“THINK on THESE THINGS” for September 28

By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Do you want to know the truth about worry? It hits everyone. It is not an ailment just for weaklings or cowards. Worry is the cat you throw out only to have it back in before you can close the door.

Worry has another side. It proves we care very much, and that we appreciate our God-given gifts and loved ones. In a way, it is a sign of strength, for if we can turn it to faith, then faith can be just as strong. And to overcome worry, or to at least control it, there must be faith.

Faith, and the knowledge that if you could be in all the places, watching closely all the things about which you are concerned, you couldn’t do a tenth as much good as one simple prayer.

We are taught, “Be not anxious,” “Fear not,” and “Be not afraid,” and too quickly we become anxious, fearful, and very frightened. But even then, we have only to put worry to flight by remembering those quieting words that are so absolutely true, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Recently we had a summer storm. It was rumbling and heavy with darkness. The lightning flashed across the sky and currents. When the first huge drops of rain spattered across the walks and lawns, our thoughts turned to the safety of anyone or anything that might be caught out in the wind and rain.

We’ve been through many summer storms. Some of them left permanent marks upon our memories. The threatening, the darkness, the pressure of the atmosphere are not so different from the emotional storms of the human life. We see lives under pressure bend to and fro in the uncertainty of life. We know concern for the safety of those who experience emotional storms. Then we know the only answer is in God’s hands. There is no other way.

The good earth rights itself quickly after a storm. Nature comes forth more richly for having gone through the storm, and the scars are lost in new growth. And blessed are we when we lift ourselves up to a new, deeper radiance and peace.


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Elder’s Meditation of the Day
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Elder’s Meditation of the Day – September 28

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – September 28

“Love is something that you can leave behind you when you die. It’s that powerful.”

–John (Fire) Lame Deer, ROSEBUD LAKOTA

The Old Ones say, love is all anyone needs. Love doesn’t go away nor can love be divided. Once you commit an act of love, you’ll find it continues. Love is like setting up dominos one behind the other. Once you hit the first domino, it will touch the second one which will touch the third one and so on. Every love act or love thought has an affect on each person as well as touching the whole world. If you live a life filled with love, the results will affect your friends, relatives and other people, even after you go to the other side. So… Love.

My Creator, let me love. Let me put into action the love dominos.

September 28 – Daily Feast

September 28 – Daily Feast

On rare occasions you may have felt a word drop into your heart that you knew meant something because it never faded and always stood as a reminder that something profound happened. You may not have understood then, but your mind has gone back to it numerous times, wondering what it meant. Years can pass between an event and the understanding of it. It may be we have to grow up to it, or our minds and spirits have to mature enough to see how it is to play out in our lives. It is little different from building a house, you can see the structure going up, but you know it can’t be used until it is finished. Sometimes ideas and visions need time to firm up before we can use them.

~ The designs of Providence, in the course of events, are mysterious…. ~


Daily Motivator for September 28 – Powerful combination

Powerful combination

Be thankful for what you’ve done, learn from it, and use what you now know to  move forward. Regretting and second-guessing your past actions will just hold  you back, so quit beating yourself up and start pushing yourself ahead.

Though your past hasn’t been perfect, it has been successful in many ways.  For what you’ve done in the past has provided you with the opportunities you now  have in the present.

In a very real sense, you are more knowledgeable, more capable, more  experienced and more inspired right now than ever before. You are now here,  ready to make good, meaningful use of all that.

Now, you have the opportunity to transform past disappointments into future  successes. Take whatever has happened, and choose for it to serve you well going  forward.

This is not the time to rest on your previous achievements or to be  demoralized by your past mistakes. This is the time to gather it all into a  positive forward momentum.

This is a new moment and you are the best you’ve ever been. Transform that  powerful combination into truly valuable results.

— Ralph Marston

Daily Motivator

Daily OM for September 28 – Aging Parents

Aging Parents

The Cycle of Life

by Madisyn Taylor

When we begin to deal with parents that are aging, it can be a good time to examine your life together and familial past.

For most of us a natural part of the cycle of life is when our roles as children start to shift from that into caretaking roles where are parents are concerned. This can be as major moving a parent into a retirement facility, or coming to the realization that it’s necessary to check in with them more often than usual. Whatever the case, such a shift is momentous as it signals a time of confronting our own mortality as we confront that of our parents. In addition, it can bring up issues about how well they cared for us when we were young. We may also find ourselves consumed with fear at the thought of losing them, even if we’ve been on our own for a very long time.
Talking to other friends and family who are going through similar experiences can be a large source of support. They can help us look at both the unresolved past and the unfolding present, and we are free to talk only about ourselves. Sometimes we need the kind of undivided attention a friend can offer in order to deal with the material that comes up at this time of our lives.
In many ways, this time of life signals a rebirth as we examine our individual past, as well as our familial past. As our parents’ lives move toward completion, we are able to see what they did with their time on earth, what we have done so far with our time, and what we might want to do with the time we have left. These challenges and blessings are all part of the cycle of life.


Daily OM

A Little Humor – Let’s Be Friends


Annabelle was supposed to go out with this guy on Friday night. On Friday afternoon he called and said that he didn’t think it was a good idea because he just wanted to be friends. So she hung up and called him back.

