A Blessed Wednesday Morning, My Dear Family! Brrr, It’s Going To Get Cold!

Winter Comments & Graphics
If you are not already in the grips of the wonder of Winter, I am sure you will soon be. I was watching this morning’s weather and it looks like we are going to be an icy mess. The last icy mess we were forecasted, our power was out for 11 long days and nights. The army came through providing “Ready To Eat” meals for everyone. We had ice everywhere. You could listen in the silence of winter and hear trees and their limbs fall. It would sound like shotguns going off. Due to this wonderful memories and a little voice eating at me ( I don’t ignore this little voice), we are going to cut today’s publication short. We have LP tanks to fill and kerosene together. The LP tanks provide us with heat and a way to cook. The kerosene provides us with light during the darkness. Since it is so warm today, (70 degrees) now is the perfect time to prepare.

Also in case the unthinkable happens and you don’t hear from us for several days, don’t worry we have just became Winter Witches. In other words, the power lines have snapped and we will be back as soon as they restore our lines. Keep us in your prayers that we don’t have to relive our past.

I hope you have a wonderful day. If you are in Winter’s fury, stay inside, stay warm and stay safe. If not, count your blessings!

Love & Hugs,

Lady A

Your Ancient Symbol Card for October 14th is The Storm

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Today

The Storm

The Storm represents the trouble and discord that creep into our lives from time to time. The storm is represented by a tornado whirling its way across a fertile plain. Tornados are powerful but relatively small, short lived storms, which means that while the turmoil they indicate may be strong it will at least pass quickly. Like the tornado, The Storm is a force outside yourself and beyond your control. During a stormy period you may lose ground. However, knowing one is upon you can certainly help you keep your losses to a minimum, or even turn what might be a disaster into a windfall.

As a daily card, The Storm denotes a time when you should be prepared to face some large challenges in your life. You may find yourself losing more than you gain for awhile. The key to weathering the storm is preparation. You know its coming, so be ready for it and there is a possibility that you can transform a tumultuous event into something good.

August 15 – Daily Feast

August 15 – Daily Feast

Most people do not intend to get caught in a bad cause. We simply get swept along with the tide. It can happen because we want to get ahead fast – but it more likely happiness out of ignorance. It has been said that we have the capacity to make heaven a hell, or a heaven of hell. We’ve been known to do both – though it is a matter of choice. According to the Cherokee, it is plain to see that the place called heaven, ga lv la di-tso sv, is the ultimate choice. We have had to deal with situations that we didn’t choose. They were simply piled on us and we tried to help. But here we must be wise. We can’t allow ourselves to be drawn into a cause that is not our responsibility, and that we may not be well informed enough to handle.

~ I have been trying to seize the promises which they made me….but I cannot find them. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – November 28

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – November 28
“People say that crisis changes people and turns ordinary people into wiser or more responsible ones.”

–Wilma Mankiller, CHEROKEE

There is a saying, conflict precedes clarity. The Medicine Wheel teachings say, in order for something to change it must first go through a struggle. When a crisis enters our lives, other powers are there to help us. We will learn some lessons. Will I honor and respect the next crisis?

Great Spirit, if a crisis occurs today, let me learn the lessons of wisdom.

September 28 – Daily Feast

September 28 – Daily Feast

On rare occasions you may have felt a word drop into your heart that you knew meant something because it never faded and always stood as a reminder that something profound happened. You may not have understood then, but your mind has gone back to it numerous times, wondering what it meant. Years can pass between an event and the understanding of it. It may be we have to grow up to it, or our minds and spirits have to mature enough to see how it is to play out in our lives. It is little different from building a house, you can see the structure going up, but you know it can’t be used until it is finished. Sometimes ideas and visions need time to firm up before we can use them.

~ The designs of Providence, in the course of events, are mysterious…. ~


Special Kitty of the Day for March 14th

Gryffindor, the Cat of the Day
Name: Gryffindor
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Korat
Home: Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA
Irealize every pet owner believes their furry friend is the ultimate pet of pets. However, Gryffindor is more than a pet to me. As a college student with a busy schedule, Gryffindor is ultimate companion. I can always count on him to greet me each and every time I step through the front door. He anxiously awaits on the same step (where he has a clear view of the driveway) day in and day out and sprints down the stairs to offer a warming hello upon my arrival. Good luck finding a human with that type of commitment! I received Gryffindor as a 21st birthday present. I remember the day I picked him out from a Kansas Humane Society Shelter. I had been previously viewing photos on the shelter’s website days before Gryffindor’s adoption. Growing up, I had the same cat, Snowball, who I loved more than anything in the world. After almost nineteen years with me, Snowball left to join Kitten Heaven. I needed to find not a replacement for Snowball, but a companion that could fill the empty space Snowball had left in my heart and who I could devote my time and attention to the way I did with her.

