Calendar of the Sun for Sept. 13

Calendar of the Sun
13 Halegmonath

Egyptian All Souls’ Day – Day of Anubis

Colors: Black and tan
Element: Earth
Altar: Set with a cloth of tan like the desert sands, upon which is poured a mound of sand with one black candle set within it, a cup of beer, and a figure of the jackal god Anubis.
Offerings: Candles. Incense. An offer to guide someone in need out of darkness.
Daily Meal: Beer. Figs. Dates. Millet. Barley. Lentils. Duck or goose.

Invocation to Anubis

Lord of the desert sands
Who guides lost souls through endless waste
Into a better land
Who brings the Dead
To their final judgment
Into the hand of Ma’at
Great-eared one who sniffs out
All things hidden
And from whom nothing
Can be concealed forever,
Guide us surely and skillfully
Out of the darkness
Of our own blind searching.

Dark God of the West
Take me home
I am a wandering soul

Call and response while pouring the beer libation:

Bring us forth out of darkness
Guide us through the waste lands
Find for us the track of Fate
Like all our ancestors
Like all the souls of the beloved dead
We will find a way
We will find a way
We will find a way
Forth out of the darkness
And into the blazing Sun.

[Pagan Book of Hours]