To Create a Familiar

To Create a Familiar

Items You Will Need:

  • Your animal
  • a little ”you” time
  • a private, quiet place that is big enough for you to work


The Spell:

You should perform this spell at noon. Hold the animal by the belly. raise it above your head and say three times:

The angels grant thee
Power to work with me
To help me in my craft
And keep me safe from evil.

Bring the animal down and look into its eyes. You will know if it worked because the animals eyes will flash golden white.

2 thoughts on “To Create a Familiar

  1. I’am new to the craft,I would like to ask you what does this spell so suppose to do.Do I light candles or incense,I see you as a great witch and a teacher.


    1. Please forgive me for taking so long to respond. My life has been hectic here recently, but whose isn’t, lol! When you use a spell involving one of your animals, I would advise against using candles and incense. In fact, anything with fire or can burn them. You can cast your circle and proceed from there but I wouldn’t use any candles or incenses for the safety of the animal. There is an old Appalachian mountain technique I will share with you and probably have some come down on me for it. But up in the hills when we want to make an animal our familiar, we wait till the animal playfully scratches us or draws our blood. Then this is the tricky part, if the animal also choose you, it will come back and lick your blood. Thus forming the eternal bond of witch and familiar. I have always read the spells about witches taking familiars. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing at all against that, to each his own. But the old fashion method gives the animal a choice also. When the animal is given that choice, you will have a familiar beyond belief. I thought about taking my little Pom as my familiar instead she took me(She did the mountain trick). And you would not believe her as my familiar, she is my best friend, protector and familiar. I could write a book on her as my familiar but I won’t, not right now anyway, lol! But seriously hun, don’t use anything with flame or a hot end around your familiar. Just cast your circle and proceed from there. I hope I have helped you out.

      Again I am sorry for taking so long to respond. I also appreciate your kind words. I am just a humble witch doing the Goddess’ work. Thank you again and Goddess Bless You!


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