Your Charm For September 16 is The Frog

Your Charm for Today

Today’s Meaning: The frog represents good health, physically and emotionally. This aspect shall remain in a good light as long as you maintain good health.

General Description: This is an old Roman Amulet but the charm dates from prehistoric times. The Frog was the emblem of Hegt, the Egyptian goddess of abundance fruitfulness, fertility and plenty. From Egypt these myths spread and similar goddesses were worshipped under different names — Ishtar in Assyria, Belit in Babylonia, Al-ilat in Arabia, Aphrodite in Greece, Venus in Rome. The Frog, cut in amber, is a popular talisman. In Italy Greece and Turkey, it is still worn to bring good health, prosperity, and abundance of all the good things of this earth.

Your Animal Spirit forSeptember 16 is The Turkey

Your Animal Spirit for Today
September 16, 2012


Has turkey gobbled his way into your life today? If so he brings a message of sacrificing for the greater good. To some indigenous tribes, Turkey represents the spirit of the giveaway–a ceremony where those who have more give to those who have less, thus “sacrificing” for others. If Turkey helps you feel the spirit of giving, who can you help?

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Sept. 16 is Altruism

Your Deck of Ancient Symbols Card for Today


Altruism denotes the noble act of giving to those in need without the expectation of a return. The act of giving has been seen as one of humankind’s greatest attributes throughout history. It is honored in nearly every culture. To give is a gift to both those who receive and those who give. Giving is usually associated with addressing the material needs of others, but the gift given can take many forms such as wisdom or protection or simply a shoulder to cry on.

As a daily card, Altruism suggests there are those around you in need of things you can give them. It is a time for you to address the needs of another, or others without regard of profit or acknowledgement of your contribution.

Daily Feng Shui Tip for Sept. 16 – ‘Collect Rocks Day’

On this ‘Collect Rocks Day’ I think about the symbolic golden mountain of rocks outside my front door that invites good luck and fabulous fortunes, especially where employment opportunities are concerned. According to Feng Shui, this ‘Mountain of Gold’ has several powerful variations that all entail using a small pile of golden rocks to activate energies of supreme success. All you need are some medium sized rocks, or even small boulders if your space can accommodate a ‘larger’ version of this cure. Paint the rocks a golden color and position them immediately outside the front entrance to your living space, arranging them in a mound — a symbolic ‘mountain’ of sorts. The promise is that career opportunities will come calling as troublesome work challenges or business obstacles fade away. Improvements in your life that should make it a happier and healthier place are also promised by this simple collection of rocks. You can look for the silver lining but you actively invite it with these golden and supportive rocks!