The Witches Magick for Jan. 13th – To Rid A Bothersome Spirit

The Witches Magick

To Rid A Bothersome Spirit

Before starting place your hands before you, and start the flow of power out your hands and then say the words letting the light form you hand fill the room or house or any other place that you might be.

Consecrate salt and water and sprinkle throughout the house as you repeat three times in each room:

“What is dark be filled with light,
Remove this spirit from my sight.
Let it go to where it may find it’s eternal rest.”

Speak gently to them to them and cleanse each room with incense especially cold spots and all corners and cupboards.

Put salt along the sill of each windowsill and the bottom of all doors and steps to the house afterwards.

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The Witches Spell for Oct. 7th – Deity Assistance Spell


 Deity Assistance Spell

Whatever your problem is, there’s a deity who can help. This spell invokes divine assistance through burning incense. As the smoke rises, it carries your request into the heavens.


A picture, figurine, or other image of your chosen deity
An incense burner
Matches or a lighter
A slip of paper
A pen or pencil

When: Depends on your intentions

Determine which deity is best suited to help you with your problem. The tables in Chapter 1 list some well-known deities from around the world and the areas they govern. Once you’ve decided which deity to call upon, find an image/ figurine of that god or goddess and display it on your altar.

Select an incense that corresponds to your intentions. Fit the incense into its burner and light it. Write your request on the slip of paper, fold it three times, and lay it at the feet of the deity. Envision your request floating up to the heavens, carried on the incense smoke to your chosen god or goddess.

Quiet your mind and listen for an answer or guidance. (Note: The answer may not come immediately— it could take a few days— so don’t grow impatient.) Allow the incense to burn down completely. Thank the deity for helping you and trust that aid will come at the appropriate time.

Mabon Comments & Graphics
      (I am the celebrant with the incense burner symbolizing the element of air)

I am everywhere.  I fill the fleshy pouches of your lungs, I stir all things
from the smallest blade of grass to the tallest tree. I cool you with my
breezes and destroy you with my storms.  Without me you would die.  Am I not
holy and worthy of praise?

 I now walk deosil around the circle bowing at each Corner.

Some Substitutions for Essential Oils

Some Substitutions for Essential Oils

Bergamot Substitute — Grapefruit
Cajuput Substitute — Camphor (White)
Chamomile Substitute — Lavender
Clary Sage Substitute Equal Parts — Sage, Nutmeg
Cypress Substitute — Cedarwood
Grapefruit Substitute — Lemon
Jasmine Substitute — Ylang Ylang
Lime Substitute — Lemon
Lemon Substitute — Lime
Lemongrass Substitute — Lemon
Mandarin Substitute — Tangerine
Mandarin Substitute — Orange
Melissa Substitute Equal Parts — Lemon, Petitgrain
Melissa Substitute — Lemon
Neroli Substitute — Petitgrain
Orange Substitute — Tangerine
Patchouli Substitute — Vetiver
Rose Substitute — Rosewood
Rose Substitute — Geranium
Rosewood Substitute Equal Parts — Geranium, Cedarwood
Sandalwood Substitute Equal Parts — Benzoin, Cedarwood
Spearmint Substitute — Peppermint
Tangerine Substitute — Orange
Tea Tree Substitute Equal Parts — Lavender, Camphor (White)

The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood.

Gris Gris Faible Incense

Gris Gris Faible Incense


This incense formula may be used in your rituals to destroy an enemy’s power to harm you. Can also be used as an “uncrossing incense.”

1 ounce powdered sandalwood

1/2 ounce powdered bay leaves

1/2 ounce powdered dill seed

1 tsp. asafetida

1/4 tsp. saltpeter

1 dram Uncrossing Oil

2 drams of tincture of benzoin



Because essential oils are affected by sunlight they should be sold and stored
in dark glass bottles, with stoppered caps. Make sure that the cap is on
securely and the bottle stored up-right in a cool dark place. The oils should be
stored out of sight and the touch of children. Remember that children,
especially small ones, are very inquisitive.  Never store essential oils in
plastic bottles. Good Essential oils should keep for several years if properly
stored, though the oils of orange, lemon and lime will not keep as long.
Patchouli is at the other extreme and actually gets better as it ages.

