Observing Incense Smoke


When I first saw this posted on Facebook I was sceptical. So I made it a point of observing incense smoke when I light them. Sure enough if I haven’t cleansed my room or wherever I am burning it recently the smoke looks all uptight but if I have then it just kind of billows into the free air. Try watching the next time you light one and then try to feel how the energy in your home feels to you.

Blessed be

The Witches Spell for Oct. 7th – Deity Assistance Spell


 Deity Assistance Spell

Whatever your problem is, there’s a deity who can help. This spell invokes divine assistance through burning incense. As the smoke rises, it carries your request into the heavens.


A picture, figurine, or other image of your chosen deity
An incense burner
Matches or a lighter
A slip of paper
A pen or pencil

When: Depends on your intentions

Determine which deity is best suited to help you with your problem. The tables in Chapter 1 list some well-known deities from around the world and the areas they govern. Once you’ve decided which deity to call upon, find an image/ figurine of that god or goddess and display it on your altar.

Select an incense that corresponds to your intentions. Fit the incense into its burner and light it. Write your request on the slip of paper, fold it three times, and lay it at the feet of the deity. Envision your request floating up to the heavens, carried on the incense smoke to your chosen god or goddess.

Quiet your mind and listen for an answer or guidance. (Note: The answer may not come immediately— it could take a few days— so don’t grow impatient.) Allow the incense to burn down completely. Thank the deity for helping you and trust that aid will come at the appropriate time.