Some Substitutions for Essential Oils

Some Substitutions for Essential Oils

Bergamot Substitute — Grapefruit
Cajuput Substitute — Camphor (White)
Chamomile Substitute — Lavender
Clary Sage Substitute Equal Parts — Sage, Nutmeg
Cypress Substitute — Cedarwood
Grapefruit Substitute — Lemon
Jasmine Substitute — Ylang Ylang
Lime Substitute — Lemon
Lemon Substitute — Lime
Lemongrass Substitute — Lemon
Mandarin Substitute — Tangerine
Mandarin Substitute — Orange
Melissa Substitute Equal Parts — Lemon, Petitgrain
Melissa Substitute — Lemon
Neroli Substitute — Petitgrain
Orange Substitute — Tangerine
Patchouli Substitute — Vetiver
Rose Substitute — Rosewood
Rose Substitute — Geranium
Rosewood Substitute Equal Parts — Geranium, Cedarwood
Sandalwood Substitute Equal Parts — Benzoin, Cedarwood
Spearmint Substitute — Peppermint
Tangerine Substitute — Orange
Tea Tree Substitute Equal Parts — Lavender, Camphor (White)

The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood.


7 thoughts on “Some Substitutions for Essential Oils

  1. Cannot use lavender, it causes a rash and coughing. What can I use instead? Can rose be used instead. All this is new to me so any help appreciated.


    1. I know how you feel, I am highly allergic to lavender. Used it one time in a sleeping pillow and woke up with my eyes swollen shut. You can use rosemary to substitute for it. In fact, rosemary can be substituted for any herbs you don’t have. I hope I have helped you. If you need anything else, just holler.
      Have a blessed day,
      Lady A


  2. we use Substitute generally to (reduce the cost) but how can we (reduce the cost) of Patchouli by vetiver and the vetiver more and more expensive than Patchouli ?!!!!


    1. You know that rose oil can be used to substitute any of the oil mentioned on that page. As long as your intent is there while making the oil, I have found rose oil works very well for me. Also you can pick it up at a Dollar Store or Wal-mart for just a few dollars. It will work, I guarantee you that.


    1. The one that I was most recommended was cayenne pepper. I believe whoever recommended this to me must have hated me, don’t use it. It will put your body on fire and also leave a bright red spot on the location you used it. I do have some herbs to recommend and they are safe and won’t put your rump on fire. Here they are:
      cramp bark
      black cohosh (I buy this at the local Dollar Store and take it every day by capsules and it does help. It is associated with women problems but it is excellent for relaxing the muscles and easing pain. Don’t let the main purpose of this herb fool ya’.
      kava kava (works on both the mind and the pain)
      Saint john’s wort (It not only helps to resolve the pain of nerve injuries, and probably the inflammation as well, but it also appears to build up and restore damaged or poorly functioning nerve cells to proper function; what herbalists call a trophorestorative. Saint john’s wort helps to relax muscles as well, though its actions on the nerves remedy predominate. 5-15 drop doses are effective, more can be taken if needed.)
      Out all of these I would recommend the Black Cohosh and the St. John’s Wort. I have an all metal back and have been to enough doctors. I have come to realize over time that every pain is due to a nerve. Both of the above, have an effect on the nerve so I would give them a try. Instead of using these in a rub, they can be taken by capsules three times a day. In the long run, the effect would be more than a rub once a day. None of these capsules are expensive and can be found at any local store (even the Dollar Store). I hope I have helped you some. I wish you all the healing and blessings of the Goddess.
      Lady A


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