Have A Wild & Crazy Wednesday, My Friends!

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Today’s Affirmation for April 4th

I am committed to finding the most worthwhile routes for my energies – I will work to transform my emotions into the exhilarating energies of the spirit.


Today’s Thought for April 4th

If you rest in the stillness like a broken gong, you have already reached heaven for anger has left you.

Dhammapada, Part of he Pali Canon (c.500BCE – 0)


Today’s Meditation for April 4th

Relax with Incense

In the brain the processing of smell is closely linked with memory retrieval, so that a smell can act as a powerful trigger for a memory an therefore a mood. This makes it possible to prime calm states of mind using certain scents – helpful when preparing for meditation. Perform this exercise for the first time when you are already feeling calm. Sit comfortably, light some incense and close your eyes. As you breathe focus your awareness on the smell of the incense as it enters your nostrils during each inhalation Visualize the smell as a beautiful light, flooding your body with liquid calm. Continue for at least five minutes. Perform this exercise at the start of your meditation practice if you are feeling agitated. Not only will it be calming in itself, but it will also trigger memories of the calm that you experienced the first time around.



Scott Cunningham
Here are some guidelines to follow when compounding combustible incense. These
are for use with the Cone Incense Base #2 recipe above. If they aren’t followed,
the incense won’t properly burn. There’s less room for experimentation here than
with non-combustible incenses.

* First off, never use more than ten percent saltpeter. Ever!

* Also, keep woods (such as sandalwood, wood aloe, cedar, juniper and pine) and
gum resins (frankincense, myrrh, benzoin, copal) in the proper proportions: at
least twice as much powdered wood as resins. If there’s more resinous matter,
the mixture won’t burn.

* Naturally, depending on the type of incense you’re adding to the base, you may
have to juggle some proportions accordingly. Simply ensure that frankincense and
its kin never constitute more than one-third of the final mixture, and all
should be well.

* Though this hasn’t covered all aspects of combustible incense making (that
could be a book in itself), it should provide you with enough guidelines to make
your own. Experiment, but keep these rules in mind.

The Five Stages of Spellcasting: An Alternative Stage 4

The Five Stages of Spellcasting: An Alternative Stage 4



If you are carrying out a healing spell or one for gentle love or letting go of sorrow, setting off psychic fireworks may seem a bit over the top.

Instead you may choose to infuse a healing herb mix with the power to relieve pain or exhaustion or infuse a dish of crystals so that they can afterwards be burned for peace in four directions. Gently directed power can be used to steer away in a psychic way someone who is making you unhappy.

“In a group celebration you may likewise not want to have everybody jumping up and down (it could certainly scare a baby at a blessing ceremony and a few elderly relatives at a hand fasting). You need instead to use the accumulated power and direct it into sanctity, whether that be the vows of a couple or of godparents. Or you might each make reflective wishes for the year ahead after the shouting of Happy New Year and banging of saucepan lids and blowing of whistles at a turning-of-the-year rite.”

Through the technique is straightforward it is like learning to do a hill start in a car – getting the clutch and accelerator in perfect balance so you can stay ready but motionless for as long as necessary.

When the power in your spell has built up to almost a climax instead of releasing it, hold it for a moment, keeping your movements and your voice steady and then begin to recite the words more slowly and more softly until your words fade through a whisper to silence and make your movements slower and gentler until your feet become still. The incense sticks, your hands or wand will likewise become still.

Point downward with smudge, incense sticks, wand or your hands toward the symbol at a 45-degree angle (slightly away if necessary so no ash falls on the symbol, herbs or crystals).

Push very gently, psychically holding your hands or sticks motionless, using words to make the power and light flow into the symbol. You may detect a rainbow aura or green light round the symbol.

When you feel the power ebbing, stand motionless and silent for a moment and then replace the wand, smudge or incense sticks in their place or holders or put your hands in front of you pointing downwards so any residual power can flow into the symbol or be used to heal the earth.

