All You Need to Put Yourself Tune with Magickal Energy

All You Need to Put Yourself Tune with Magickal Energy

You really don’t need much to put yourself in touch with magickal energy. Remember magick is in you. Magickal energy is something that we all possess. Then how come you haven’t been per forming magick since you could walk? Well, there are some prerequisites. First off, you must try to solve your problem using mundane means. In other words, if you want to get your security de posit back from your former landlord, and he isn’t coughing it up, you need to write him a letter. Send it registered. Tell him you will take him to court. After you have exhausted all the non magickal means at your disposal, only then should you do magick.

Magickal Purpose

Before you perform an act of magick, you must be 100 percent clear on why you are doing it. What do you hope to achieve? Why are you using magick in this case? Have you really tried to attain what you want through nonmagickal means? Are you sure that your actions are for the good of all and not just for your own self-interest. Are you sure that your magickal action will not harm anyone? If you come up with clear and positive answers then you can proceed.

Book of Shadows

A pentagram is a five-pointed star. It is made of five straight lines and contains a pentagon inside it. When surrounded by a circle or a pentagon, a pentagram becomes a pentacle. A pentacle is a symbol of the Wiccan faith.

Magickal Concentration

In order to use your magickal energy, you must be able to concentrate. You have to focus intently and visualize the magick-actually see what you want to have happen ing happen in your mind. When performing an act of magick, you will build up a huge amount of energy with your powers of concentration. Then, when the energy is really intense, you send that energy out to work for you. Don’t worry. You can do this. And we’ll be telling you more about it, and giving more detailed directions, later.

A Good Finger

Once you have built up your magickal energy, direct the energy toward the place you want it to go. In ritual, Wiccans usually use an athame, a special ritual knife. If you don’t have an athame, you can use your finger. Remember, the magick is in you, not in the tools that you use. Using an athame is helpful, though. The ritual objects help you focus your mind. The tools give the conscious mind something to settle on so that the sub conscious can work. The symbolism of the athame speaks to your subconscious, as well. Because the subconscious works with images and symbols and not words, just seeing the athame can get your subconscious primed.

Your Place in the Universe

As a witch, you need to know your place in the Universe. You are only a minute part of the whole Universe. But you are connected to every other part of the Universe. Everything affects you, and what you do affects everything. No matter how small an action you take, someone, or something, will feel it. If you sneeze in Cleveland, some one in South America will feel it. Each and every thing that you do has an effect, no matter how small.

If you do magick, it can truly change things. None of us can fully comprehend how much change we can create. As a witch, you need to respect this. Remember the image of the stone thrown into a pool of water? Think of the ripples moving away from the center as your energy moving away from you. As the ripples of energy spread out, they affect and change everything they touch. You can change things. You can have major impact on people and their lives. With this power, comes responsibility-to other people, to animals, to the Earth, and to yourself.

The Least You Need to Know

Witches have ethics. If you are going to be a witch, you must understand the witches’ moral code, the Wiccan Rede, and you must try to live by it.

Living by the Wiccan Rede includes taking care of you. Take good care of your body; it is truly your temple.

Magickal energy lives inside of you. In order to use that energy, you have to learn to concentrate. You also must be totally clear on the reasons why you are using magick. And they better be good reasons!

All of your actions have effects. Especially magickal ones! You might not see the effects immediately or you might not see them at all, but know that everything that you do causes a reaction somewhere in the universe. For this reason, we all must use our powers wisely.


Didn’t your mother always tell you it was rude to point? Well, especially so if you are a witch! But seriously, if a person knows that you are a witch, and you point your finger at that person and say something in rhyme, you could really do some damage. Even if you are just kidding, you could hurt that person psychologically. So, don’t joke around about your powers. You also want to avoid intimidating others. Even if you are mad. Even if the person deserves it. Remember the Wiccan Rede, and don’t pointl




Triads involving the Gods & Goddesses are older than the Christian archetype. In
the Craft, the triad is symbolized by the Maiden, Mother and Crone.

The Maiden

The Maiden signifies youth, the excitement of the chase, and the newness of
life and magick. In human age she would be between puberty and her twenties. She
does not have a mate. Her colors are soft & light, such white, soft pink, or
light yellow.