He answered, “Hello?”

She said, “Hey, friend, it’s me. Want to hear what this jerk just did?

The moral: Don’t mess with Friday-night dates.

Oh My Aging Funny Bone

Quiz of the Day – Are You Controlling?

Are You Controlling?

By Deepak Chopra

How much resistance are you in now? Our psychological defenses are extremely good at hiding this from us; by definition, stored-up emotions are the ones we can’t feel. However, resistance gives rise to a telltale behavior pattern—control. Having to be in control is a compulsion rooted in fear and threat.

Give yourself a point for each statement that applies to you frequently, most of the time, or almost always. Some of the statements do not sound very flattering, but try to be as candid and honest about yourself as you can.

1. I like to be in control of work situations and am much happier working alone than with others.
2. When I’m under pressure, the easiest emotion for me to show is anger or irritability.
3. I rarely tell anyone that I need them.
4. I tend to harbor old hurts. Rather than telling someone that he hurt me, I would rather fantasize about getting even.
5. I have quite a few resentments about the way my brothers and sisters relate to me.
6. The more money I spend on someone, the more that means I love them.
7. I keep to myself how unfairly others treat me.
8. If a relationship starts to go bad, I secretly wish I could take back everything I bought for that person.
9. If it’s my house, the people in it should follow my rules.
10. I find it hard to admit being vulnerable. I don’t often say “I’m wrong” and mean it.

11. It’s better to nurse my wounds than to show someone that I’m weak.
12. I’m a better talker than listener.
13. What I have to say is usually important.
14. I secretly think others don’t take my opinions as seriously as they should.
15. I have a pretty good sense of what’s good for people.
16. At least once in my life I got caught opening someone else’s mail.
17. People have called me cynical or negative.
18. I have high standards, which others sometimes mistake for criticism.
19. I tend to be a perfectionist. It bothers me to let a sloppy job go out.
20. I feel uncomfortable if someone gets too close to me emotionally.
21. After a relationship breaks up, I look back and think I was mostly right.
22. I’m neat and orderly. I like my way of doing things and find it hard to live with someone who is sloppy.
23. I’m good at scheduling my day and put a high value on punctuality.
24. I’m good at caring for other people’s needs, but then I get disappointed when they don’t think as much about mine.
25. I have a logical explanation for the way I act, even if others can’t always except it.
26. I don’t care that much if other people don’t like me.
27. In my opinion, most people don’t usually express their true motives for the way they behave.
28. I’m not good at handling noisy or rambunctious children.
29. I still blame my parents for a lot of my problems, but I haven’t told them so.
30. When I get into an argument with my spouse or lover, I can’t resist bringing up old grievances.

Next: What you score means

0-10 points

Your personality isn’t dominated by an excessive need to be in control. You are likely to be comfortable with your feelings and tolerant of other people. You realize that you are imperfect, therefore you understand the failings of others. It is easy for you to let events take their own course, and surprises don’t throw you off balance. You probably place a high value on spontaneity and the expression of emotions.

10-20 points

Being in control is a frequent issue with you. You have more fears and hurt feelings than you let on, but you don’t work hard to resolve these feelings. Being in charge isn’t necessarily that important to you, but having your way usually is. You consider yourself organized and efficient, yet it isn’t a major event if things get a little out of control. You have found someone whom you can be honest and open with, but there are limits to how much you can safely say or do, even with that person.

Over 20 points

You are a controlling person. You feel that control is necessary because people hurt your feelings a lot, and your memory of this goes back into your painful childhood. To keep from being hurt more, you try to control your feelings, which basically means you are very selective about revealing yourself to others. Your overriding need to be in charge or to have things your way drives people away from you, despite the fact that you work very hard to take care of their needs. The only emotion you show easily is anger or irritability. You constantly explain your motives and give reasons for why you are the way you are, but somehow this doesn’t help you get you what you want, which is other people’s love and affection.

Feng Shui Tip for September 28 – ‘Neighbors’

‘Good fences make good neighbors’ but I say that using Feng Shui can make you an even better neighbor. But what if no matter how peaceful your home is, you still have to deal with that nasty next-door neighbor? Feng Shui says that if you live in an apartment and the problem comes from a neighbor living directly across from you, you could place one small mirror on your front door to reflect the neighbor’s negative energy right back to them. If the neighbor to your right is posing a problem, hanging a six-rod hollow wind chime on the right side of the outside of your front door will lift neighborly negativity away. If the nuisance neighbor lives on your left, position an image of a dragon or a healthy green plant on that same side. All of these cures are also applicable if you live in a house with negative neighbors. Home dwellers have the bonus of being able to use light cures to negate neighborly darkness. Light is considered an especially effective cure when attempting to stop nocturnal annoyances. Position a motion-detecting spotlight on the side of the house where the irritation comes from and shine some sense into those people. And then there’s the granddaddy of all Feng Shui bad neighbor cures. Place a large mouthed basin or half barrel of water between you and your neighbor. This water will absorb negative energies and soften relations between the two of you. Hey, stranger things have happened when using this cure. Like I said, good fences might make good neighbors, but Feng Shui helps make the bad ones go away.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com