Daily Feng Shui News for Nov. 20th – ‘Universal Children’s Day’

I have some universal tips that Feng Shui says will bring health and happiness to any child on ‘Universal Children’s Day.’ First, their sleeping spaces should always have an abundance of the colors blue and green. Blue symbolizes heaven and peace while green represents healthy growth. There should also be something hanging from the room’s ceiling, as mobiles, wind chimes or other hanging decor lifts the eye while doing the same to spirits and moods. Lastly, always be sure to have books in the bedroom, as they symbolize a passion for learning and opportunities to acquire wisdom.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Calendar of the Sun for December 6th

Calendar of the Sun


6 Yulmonath

Day of the North Wind

Colors: White, grey and black
Element: Air
Altar: On cloth of shades between white and black, place four white and grey candles, a vase of flags and banners in the colors of a snowy night, a bell with a clear tone, a knife, a glass of white wine, and incense of cypress and juniper.
Offerings: Blowing curls of paper into the wind. Ringing bells or wind chimes. Study and learning, especially of a field of knowledge that is difficult for you.
Daily Meal: Raw cold food.

Invocation to the North Wind

Breathe in!
Breathe in the wind of the North,
Cold and chill,
Ice-flecked wind that brings
The order for all life to sleep,
Forcing closed our tired eyes,
Wind that sweeps down from the poles,
Wind that sweeps away our resistance,
Wind that invites us to lie down
And embrace the darkness,
Whistling wind that comes in
Through the cracks and chinks
Of our fears and longings,
Breath of winter, wind that strokes the starry skies
Over the dead fields, and calls to us
With sere and weathered voice,
Black wind of night that cuts us
Like the razor-edged knife,
Have mercy on us!
Breathe in
And cleanse your body yet again.


Boreas Boreas Breath of the North
Wind of knives


Wind’s Four Quarters

(Wind chimes and bells are rung. Wine is poured as a libation. All process outside and release messages on small curls of paper into the north wind.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Feng Shui Tip for September 28 – ‘Neighbors’

‘Good fences make good neighbors’ but I say that using Feng Shui can make you an even better neighbor. But what if no matter how peaceful your home is, you still have to deal with that nasty next-door neighbor? Feng Shui says that if you live in an apartment and the problem comes from a neighbor living directly across from you, you could place one small mirror on your front door to reflect the neighbor’s negative energy right back to them. If the neighbor to your right is posing a problem, hanging a six-rod hollow wind chime on the right side of the outside of your front door will lift neighborly negativity away. If the nuisance neighbor lives on your left, position an image of a dragon or a healthy green plant on that same side. All of these cures are also applicable if you live in a house with negative neighbors. Home dwellers have the bonus of being able to use light cures to negate neighborly darkness. Light is considered an especially effective cure when attempting to stop nocturnal annoyances. Position a motion-detecting spotlight on the side of the house where the irritation comes from and shine some sense into those people. And then there’s the granddaddy of all Feng Shui bad neighbor cures. Place a large mouthed basin or half barrel of water between you and your neighbor. This water will absorb negative energies and soften relations between the two of you. Hey, stranger things have happened when using this cure. Like I said, good fences might make good neighbors, but Feng Shui helps make the bad ones go away.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com