Rituals using the Maiden:

* Any new beginning, or even the hopes and plans for new beginnings.
* When taking on a new job, or planning to apply for a new job.
* During the first steps of new ideas, whatever they are.
* Whenever you plan or begin a complete turn around in your life.
* Whenever you begin a new phase in your life.
* On moving, in to a new house or apartment.
* On entering a new school or going back to school after a delay in education.
* Any journey that is connected with anticipated changes. This can be anything.
* The beginning of a new relationship, love or friendship.
* Plans for getting pregnant.
* The birth of a child.
* The first menstruation for girls.
* Puberty on reaching the teens for boys.

The Mother

The Mother stands for nurturing, caring, fertility; she is a woman in the prime
of her life and at the peak of her power. She protects her own and will ensure
that justice is done and done well. This woman is usually mated. In human age,
she would be seen as a woman in her thirties to mid-forties. Her colors are
warmer than that of the maiden, such as green, copper, red, light purple or
royal blue.

Rituals using the Mother:

* Project fruition and completion.
* When childbirth is near
* Strength to see matters through to the end.
* Blessings and protection. This especially applies to females who are
threatened by
* Guidance in life decisions.
* Marriages, or the contemplation of or desire for marriage.
* Finding or choosing a mate or companion.
* Gardening, the growing of any plant.
* Choosing or accepting an animal. Protection of animal life.
* Making choices of any kind.
* Gaining or continuing peace.
* Developing intuition and psychic gifts.
* Spiritual direction.

The Crone

The Crone is a being of age-old wisdom. She is shrew and counsels well. She
cares for the Maiden and the Mother as well as the off-spring thereof. She is
logical and can be terrible in her vengeance. She stands at the door to the
dimension of death. In human years, she is approximately 45 or older. The Crone
is the Most difficult of the three to place in human age. The Crone’s
traditional colors are black, gray, purple, brown or midnight blue.

Rituals using the Crone

* Ending relationships, jobs, friendships
* Menopause, or coming to terms with aging.
* Divorce.
* A regrouping of energies needed at the end of a cycle of activity or problem.
* Rest and calmness before making new goals and plans.
* When the garden or plants are ready for winter.
* Harassment of any kind.
* Retribution on rapists, murderers, abusers.
* On the death of a person or pet; of any animal or human. Contemplation at the
of your own life cycle.
* When moving from a dwelling or job.
* When strong protection is needed for attacks on the physical or psychic
levels, or even annoyance by spirits.
* To understand the deepest of mysteries.
* Developing trance or communication with the guides or other spirits.

The Threefold Goddess

The Threefold Goddess

To understand the concept of Goddess requires more than the ability to visualize
God as a woman. The Goddess concept is built around the myth and mystery of the
relationship between God and Goddess, and beneath that, and part of it, Her
Threefold Aspect … Maiden, Mother and Crone.

One of the oldest recognized Goddess forms is the first Greek Goddess – Gaia,
the Earth Mother; the Universal Womb; Mother of All. The most ancient Goddesses
were most often Earth and Mother Goddesses. The were worshipped and revered as
bearers of life … fat, healthy, pregnant and fruitful. As the Goddess concept
developed, then came the Harvest Goddesses, who were also Earth Goddesses.
Understand that this was a time when people did not even understand the basic
mechanics of procreation.  Life was very sacred and mystical indeed!

Gradually, myth and mystery developed and revealed themselves, creating the
legend which we honor in the modern Wiccan Craft.

We recognize the Goddess as the mother of all, including her Mighty Consort, the
God.  To Her he is Lover and Son, and together they form the Ultimate, the
Omniverse, the Dragon, the Mystery.

Now that is a pretty tough concept all things considered. Especially in our
society as it sounds rather incestuous.  From a mundane perspective, it gets
worse as the Wheel of the Year Turns, and the Oak and Holly Kings battle …
eternal rivals and
sacrificial mates.

In the pages that follow, we will explore the Goddess foundation concepts and
try to reach an understanding of the basis of the Mystery.

I don’t want to get off into all the names of all the Goddesses in all the
mythology in all of history.  While that is certainly a noble endeavor, it is
not the objective here.  What I do want to do is look at the Goddess, in whole
and in part, and see just who and what she is.

