Merry Meet & Blessed Thursday To All My Precious Friends!

Good Thursday morning, dear ones! I hope you are having a super fantastic day. I am sorry about yesterday. I had a little accident Tuesday night and had to go to the hospital. I ended up with 28 stitches in my left arm. It was really tender yesterday. My husband made me stay in bed with my arm laying on a pillow. I got bored, sleep a lot, got bored some more but I enjoyed being waited on hand and foot. Now if he would just do that when something wasn’t wrong with me, lol! I have took several pain pills today. It is still sore to type but bearable.

I went out to check on all the critters at dusk. To make sure their enclosures were locked and they were all right. In the fields, I heard the coyotes howling and on the prowl. When I hear them, I either sit on the porch with Kiki (we have gates at both ends were she can’t get out) or I keep the window in the bedroom open. I heard the coyotes keep getting closer and closer. Finally they were up in the pen area, I went flying out the door. My husband was right behind me with the rifle. When I got to the enclosures the coyotes were trying to get to the baby fawn. My husband fired shots and hit one of them and the others ran off.  I checked the outside of the fawn’s enclosure and the coyotes had been digging. That scared me to death, so I open the door and went in to check on the fawn.  I fought the fawn in the corner, laying down scared to death, shaking but she was fine. It was dark and I didn’t notice the other corner. In it was a coyote trying to escape. I turned around and I guess he felt threatened by me and he had a good right too. He lunged at me and I put my left arm up to block him from my face. My arm when right in his mouth and of course, he bit down as hard as he could. My husband came running in the enclosure and took the butt of the rifle and beat him till he let go of me. Then my husband immediately shot him. My arm had flesh torn and was bleeding like a stuck hog. My husband kept insisting we go to the hospital RIGHT NOW. I told him to fix the hole and get some flat brick and put around the fawn enclosure. He worked like a mad man running around fixing the foundation of the enclosure. Then he had to drag the coyote out of the enclosure. The coyote has been picked up and sent off to see if it has rabies or not. But I don’t think it did, I think it just felt threatened and it was dark and he attacked me. Most of the time, you can holler at a coyote and they will run. They are more scared of you, than you are of them. But back to the story, I went to the hospital, they took x-rays to make sure no bones were broke. Then they figured out were all the skin went and started sewing me back up. And that is how I ended up with the stitches and not being here yesterday. Fun, fun, fun! NOT! But everybody has went around all the enclosures and double check to make sure that the brick foundations are in place. The reason one side of the fawn’s enclosure didn’t have brick was because the guys had just built it. Now it has a double brick foundation. Thank goodness.

I missed all of you. I hope you missed me too. You know you don’t know how much you miss your friends till you can’t get to them. Especially when they don’t know what the hell is going on too, that makes it bad. But now you know and I am glad you do. I don’t want you to think they have fired me around here, lmao! The drugs just kicked in! I am going to run for now. I hope you have a super fantastic day.

Blessings to you and yours,


Lady A


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