Leave the incense to burn through and whisper:

“May you be blessed.”


In a ritual this would be a good time for everyone to make personal offerings or quietly pass the symbol round and make low soft promises of practical ways you all personally will help to bring peace or work for the good of others. At a midwinter ceremony you would quietly, after the cry “The sun is born again,” light your candles one by one round the circle and make your own perhaps silent resolutions for bringing light back into your life and the world.

The Five Stages of Spellcasting: Stage Four

The Five Stages of Spellcasting: Stage Four


Stage 4: Release of Power

This stage will blur and merge naturally into the previous one if you trust yourself.

When the moment is right, raise the incense sticks and hold the upright and above you, calling for the release. Then plunge the incense sticks simultaneously into a bowl of sand. Do the same if you’re using the smudge with a final spiraling above your head (pretend you are using a lasso).

If you are just using your hands or a wand, raise your arms high either side of your head, then swing them down, one behind you and one in front of you to waist height in a slashing movement.

Picture yourself releasing the pressure within the cone and lighting the touch paper on the entire firework display. Picture that one of stars cascading into the night.

End the song with a final shout, the dance with a final clap and a leap. Then call out “The power is free.” The wish is mine’ or “The spell is done,” whatever feels right to express the culmination of the spell.

See spiraling rainbows of light shooting upwards lie rockets or hundreds of white doves, colored balloons or butterflies being released as the same moment into the air.

If working as a group, one person should be responsible for calling “Now’ or the drummer could give a huge band. In practice the synchronized energies will bring the climax into synchronicity. But it really doesn’t matter if some psychic fireworks go off a few seconds after the other, it just prolongs the joyous tensions.

Incense Making – Stick Incense

Stick Incense

Add more trag glue to the mixed incense and base until the mixture is wet but still rather thick. The trick here is in determining the proper thickness of the incense/trag mixture and in finding appropriate materials to use. Try homemade wooden or bamboo splints, broom straws, very thin twigs, or those long wooden cocktail skewers. Dip the sticks into the mixture, let them sit upright and then dip again. Several dippings are usually necessary; this is a most difficult process.

When the sticks have accumulated a sufficient amount of the incense, poke them into a slab of clay or some other substance so that they stand upright. Allow them to dry. One variation on stick incense making uses a stiffer incense dough. Pat down the dough on waxed paper until it is very thin. Place the stick on the dough. Roll a thin coating of dough around the stick. The incense shouldn’t be more than twice the thickness of the stick. Squeeze or press it onto the stick so that it will stay put, and let dry.

Daily Aromatherapy Tip for December 27th


Daily Aromatherapy Tip


It’s a good idea to rotate use of essential oils. This will reduce the chance of acquiring sensitization from using the same oils over a long period of time. Try to use a wide variety of different essential oils.
Why not try a new one today? Enjoy!


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Love Binding

Love Binding

by Charmed

Meditate on the specific person you want ot fall in love with you, take three cords of string the following colors, pink, red, and black and anoint them all with rose, lavander, and sandal wood essential oils. the pink string represents your love, the red your lust, and the black eternity; this energy will fuel the spell! your desire is the catalyst, line the three strings up and knot one end as you do visualize your life and the life of your target intertwining and then say the following spell “my love my heart I find with thee, may e’er you seek the same with me.”

A Spell for Protection from the Winds

A Spell for Protection from the Winds
Draw down a protective circle. Light some incense and focus on the smoke as it curls skyward. Pick an incense that appeals to you in some way–lavender, sandalwood, and musk are good choices, but any fragrance you like is fine. Say something like the following:
Children of the winds, Guardians of Air
Listen to my words. Harken to my prayer.
Breathe upon me gently. Breathe upon me warm.
Guard my home and family. Keep us safe from harm.
Be sure to thank the sylphs for their attendance and their cooperation. You might hang a wind chime in a window, on a porch, or in your backyard so you can hear the sylphs as they hover near you.