First and foremost, the Goddess is the symbol of the Cycle of  Everlasting.  She
is constant, ever present, ever changing, and yet always the same.  She could be
compared in that respect to the oceans.

As a part of that, she is that from which we have come, and to which we will
return.  She is the Universal Mother, the Cosmic Womb. While those are largely
symbolic images, as opposed to literal ones, they are important to bear in mind
about any aspect of the Goddess. She never harms, she is Mother.

One of the most difficult throwback mentalities to dispel in a student is the
difference between “dark and light” and “bad and good”. Societally, and often
religiously, we are trained to see bad and dark and evil as being the same.
Hence, we are also taught to hate and fear our own mortality.  All too often I
see practicing Wiccans, who ought to *know* better, fall back on these concepts
when trying to explain or understand a concept.

The Goddess is dark, she is light, she is birth, she is death, and she rejoices
in all things.  With death comes joy, for with death comes renewal.  With life
comes joy, for with life comes promise. With growth comes joy for with growth
comes wisdom.  Sorrow and fear are not a part of her, not the way we feel those
emotions.  She is incapable of sorrow without joy, she fears nothing, because
fear is not real. It is a creation of the mind.

Whether you see the Goddess as a Warrior Queen, or like the Good Witch of the
North in the Wizard of Oz, she is the Goddess.  And she has many parts and
facets which defy comprehension as “One”.  She simply IS, and in that, can be
whatever you need her to be in order to establish a relationship with her.  But
none of that changes what she IS.

“I greet thee in the many names of the Threefold Goddess and her Mighty Consort.
Athe, malkuth, ve-guburah, ve-gedulah, le-olam, Amen. Blessed Be.”

So here, at the Circle Door, greeted by the High Priest or Priestess we first
see mentioned the Threefold Goddess.  Full-sized covens have three priestesses
who take the specific roles of Maiden, Mother and Crone, the High Priestess
being Mother.

The Threefold Goddess however is NOT three entities, she is one. Her aspects
represent Enchantment, Ripeness and Wisdom.

Taking first things first is usually best, so we shall start with a look at one
side of the Maiden.

Quoting “The Myth of the Goddess” as found in Gardenarian Wicca (Gerald B.
Gardner, The Meaning of Witchcraft, Aquarian Press, London, 1959.):

Now Aradia had never loved, but she would solve all the Mysteries, even the
Mystery of Death; and so she journeyed to the Nether Lands.

The Guardians of the Portals challenged her, “Strip off thy garments, lay aside
thy jewels; for naught may ye bring with ye into this our land.”

So she laid down her garments and her jewels and was bound, as were all who
enter the Realms of Death the Mighty One.  Such was her beauty that Death
himself knelt and kissed her feet, saying, “Blessed by thy feet that have
brought thee in these ways.  Abide with me, let me place my cold hand on thy
heart.”  She replied “I love thee not. Why dost thou cause all things that I
love and take delight in to fade and die?”

“Lady,” replied Death, “it is Age and Fate, against which I am helpless.  Age
causes all things to wither, but when men die at the end of time I give them
rest and peace, and strength so that they may return.  But thou, thou art
lovely.  Return not; abide with me.”

But she answered, “I love thee not.”

Then said Death, “An’ thou receive not my hand on thy heart thou must receive
Death’s scourge.”

“It is Fate; better so”, she said, and she knelt, and Death scourged her and she
cried “I feel the pangs of love.”

And Death said, “Blessed be” and gave her the Fivefold Kiss, saying “Thus only
may ye attain joy and knowledge.”

And he taught her all the Mysteries.  And they loved and were one, and he taught
her all the Magicks.

For there are three great events in the life of Man:  Love, Death and
Resurrection in a new body, and Magick controls them all. For to fulfill love
you must return again at the same time and place as the loved one, and you must
remember and love them again.  But to be reborn you must die, and be ready for a
new body; and to die you must be born; and without love you may not be born.
And these be all the Magicks.

So there in the Gardnerian Myth of the Goddess we have her Maiden aspect,
seeking, searching and opening herself to the mysteries.  But it is well to
remember that the Goddess herself is a mystery, and the primary gift of the
Goddess is intuitive Wisdom.

