To Create a Familiar

To Create a Familiar

Items You Will Need:

  • Your animal
  • a little ”you” time
  • a private, quiet place that is big enough for you to work


The Spell:

You should perform this spell at noon. Hold the animal by the belly. raise it above your head and say three times:

The angels grant thee
Power to work with me
To help me in my craft
And keep me safe from evil.

Bring the animal down and look into its eyes. You will know if it worked because the animals eyes will flash golden white.

“THINK on THESE THINGS” for September 25

By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

So often it is difficult to know where the line lies between kindness and domineering. It doesn’t sound as if the two could possibly ever mix, but sometimes in our watchfulness over those we care about we’re inclined to thin it is a kind of goodness when it actually becomes domineering.

It is often the best and kindest thing to let others think for themselves. Even though the helpfulness is a love, it can be smothering to the ones who want to breathe freely, even of their own problems.

Concern can turn to possessiveness in the space of a moment and do it do subtly it is almost impossible to comprehend. All individuals have the right to make their own mistakes and also the undeniable right to correct those mistakes. It makes help appreciated when it comes and then help is recognized as help and not as ownership.

If we were all told what to do, it would relieve us of the burden of the responsibility of thinking, planning, or making decisions. Out lives would be literally free of care. And there are those among us who love to direct the traffic of other people’s lives. But have you noticed how detestable it is to them to have the smallest suggestion made concerning their own? What a display of vanity!

There are always sycophants, or “apple polishers,” if you will, who fawn and flatter the vanity. But to have one’s vanity built to great heights is not always an act of love, but more often subtle scorn.

Love is the only force against vanity. Love does not wish to command, but only to serve. If love cannot tell the truth it does not speak. Vanity separates, love joins. Love does not ask that another take the responsibility, but it asks only the strength to bear it.


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Elder’s Meditation of the Day
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Elder’s Meditation of the Day – September 24

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – September 24

“Touch not the poisonous firewater that makes wise men turn to fools and robs the spirit of its vision.”

–Tecumseh, SHAWNEE

It’s not an accident that firewater is also called spirits. Firewater affects our judgments. The Great Spirit created a set of laws and principles by which we are to live our lives. When we have problems we should pray and ask for the wisdom of these laws. If instead we turn to liquor, our judgment will be affected. It is the decision and choice made under the influence of booze that causes us to be fools. We need to learn to lean on prayer and not on the spirits of alcohol.

Great Spirit, teach me to pray. Let not one drop of liquor touch my lips today.

September 24 – Daily Feast

September 24 – Daily Feast

When we have a genuine interest in something we seldom lack the energy to do it. Hour after hour thought and energy flow into the routine and weariness has no part. There will surely be some necessary work that will not excite us – but we can refuse to be dull and slow of mind and spirit. How many times we have nearly given up because we could not see creativity or color. And then a change would come – a different view and energy would flow in and the misery would be forgotten. Energy can only flow when it is connected to a live circuit. Our work is to stay connected.

~ I am not talking anything badly or angrily, but simply the truth. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume II’ by Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Daily Motivator for September 25 – Life as it is

Life as it is

Whatever may happen, there is no need for dismay. Always, there is the  opportunity to creatively and successfully deal with the things life sends your  way.

There’s nothing to be gained by wishing that things had turned out  differently. Pick yourself up, connect with the energy of your passion, put a  smile on your face and move forward with what is.

Your best choice is always to be your best. And you can’t be your best when  you’re complaining or regretting or worried or dismayed.

Every situation generates a new set of positive possibilities. So in every  situation, choose to see those possibilities and to enthusiastically follow  them.

Each setback is just another step toward getting where you have chosen to go.  Learn, adapt, re-commit, and get quickly back on track.

Every twist and turn in the road of life gives you the opportunity to make a  difference. Relish those opportunities, make the most of them, and build a  magnificent life.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

Daily OM for September 25 – Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom


by  Madisyn Taylor

Our minds accept as truth the critical statements we tell ourselves, but it can also accept our positive affirmations.

The words we speak and think hold great sway over the kind of life that we create for ourselves. Many people live their lives plagued by negative thoughts and never even realize this. They tell themselves and others that they are doomed to fail, not good enough, or not worthy of love, yet they are amazed when their reality starts reflecting these words. Just as the subconscious mind accepts as truth the critical statements we tell ourselves, however, it is also equipped to instantly accept the veracity of our affirmations.

Affirmations are statements chosen and spoken consciously. Once they enter our realm of consciousness, they also enter our subconscious mind where they have the power to change our lives. The affirmations you create should be specific, not too long, worded positively, formed in complete sentences, and spoken in the present tense as if what you are affirming is already true. It is a good idea to repeat your affirmations daily. You may want to tell yourself that you deserve to be happy or that you are in control of your destiny. Or, you may want to focus on a particular goal, such as attracting new friends. Rather than telling yourself you want to be well-liked, say, “I am well-liked.” Your subconscious mind will pick up on these positive messages, and you will begin to live your life as if what you are affirming already has happened. Soon, your reality will begin to reflect your affirmations. If you find that you are thwarting yourself with negative thinking, try repeating your affirmations several times a day. Write your affirmations down and say them aloud or in your mind. Allow your conviction to grow stronger each time you say your affirmations, and your negativity will be overridden by your motivation and positive thoughts.

Affirmations are a powerful tool for creating our desired reality. We consciously and subconsciously invite opportunity into our lives when we say affirmations. Trust in the power of your affirmations, and you will very quickly create what you have already stated to be true.


Daily OM

Ah, This Will Put A Smile On Your Face – Pondering old age

Pondering old age

How do I know that my youth is all spent?
Well, my get up and go has got up and went.
But in spite of it all I am able to grin
when I recall where my get up has been.

Old age is golden-so I’ve heard it said-
but sometimes I wonder when I get into bed,
with my ears in a drawer and my teeth in a cup,
my eyes on the table until I wake up.

Ere sleep dims my eyes I say to myself,
“Is there anything else I should lay on the shelf?”
And I’m happy to say as I close my door,
my friends are the same, perhaps even more.

When I was young, my slippers were red,
I could pick up my heels right over my head.
When I grew older, my slippers were blue,
but still I could dance the whole night through.

But now I am old, my slippers are black,
I walk to the store and puff my way back.
The reason I know my youth is all spent,
my get up and go has got up and went.

But I really don’t mind when I think, with a grin,
of all the grand places my get up has been.
Since I have retired from life’s competition,
I accommodate myself with complete repetition.

I get up each morning, and dust off my wits,
pick up my paper and read the “obits”.
If my name is missing, I know I’m not dead,
so I eat a good breakfast and go back to bed


Daily Feng Shui Tip for September 25 – ‘Wisdom Secrets’

One of the first traditions that I studied when I started my energetic explorations were those of the Native Americans. So today I’d like to share some of the wisdom secrets that I was taught by my wise elder teachers. For example, I learned that there are magical ways in the Native American traditions to assist a woman who is wishing for a child. They say that the mother-to-be should prepare a sacred medicine bundle that will help bring a bundle of joy into her life. She should put a lock of her hair, a blue corn kernel, a red stone and herbs such as black walnut and red raspberry into a square of black or yellow cloth. The bundle should then be wrapped in red string and tied to a bush with a feather so it’s easily located by the Higher Powers. This bundle should only be constructed at the time of the New Moon in order to successfully birth a bright light into this world.

By Ellen Whitehurst for