Then, one day I came across this beautiful gray kitten with the bluest eyes that warmed your heart with one look. “Asher” was his name and he was only weeks old. I saved his photo as the background of my mother and father’s phone screen so they might get a hint of the one thing that would make my birthday special. I would causally throw into conversations what it would be like to be “Asher’s” owner. They would laugh it off and tell me I was being silly. Then around a week later, I remember my father waking me up and asking how I felt about giving “Asher” a home that day. I leaped out of bed and was ready to go in seconds. Once we got to the Humane Society I made an appointment to meet “Asher” before any other kitten. I wanted to keep my options, but the minute they handed him to me and I could feel his tiny little self start purring I knew I had to have him. I viewed a couple more kittens, but none of them greeted me like “Asher” did. He started playing with my shoe strings right away and I couldn’t leave that place without him in hand. We adopted “Asher” that afternoon and that evening a Harry Potter marathon was on. I’m not the biggest HP fan, but a scene was playing in which a professor transforms into a beautiful gray cat. I looked at “Asher” and decided he needed a name as unique as his personality. That’s when “Asher” became my Gryffindor.

To this day, the name Gryffindor couldn’t be more fitting. Gryffindor is the ultimate social ham. He loves people and he loves attention. He’s the most agile cat I’ve ever seen. He finds new obstacles to climb every day. He loves paper balls and will fetch them much like a dog would. His personality is the perfect mix of spunk and compassion. He can entertain me for hours but also cuddle with me when I’ve had a bad day. I am the luckiest girl in the world to call Gryffindor mine.

Thank The Goddess It Is Finally Friday

Good morning dear readers! I hope everyone is having a loving day today. Personally, I don’t have much to say today. I know there has been a lot of festivities due to the Royal Wedding but that is overseas not here at home. Everyone was in a joyous mood, the Wedding had renewed them or refreshed them. I guess I must be one hell of a cynic, all I could do was think of the mess that was here at home. The number of tornadoes that had ripped through the lower southern States. When they announced on the news that 300 were dead at the time, I never felt such sorrow in my life. Even though I have been through two tornadoes myself and I will admit I was very, very fortunate to come out of both of them unharmed. Perhaps that is why I am having such a hard time dealing with this many dead in just a matter of seconds. You know I am a mother of two (both of them now grown). But I was thinking this morning, to be hiding in a closet with one of them and all of a sudden the roof is ripped off, and that child is sucked right throw my grasp. Or my husband and I under a mattress and it is lifted up and away, I turn to look and he is gone. How on earth do these people recover from this? How do you ever pick up the pieces and move on? I am the only one left in my family, everyone else has passed on. I am still fairly young and with each of their passing my heart was ripped. I know people will tell you it gets better over time. I can’t tell that to people anymore, I know different. My mother passed when I was very young. I still have times to this day that her passing seems like only yesterday. I stop and cry and my heart breaks again. I have my good memories of her and that is what helps me cope with her death. I had people tell me everything when she passed on. But with as many deaths of family members I have faced I know one thing, your memories of that person is the most important thing you have. Keep those memories, think of them often. Remember their days of tolling on this Earth is through, they have gone on to a better place. My vision that keeps me going is thinking about the Rainbow Bridge. I know most envision the Bridge as being for animals but I have envisioned one for humans too. I see my sister and mother walking hand in hand across a grassy field coming to greet me. They are no longer in pain, the Goddess with Her love and kindness has made them whole again. They are laughing and my sister tells me, “I have worried and shed tears for nothing.”

For those of you that have been touched by tragedy these last couple of days, I hope my vision gives you some comfort. Why this had to happen to you? We will never know. They say all things happen for a reason but I have never found a reason for an untimely death and I have looked. Please take comfort that you are not alone. You have a great number of people praying for you. You will pick up the pieces, no matter how difficult, and begin to move on. Even though, you have lost a loved one, take comfort you will be reunited one day. In closing, I would like to leave you with a prayer for you and the other survivors of this devastating weather.

Oh, Goddess, I humbly pray for all those

who have died, but especially for all the

victims of the recent tornadoes. Hold all of

them near to you until he/she is ready to be

reborn again from your womb.

Oh God, please grant these people an easy

rebirth, and that we never forget all that

he/she was to us in this world. Bring

them to the everlasting joy of the


So Mote It Be.