Beltaine (Bealtain) is the only Sabbat where the Goddess is entirely devoted to
the Maiden.  Here, she revels in the enchantment, in the joy of coming into
fullness and mating with the God.  Here, she is maiden bride and we can most
easily understand that facet of the Maiden aspect.  I should probably note here
that some see this festival as maiden turning into mother, with the maiden being
in full at Candlemas, but I do not agree with that.

Youth, newness, innocence and beauty are fundamental facets of  the Maiden
aspect.  But beneath those are seeking, and love, and love of  seeking.  There
is more to understand of the Maiden though. Enchantment does not end with
maidenhood, it is simply the beginning of the Mystery of Life, for that, above
all, is what the Goddess stands for.

In Circle, in the Balanced Universe, the Maiden takes her place in the East.  In
examining this most comfortable quarter, you learn more about the Maiden Aspect.
East (Air) rules the free mind and intellect.  It is the place to seek the
ability to learn and to open spiritually, to open your mind and find answers.
It is a masculine quarter, ruled by intellect, and analytical logic, but she
brings to it an intuition which is required to use these to best advantage.

“The river is flowing, flowing and growing, the river is flowing back to the
sea.  Mother carry me, a child I will always be.  Mother carry me, back to the

This Circle chant, sung in joy, sung in sorrow, is a cry to the Mother Aspect
for comfort and warmth, a power chant calling upon the steady power and fullness
of the Mother and a plea for guidance. While the Earth Mother, and the fully
aspected Goddess are placed North in the Earth quarter, the Mother aspect alone
belongs in the west.

Comfort and love rule here.  Emotions, sorrow, joy, tears, these belong to the
ripeness of the Mother.  Caring and loving for all her children, watching in
pain and pride as they struggle to gain their own, knowing full well she could
reach out and do it for them, but being both bound and desirous to let them do
it for themselves.

There is a considerable difference, as you might have interpreted from the
above, between the Earth Mother and the Mother Aspect of the Goddess.  That is
why we’ve started with her quarter, because it  reveals the limitations of the

The Mother aspect is ripeness, the ancient bearing of fruit, child and grain.
She represents emotion and sexuality.  The Goddess in that aspect is most of the
altar (as discussed in the Great Rite lesson.)  It is interesting to note the
practice in numerous ancient cultures of lovemaking or outright sex magick in
cornfields to help make the corn grow.

The Dark Mother should also be placed here, although culturally, I have a
tendency to think of the Dark Mother as more in keeping the Crone Aspect.  It is
a bit of work to see the Dark Mother in the West, to separate Dark Mother from
Crone, but it is worthwhile.  If you have any background with the tarot I would
suggest you take it in that context, it is beyond the scope of this text.

Our exploration of the Goddess and her Aspects brings us now to the Crone.  For
me, the Crone is the most fascinating of the Aspects of the Goddess.  Partly I
suppose because she is the most mysterious and paradoxical.

“Blessed Goddess, old and wise, open mine, thy child’s, eyes. Speak to me in
whispered tones that I may know the rune of Crones.”

With life and growth comes age and wisdom, and the Crone is this in part.  She
holds fire and power, which wisely used can be of great benefit, but hold great
danger for the unaware.  Hers are the secrets of  death and of life, and the
mystery beyond the mystery.

Part of the pleasure in knowing the Crone aspect is that while, unlike the fully
aspected Goddess, she is not also Maiden and Mother, she does retain the
experiences of both those Aspects in order to be Crone.  The Crone, wizened
though she is, must still be able to reach into herself and recall the innocent
joys and high passions of the Maiden and the love and warmth of the Mother.  To
be Crone and to not have forgotten, to still be able to experience Maiden and
Mother is, to me, very appealing.  More importantly, to be comfortable in that
Aspect, where you have truth and knowledge but have left youth and physical
beauty behind, and to still _feel_ youth and beauty without being desirous of
them is an admirable quality.

Crone is the least paralleled Aspect of the Goddess to our human society.  We
discard our old and wise, not understanding their value as teachers and models,
and fearing their appearance as a reminder of  our own mortality.

Knowing Crone is a door we much each open for ourselves for to know and love her
is to cast aside a great many of our cultural and societal malteachings.

