February 12th – Holy Day of Diana

February 12th

Holy Day of Diana

Diana was the Roman Goddess of the moon. She was the patroness of hunters and the guardian of the forest, where her sacred grove stood near Aricia. Diana is called upon to protect animals, children and the forest. As light and life return to the Earth, her powers of protections are invoked for all creatures great and small.

A Prayer to Diana

Goddess of the Hunt, Lady of the bow,
I ask you now the way to show.
I pray you bless me from this hour,
With your strength and with your power.
Through times of sorrow and times strife,
Help me make the most of life.
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Calendar of the Moon for August 20

Calendar of the Moon

20 Coll/Metageitnion

Nemetona’s Day

Color: Green
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of green lay twigs from each of the trees of the Sacred Grove, a knife, a cup of milk, and a cup of animal blood mixed with wine.
Offerings: Plant trees, especially the ones of the Sacred Grove.
Daily Meal: Vegetarian.

Invocation to Nemetona

Lady of the Sacred Grove
Whose footprints mark the soft moss
Wherever gather the trees of the Sacred Grove.
Silver are your words as the birch,
Bright is your smile as the berries of rowan,
Tall is your height as the ash,
Hot is your frown like the ashes of alder,
Graceful is your walk as the willow,
Cruel is your blade as the thorn,
Strong is your grasp as the oak,
Sharp is your prick like the holly,
Hard is your shell like the hazel,
Sweet is your mouth as the grapevine,
Twisted is your hair like the ivy,
Eerie is your song as the reed,
Wise is your touch as the elder.
Long ago, they came to you,
Goddess of the grove, Lady of leaf and blood,
And your blade took their short lives
And added it to those of the long-lived trees,
Whose Earth this was first.
So we give you blood today, Lady,
That you shall understand, even now,
That we do not forget your gifts.

Song: Song of the Trees

(All shall come forth to the altar, and the cups shall be taken up and carried outside in procession, until all are standing and singing under the trees. Then shall the libations be poured out onto the Earth.)


[Pagan Book of Hours]

Talking Trees Divination (Blood/Harvest Moon)

Talking Trees Divination

(Blood/Harvest Moon)

At the sacred grove of Dodona dedicated to the great god Zeus, ancient Greeks would practice a form of wind scrying. This technique involves listening to the voice of wind as it moves through the branches of the trees. The wind talks in a language that is all its own, and in order to understand it, you have to listen carefully and become One with the spirit of Wind. When you do this, you will begin to understand what the wind is saying to you.

To perform this divination, you’ll need a quiet place where you can hear the wind moving through the trees. First write down in our journal the question or problem you want to talk about tonight with the wind.

At dusk, go outside and find a quiet place among the trees. If you can’t hear the wind, hang wind chimes or other things from the branches so you can hear it. (Or you may need to go out just after 2:00 a.m. when the wind picks up just before dawn.) 

Call to the wind three times:

Divine spirits and elemental beings
Come let your voices sing.

Repeat your question or problem aloud three times so the wind can hear it. Now, sit down and begin merging with the sound of the wind. Become One with the Air element and as you do, understand the language of the wind. Listen as it speaks to your spirit, telling you the answer to your problems. Write down the messages you receive from the wind.

A Samhain Meditation for your Ancestors

A Samhain Meditation for your Ancestors

A journey of Memory and what it means to face Death..

We’re going on a journey, that you may find difficult. If at any time, you feel you do not wish to continue, please wait quietly, then turn to the south, and you will see a path leading back to the safety of your grove.

Make yourself comfortable, and breathe slowly from your stomach, and clear your mind of all disturbing thoughts.

Enter your sacred grove and stand in the EAST, for you are beginning a journey of memory. Allow yourself to absorb the peace and tranquillity of your space. You hear a beating of wings and feel the touch of cold air on your face. A Raven flies around you, leading you NORTH-WEST, where it alights on a gate and waits, its coal black eyes watching you. Walk towards the gate and stop. Do not fear the Raven, for it is another aspect of the Cailleach. She comes to you now, to guide you. Put your hand on the gate and open it. As you walk through, cast back in your memory to when you were a baby, a young child and remember something good about that time.

Walk through. There is nothing before you but a black, empty void. Do not be afraid. The Raven flies ahead of you, drawing you on.

As the gate closes behind you, remember when you were at school. As you remember, follow the Raven into the darkness until you come to another gate. Place your hand on this gate, and remember the good times of your school days, and when you were a teenager.

Open the gate, and walk through. There is nothing before you, but a black, empty void. Do not be afraid. Allow the Raven to be your guide.

As the gate closes behind you, remember your first job, your first love. Walk slowly forward into the darkness, remembering the feeling that you had when you left your home for the first time. The Raven circles you and leads you to another gate. Place your hand upon this gate and remember the agony of your first love, the apprehension you felt on your first day at work.

Open the gate and walk through. Before you is dark, a black empty void. Do not be afraid. Let the Raven guide you, for you are not alone.

As the gate closes behind you, remember the first little sparrow that you ever saw; the first notes of a blackbird’s song in the twilight; the first buttercup that you held beneath your chin; the first drop of rain on your face, and the first breath of wind in your hair. Remember the blue sky and the golden sun, the silvery moon and the cotton wool clouds skimming overhead. Walk slowly forward into the darkness, hearing the beat of the Raven’s wings, until you come to another gate.

Place your hand upon this gate and remember the seasons as they changed throughout your life; how each season affected your moods and your emotions; how the snows covered the earth, and the frost killed off the autumn flowers.

The Raven sits on the gate, looking at you. Now you will know and understand that Death is all around us. The death of a bird from the scattered feathers on a lawn, the dying breeze as the clouds move onwards. The Death of the sun as it sinks in the West and its re-birth each morning in the East. Seeds planted to bring new Life, yet they come from the death of the flower or nut. Death is in the seasons, as each gives way to the next. Death is part of Life, as the old gives way to the new.

Open the gate and walk through. Before you is dark, a black empty void. Do not be afraid, for the Raven flies beside you.

In the distance you see a door, of shimmering colours. STOP! Do not touch it. Do not open it. Do not approach it at this time, for this is the final gateway that each of us will pass through, when our time comes. It is not yet.

Now turn around slowly, and gaze back through the gates that you have opened and passed through. You will see a silvery line of footprints that mark your journey through life. And if you look past the very first gate, you will see other silvery lines, footprints that belong to your ancestors. Each gate was a death. An ending of a way of life for you, and each gate was the beginning. Think about Death, not in a morbid way, but as a positive beginning that we must all face. Each has a purpose in Life, and each will have a purpose in Death. Live your Life to its fullest because your Ancestors made it possible. And when your time comes, know that it is not the end, but the beginning of a new existence.

When you are able to accept this, then the Cailleach will be able to give you her wisdom and help you through Life. When you can face Death with a free will, then you will be able to live Life to its fullest, for you will be free of Death’s burden.

Look around for the Raven, it is flying SOUTH, where you see a sunlit path leading back to your grove. If you have stopped along the way at any point, do not worry, for you will now see a sunlit path leading SOUTH back to the safety of your Sacred Grove.

When you are comfortably back in your Grove, relax, become aware of your surroundings. As you return to the present time, think about your memories, and consider whether there is anything you should have done. Something that needs finished; perhaps a quarrel that needs to be mended; or saying thank you to someone who has done a kindness. Life is there to be lived, but remember, none of us knows how many gates we will be allowed to open, before we reach the Door beyond. Only the Cailleach knows these things.

by Ailim, 2003
This article comes from Raven Moonlight Book of Shadows