LMAO! WOTC’s Cartoon for the Day – Well You Take A Look, LOL!

Maybe I have a warped sense of humor but……when I saw this it reminded me of a close family relative. Oh, my goodness, I cracked up!

Daily Feng Shui Tip for Sept. 3 – ‘Labor Day’

It’s ‘Labor Day’ already — where did the summer go? If you’re traveling this holiday weekend then you might appreciate the next few drive-time tips aimed at bringing peace to time spent behind the wheel. This modality is called Feng Che, a cousin to the more widely known Feng Shui. Feng Che takes an opportunity to steer you to where you are headed with health, happiness and prosperity as backseat drivers. Feng Che (or Car Shui, as I like to call it) has some dictates that will help to keep negative energy from driving your mood. First, never leave clutter in the car. Treat the inside of the car as you would your home and realize that clutter can lead to the same sort of ‘ill Chi’ in your car as it does in any other space. It’s most essential that the center of the car remain clean and clear. This single space relates to the health of all those in the car. That’s enough of a reason to make sure that energies are smooth and flowing, just like the ride! Lastly, adding ten drops of lemon essential oil to an atomizer bottle filled with spring water and spritzing the inside of the car will help dispel odors and bring a bright citrus scent to your travel experience. Following any of these Feng Che guidelines will add another passenger to your trip, the one called peace.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com