While the individual Aspects of Threefold Goddess are certainly valid concepts
and paths to knowing Goddess, I should caution that most mythological Goddess
figures are composite Goddesses.  Earth Mother Goddess figures are fully
aspected Goddess by definition because they represent the full cycle of the
Wheel.  Most other Goddess figures can be classified as having a dominant (or
operative) aspect and recessive (promised, or in some cases past) aspect.
Future and past should not be taken literally, mythological Goddess figures are
always whatever they are eternally, they do not tend to change (ie age).

Maiden Goddesses possessing their operative in the Huntress or Warrior aspects
most often have a promise of Crone. Maiden Goddesses expressing their dominance
in beauty and/or love usually have their recessive aspect as Mother.  For
example, Athena is a Maiden Goddess with Crone attributes (the combination
produces many Mother-type qualities, and this results in the Crone aspected
Maiden being the most complete of the Mythological Goddesses, with the exception
of  Earth Mother Goddesses.) Aphrodite is of course a Maiden Goddess with Mother

Similarly, Dark Mother Goddess figures mostly find their promise in Crone and
Light Mother figures their recessive in Maiden. Crone recessives work the same
way, although sometimes it takes a bit of  close examination to find the
“hidden” aspect.

One should note that this is not a formula, rather a tool to assist in examining
and understanding Goddess figures and creating one’s own personal spiritual link
with Goddess.  It is also a useful consideration when invoking a specific
Goddess with purpose in ritual. The purpose of this course has been to open
avenues of approach in discovering and developing a relationship with Goddess.
For me personally, I do not “believe” in the reality of mythological Goddess
figures as they were presented, but I do believe they are a valid way to
establish communication with Goddess.  I also believe Goddess will appear in
whatever form we are most ready to accept.  The real Goddess, by my belief (and
this is personal, not trad) is an entity beyond my comprehension, perhaps
composed of light (could 5000 sci-fi films be wrong?), most assuredly unlike
anything I could ever imagine in true form.  However, I do find mythological
Goddess figures highly useful for ritual, and of some help in my personal
relationship with Goddess. I hope you will too.

The Goddess In The Kingdom Of Death

The Goddess In The Kingdom Of Death

In this world, the Goddess is seen in the moon, the light that shines in darkness, the rain bringer, mover of the tides, Mistress of mysteries. And as the moon waxes
and wanes, and walks three nights of its cycle in darkness, so, it is said, the
Goddess once spent three nights in the Kingdom of Death.

For in love She ever seeks Her other Self, and once, in the winter of the year, when
He had disappeared from the green earth, She followed Him and came at last to the
gates beyond which the living do not go.

The Guardian of the Gate challenged Her, and She stripped Herself of Her clothing
and jewels, for nothing may be brought into that land. For love, She was bound as
all who enter there must be and brought before Death Himself.

He loved Her, and knelt at Her feet, laying before Her His sword and crown, and gave
Her the fivefold kiss, and said,

“Do not return to the living world, but stay here with Me, and have peace and rest
and comfort.”

But She answered, “Why do you cause all things I love and delight in to die and
wither away?”

“Lady,” He said, “It is the fate of all that lives to die. Everything passes; all
fades away. I bring comfort and consolation to those who pass the gates, that they
may grow young again. But You are My heart’s desire — return not, but stay here
with Me.”

And She remained with Him three days and three nights, and at the end of the third
night She took up His crown, and it became a circlet that She placed around Her
neck, saying:

“Here is the circle of rebirth. Through You all passes out of life, but through Me
all may be born again. Everything passess; everything changes. Even death is not
eternal. Mine is the mystery of the womb, that is the cauldron of rebirth. Enter
into Me and know Me, and You will be free of all fear. For as life is but a journey
into death, so death is but a passage back to life, and in Me the circle is ever

In love, He entered into Her, and so was reborn into life. Yet is He known as Lord
of Shadows, the comforter and consoler, opener of the gates, King of the Land of
Youth, the giver of peace and rest. But She is the gracious mother of all life;
from Her all things proceed and to Her they return again. In Her are the mysteries
of death and birth; in Her is the fulfillment of all love.

*Traditional Craft Myth

 The Witches Rune

 The Witches Rune

The Witches Rune is a poetic dedication.

