicated to the Earth,in Power. (

point north

    ) Blessed be, entire in length, (

kiss pommel

    ) As it partakes of every Tower!By the Power of Cosmos, As above, (

point up

    ) The Expression of Cosmos, is below. (

point down

    ) Upon this instrument of Will and Love, My Sacred Tie I bestow! (

1 drop of blood on each side and hilt)

    This tool is dedicated to my service of Lady and Lord, Please find this work beneficial and good. Bound to thee by homage, decimation, effort and word, Bound to me by words, will and blood. By the powers of earth, sky, star and sea; Such is my will, So mote it be!

Tool Blessing Ritual

Tool Blessing Ritual

A purification of objects for ritual use and their transformation into magical items.

(The area is prepared by placing a quantity of each element in the proper quarter, as well as preparing the altar in the usual way. If available, a cauldron (empty) is placed in the center of the circle.  Candles are placed at each  of the four  corners and  lit, progressing deosil  from the  east. Salt and  water are blessed, and  the celebrants are purified  with them. A magic circle is cast, and watchtowers summoned.  The god is then drawn down as follows: The priest stands before the alter in the Osiris position, arms crossed across chest and feet together.   The Priestess kneels before him with face and arms upraised.)

PS: Hephaestus, forger of magic,     descend upon this the body of thy priest and servant,     lend us the strength of your arms.     Prometheus, shape of man,     descend upon this the body of thy priest and servant,     lend us your fire and foresight.     Morpheus, weaver of dreams,     descend upon this the body of thy priest and servant,     lend us your subtlety and vision.
P: I am he, the shape-god,     forger, builder, artisan, smith.     With strength and craft I form the world.

(The Priest helps the Priestess to rise and she stands in the center of the circle in the god position, extending her arms outward and down, palms facing forward. The Priest kneels before her with head bowed.)

P: Clotho, spinner of the strand of life     Descend upon this the body of thy priestess and servant.     Lend us your wheel of making.     Hecate, caster of spells,     Descend upon this the body of thy priestess and servant.     Lend us the power of your magic.     Aphrodite, goddess of love,     Descend upon this the body of thy priestess and servant.     Grant us eros, philos, aristos, agape.
PS: I am she, the weaver-goddess,      Painter, poet, sculptor, witch.      With art and love I form the world.

(The priestess extends her hands to the priest and helps him rise. The priest cups both hands and scoops from the cauldron, then offers to the priestess.)

P: Drink now from the cauldron of Cerridwen, whose draughts bring    knowledge, peace and life.

(The priestess sips from the cupped hands, after which the priest drinks. The objects to be blessed are taken from the altar by the priest and moved widdershins to the west quarter, and immersed in the water there.)

P: Spirits of the west, in water born     In cool waters cleanse these tools     And wash from them all hurt and harm     This I ask, this charge I lay,     By oak and ash and bitter thorn.

(The objects are moved by the priestess to the south quarter and moved above the flames there.)

PS: Spirits of the south, in fire born     In shining flames purify these tools     And burn from them all impurities     This I ask, this charge I lay,     By oak and ash and bitter thorn.

(The objects are moved to the east quarter by the priest and moved through the incense smoke.)

P: Spirits of the east, in sweet air born     In swirling winds polish these tools     And sweep from them all phantasm and illusion     This I ask, this charge I lay,     By oak and ash and bitter thorn.

(The objects are moved to the altar by the priestess, and placed upon the pentacle.)

PS: Spirits of the north, in cool earth born      In mother earth ground these tools     And take from them all spirits dark     This I ask, this charge I lay,     By oak and ash and bitter thorn.

(The person consecrating the tools now offers an impromptu or prepared charge to the items, stating their purpose and mode of use.  They are then taken up by the priestess and moved to the east quarter.)

PS: Spirits of the east, from the bright air come,     Fill these tools with the swirling energies of the whirlwind     Make them float like the breeze     Spirits of air, hearken unto me,     As I do will, so more it be.

(The tools are now taken up by the priest and moved to the south quarter.)

P: Spirits of the south, from wild fire come,     Fill these tools with the burning energies of the flames     Make them glow with bright fire     Spirits of fire, hearken unto me,     As I do will, so more it be.

(The tools are now taken up by the priestess and moved to the west quarter.)

P: Spirits of the west, from soothing water come,     Fill these tools with the calming energies of the warm rain     Make them flow like the tide     Spirits of water, hearken unto me,     As I do will, so more it be.

(The tools are now taken up by the priestess and moved to the altar.)

PS: Spirits of the north, from firm earth come,     Fill these tools with the ordering energies of the growing crops     Make them flourish like grapes on the vine     Spirits of earth, hearken unto me,     As I do will, so more it be.

(The priest takes the tools from the altar and steps backwards. The priestess stands at  the altar facing south towards the priest. The priest extends his right arm in parallel to the  ground, between he and the priestess, with the tools in his hand.)

P: I am the god, ever desiring.     I am the stag in the woods,     I am the sun in the noonday sky,     I am the lover in the dark.     I offer passion, strength, devotion and the swiftness of the hunt.

(The priestess extends her right arm in like fashion, and places her hand over that of the priest.)

PS: I am the goddess, ever nurturing.     I am the tempting beauty of the maid,     I am the quiet strength of the mother,     I am the infinite wisdom of the crone.     I offer life, love, warmth and the fruitfulness of the fields.

(Both step towards each other and turn their hands and arms so the fingers point upwards with the palms facing their own chest, cupping the other’s palm between and holding the tools. They clasp each other with their left arms.)