Darksome night and shining moon, East, then south, then west, then north,
Hearken to the witches’ rune:
Here I come to call thee forth.
Earth and water, air and fire,
Wand and pentacle and sword,
Work you unto my desire,
Hearken ye unto my word.
Cords and censer, scourage and knife,
Powers of the witch’s blade
Waken all ye unto life,
Come ye as the charm is made.
Queen of heaven, Queen of hell,
Horned hunter of the night,
Lend your power unto my spell
And work my will by magic rite.
By all the power of land and sea,
By all the might of moon and sun,
As I do will, so mote it be:
Chant this spell, and be it done.
Eko, Eko, Azarak,
Eko, Eko, Zamilak,
Eko, Eko, Artemis,
Eko, Eko, Herne.

What is the Witches Rune?

The Witches Rune is used during Wiccan Rituals as a way to raise energy. The Rune is chanted by all the Witches, sometimes whilst they are dancing in a circle, they will repeat the Rune until the person leading the ritual, often the HPS or HP indicates that they stop.

Usually when the HPS indicates the energy has reached the required level all the Coveners will drop to the ground as the HPS or HP shouts ‘down’ and then directs the energy raised towards the intended purpose.

Healing Sachet

Healing Sachet

2 parts Cinnamon
2 parts Sandalwood
1 part Rose petals
1 part Cayenne
1 part Ginger
1 part Rue

Mix, tie up in blue or purple cloth. Anoint sachet with Eucalyptus oil and wear or place near the bed at night.

Car Protection Sachet

Car Protection Sachet

2 parts Rosemary
2 parts Juniper
1 part Mugwort
1 part Comfrey
1 part Caraway
1 small Quartz Crystal point

Tie up in red cloth. Secret somewhere in the car where it won’t be found. And drive safely-this sachet won’t guard against the driver’s mistakes. After a few months, take the sachet apart, save and cleanse the crystal and use again in the new sachet.

Daily Horoscopes for September 13

We are excited about recent developments in our lives and may also be rather upbeat about what’s ahead of us. Last night’s electric Venus-Uranus trine could still produce a pleasant surprise. The expressive Leo Moon encourages us to speak our minds and share what we’re feeling. Nevertheless, the Moon runs into anxious aspects this afternoon, testing our ability to maintain a positive attitude that focuses on solutions rather than problems.


Aries Horoscope
Aries Horoscope (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Although you have a variety of chores to finish today, don’t forget to make time for guilt-free fun. You are amongst the ones who are most often ready to join in the festivities, given an invitation. The problem now is that you aren’t sure how much individuality you must sacrifice to participate in the social activities. The only way to find out is to take a leap of faith and jump in without knowing the outcome.

Taurus Horoscope
Taurus Horoscope (Apr 20 – May 20)

Even if you have to go to work today, it still feels like a stay-at-home day. Consider yourself lucky if you are among those who work where you live, since you might not want to go anywhere at all. However, if you must head out into the wide world, take a piece of your home along with you in the form of a daydream. Holding on to this visualization all day brings you a sense of comfort that you cannot get from anyone else.

Gemini Horoscope
Gemini Horoscope (May 21 – Jun 20)

You are buzzing now as you ride the energy of today’s lively Leo Moon. However, your early warning system is already picking up on a mosquito-like annoyance of the changes that are just around the corner. You know a major storm is on its way, and there is an undercurrent of excitement to the anticipation. Nevertheless, you’re ready for action. Don’t make your move too soon; your efficiency will improve if you can wait until tomorrow.

Cancer Horoscope
Cancer Horoscope (June 21 – Jul 22)

A creative approach to finances can improve your situation now. You may suddenly figure out a way around an obstacle that has been preventing you from buying something you had your heart set on. Don’t worry if you haven’t thought your plan through carefully because you don’t need to iron out every detail today. Investing in something of value is a good idea as long as you’re not trying to fool yourself into thinking that it’s something you really need.

Leo Horoscope
Leo Horoscope (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Others may be reading your feelings now as if you are wearing them on your sleeve. You aren’t necessarily one to tuck away your heart in a deep dark corner, but now that the moody Moon is in your sign, it’s as if your emotions are being broadcast on the midday news. Don’t withdraw from interacting with others since the give-and-take can help you clarify what you really want.

Virgo Horoscope
Virgo Horoscope (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

You aren’t saying everything that you’re thinking today, but you have your reasons. Someone may assume that you’re telling all, but there is a danger in jumping to conclusions. Still, it’s smarter now to hold the conflict within yourself than to lay it out into the open where others need to deal with your unresolved feelings. You can always share more once the intensity begins to subside.

Libra Horoscope
Libra Horoscope (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

You may feel as if everything is going to change today, but you cannot yet fill in the details of what’s ahead. You’re approaching the end of something, but you don’t yet know what it is. Tie up as many loose ends as possible because there’s just one week left of summer. Lightening your load now enables you to be ready for whatever begins to unfold around the next corner.

Scorpio Horoscope
Scorpio Horoscope (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

You are facing a dilemma as you try to resolve the conflict between your head and your heart. Logically, you already know what to do and are ready to play your hand accordingly, but emotionally you’re feeling uncertain. You know that this isn’t the right time to turn everything upside down just because you are unsure of which path to follow. Patience is your friend now; fortunately, you have more time than you think.

Sagittarius Horoscope
Sagittarius Horoscope (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

You must be your own boss today since you may not be able to convince others to follow your lead. On one hand, this is fine because you are at the top of your production game. Unfortunately, you could go off on some half-cocked crazy idea and ultimately get the go-ahead, even if your idea is without merit. Do the responsible thing; stop yourself before you do something that you will soon regret.

Capricorn Horoscope
Capricorn Horoscope (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

You aren’t content to hang out in shallow waters today; you long for the deeper places, where the search for meaning can overshadow reality, itself. These are not simple times; past hurts and pains — emotional and physical — might come back to haunt you. But, there is a blessing in the current process of discovery. If you’re willing to do the work and face the issues, healing can occur on many levels to change your life for the better.

Aquarius Horoscope
Aquarius Horoscope (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Everything you say and do today creates an immediate reaction. And the fallout from following your intuition isn’t always what you expect. You must deal with things as they happen, even if it takes time and energy from other activities. Resistance is futile; as annoyed as you might be by the unfolding situation, there may not be much you can do to change its course. Fortunately, everything seems to get easier once you loosen the reins of control.

Pisces Horoscope
Pisces Horoscope (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

You may go overboard today trying to make up for someone else’s shortcomings. Even if you’re committed to the group effort, there’s still a part of you that wants to be recognized for your special contribution to the project. Don’t be overly concerned if others are receiving all the credit now. The tide will turn and you’ll emerge a hero if you continue to do your job well.

Calendar of the Moon for September 13

Calendar of the Moon

Coll Invocation

Colors: Blue and Brown
Element: Water and Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of blue place a goblet of spring water, the figure of a leaping salmon, and three blue candles; next to them on cloth of brown place a musical instrument, a pen, and fresh flowers.
Offerings: Poetry, songs, art, writing.
Daily Meal: Either fish (for the Salmon), poultry (for the Duck) or salads.

Coll Invocation:

Call: Hail the month of the Hazel Tree!
Response: Hail the month of the nuts that nourish us.
Call: First tree of the harvest, you give forth wisdom.
Response: Last tree of the summer, you chant our memories.
Call: The fading warmth follows you,
Response: And we feast on the fruits of your knowledge.
Call: This is the month of words and song.
Response: This is the month of the search for the mysteries.
Call: This is the month of the sacred pool,
Response: Wherein swims the Salmon of Knowledge.
Call: We fish for the gleams of divine light on the surface,
Response: We dive for the truths that lie deep in the Well.
Call: Our intuition is the hazel-twig held before us.
Response: We shall search out the underground streams.
Call: We shall find the hidden treasures.
Response: We shall spread them forth in words of power.
Call: We shall bring them forth with our hands in works of art,
Response: We shall gift the Gods and the people with our songs.
Call: Our voices will find their way across the land.
Response: Hear us, O Gods, as we sing your praises!
Call: This is the month of the bard’s silver tongue,
Response: This is the month of the golden door of autumn.
Call: As the Hazel Tree stands with words of peace,
Response: So shall we stand between the warring parties.
Call: So shall our Rule spread Justice and Peace,
Response: So shall our words spread beauty and harmony.

(As this is the month of the Bard, one or more shall stand forth and sing before the others, or read what words they would, to bring gladness and knowledge to the hearts of those who listen.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]