P&PS: Male and female, yin and yang, light and dark, action and stillness.    Apart we are forever incomplete, but together we form one.    In our joining we are blessed. In our union, the limitless energy    of universe is released and captured here.
P: As I do will,
PS: As I do will
P&PS: As we do will, so mote it be.

(The priest and priestess kiss, then release grasps.  If the number and size of the tools precludes them being held in one hand simultaneously, the latter charging section should be repeated for each. The tools are replaced on the altar. Cakes and wine are blessed and consumed and a period of relaxation and rest follows. The watchtowers are then dismissed and the circle opened.)

Consecration of Chalice, Athame or Other Tool

Consecration of Chalice, Athame or Other Tool

Before these assembled spirits I bring (name type of tool) to be dedicated to the service of  the Lady and Lord.

(Pass tool three times through smoke of the incense.)

By the power of air, be thou purified. Be thou dedicated to purity of thought and to  harmlessness that all intentions for which thou art used may harm none and be for the good of  all.

(Pass tool three times through or over the flame of the fire candle.)

By the power of fire, be thou purified. Be thou dedicated to purity of desire and to harmlessness that all goals which thou doest help achieve may harm none and be for the good of all.

(Take a few drops of water and sprinkle or dab on instrument.)

By the power of water, be thou purified. Be thou dedicated to purity of emotion and to  harmlessness that all that thou shalt be used in a spirit of harmony, harming none and for the  good of all.

(Touch instrument to the stone or salt in north quarter)

By the power of earth, be thou purified. Be thou dedicated to steadfastness and purity of  purpose, that my will be achieved without wavering, with harm to none and for the good of all.

(If this is a chalice, present it first to the Lady, then to the Lord, if athame, reverse  order. All other instruments use personal preference, but it is courtesy to present them to Her  first.)


Lady Freya, Keeper of Femininity, bless this chalice. Let it be as Thy cauldron, a vessel of  productivity that it may be worthy to dispense Thy bounty. Let it be used in Thy service and in  the service of humanity. Let it be so bound that no harm may come of it to any being, but let it  rather be an instrument of goodwill and understanding; of loving harmony. To Thy sacred self I  dedicate this vessel, (name of vessel), that it and I may long be of service to Thee.

Lord Thor, companion to the Lady, champion of the Gods, bless this chalice and keep watch  over it. Guard the works which come forth from it, that they ever be in the service of Thee and  Thy Lady, that they be of service to humankind, and that they abide by the laws of harmony. To  Thee I vow I shall use it for Her sacred purposes, and for no other.

So mote it be.


Lord Thor, thunderer & hammer wielder, bless this athame. Let it be as the spring rains  which fall upon the Earth to cause Her to bring forth Her bounty.

Let it quicken my hopes and dreams, yet keep them from causing harm. Let it guide them in the  harmony of the seasons, bringing forth only good for all. Lord Thor, bless this athame, (name of  athame), that it be used ever in the worship and honor of the Gods.

Lady Freya, companion to the Thunderer, lover of the Gods, bless this athame that it shall  bring forth joy, and shall cause no pain nor disharmony to any. I dedicate this athame (name  athame), symbol of the Defender and Rain Maker, to Thy service. May it ever bring Thee joy and  pride.

So mote it be.

(This ritual, with suitable changes, may be used to dedicate other tools as well as these.)

Lighten Up With A Little Humor – “But First” Syndrome

“BUT FIRST” Syndrome

“I call it “But First” Syndrome. You know. It’s when you decide to do the laundry. So you start down the stairs with the laundry, but then see the newspapers on the table. OK, you’ll do the laundry.

BUT FIRST you decide to put the newspapers away. So on your way in to put the newspapers away, you notice the mail on the table. OK, you’ll put the newspapers away.

BUT FIRST you’ll pay that bill that needs to be paid. So you look for the checkbook. Oops…there’s the empty glass from yesterday on the coffee table. OK, you’ll pay the bill.

BUT FIRST you need to put the glass in the sink. You head for the kitchen. Darn it, there’s the remote for the TV. What’s it doing here? Okay, you’ll put the glass in the sink.

BUT FIRST you need to put the remote away. Head for the TV room. Aaagh! Stepped on the cat. Cat needs to be fed. Okay, you’ll put the remote away.

BUT FIRST you need to feed the cat… So, here’s what happens at the end of the day: Laundry is not done, newspapers are still on the floor, glass is on the table, bills are unpaid, checkbook is still lost, and the cat ate the remote control …

And, when you try to figure out how come nothing got done all day, you are baffled because …..you KNOW you were BUSY ALL DAY!!

That’s the “BUT FIRST” Syndrome.”

Daily Feng Shui Tip for Sept. 5 – ‘Be Late For Something Day’

Today’s ‘Be Late for Something Day’ energies will probably describe this first day of school for many parents who have trouble getting the kids out the door in a timely and peaceful manner. Therefore, in order not to be late for anything, getting prepped for today might take a bit of planning. That means kids should start getting into some sort of routine a few weeks before school officially begins. Waiting until the final twenty-four hours before the alarm goes off probably won’t work. So a few weeks before school starts, start waking your student a bit closer to the time that they will eventually be rising on a daily basis. If getting your wunderkind to bed earlier poses a problem you might want to use a blend of lavender and chamomile essential oils to calm the child and help them stay quiet and content. Put ten drops of the two oils in a spray bottle and fill with distilled or spring water. Spray around the sleeping space at least twenty minutes before bedtime and you’ll be giving the Sandman a huge helping hand. Whatever you do, make sure that all electronics and technology are turned off at bedtime. The electromagnetic frequencies from appliances, computers and televisions can impact the sleeping student in a disruptive way, so keeping stimulation to a minimum before bed will make for a rested and ready student in the morning!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com