Daily Cosmic Calendar for January 4th

The Moon starts off this day void in Aquarius, but Pisces Moon clocks in at 8:59AM. Learn more about advances on the cutting edge of alternative medicine as Venus forms a 45-degree tie with Chiron (11:09AM). The Moon unites with Juno in Pisces (11:32AM) and places a strong emphasis on improving love bonds. Interest grows in fashion and style.  Strange forces are on the prowl over several hours due to Mercury making a potentially confusing, 45-degree contact with Neptune (12:17PM) while Mars parallels Chiron (12:24PM), the Sun forms a contra-parallel to Jupiter (23:37PM), and the Moon conjuncts far-out Neptune (2:27PM).  Keep in mind that parallels and contra-parallels — tracked relative to the Celestial Equator and moving north or south — can be just as meaningful as zodiacal aspects. Overdoing a good thing can land you in hot water. Stick to arts, crafts and hobbies for entertainment and avoid major financial decisions. [Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Dec. 16th is The Medicine Bowl

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Today

The Medicine Bowl

The Medicine Bowl is an essential shaman’s vessel for preparing and dispensing sacred blends of herbs and other items used to keep both clan and individuals physically and spiritually healthy. Often The Medicine Bowl and the hallowed potions made with it are cornerstones to tribal ceremonies and member’s rites of passage. The Medicine Bowl represents both the practical and spiritual aspects of healing the body and cleansing the soul through the use of natural remedies and the affirmation of your spiritual self. In a broader sense, The Medicine Bowl symbolizes the health of a clan and strengthening of  ties within the clan.

As a daily card, The Medicine Bowl suggests that now may be a good time for you to take a holistic approach to ensuring both your physical and spiritual self are in top form. If there has been strife within your core social circle lately, the appearance of The Medicine Bowl suggest the time is right for your group to reaffirm their basic connection to both the group as a whole and the individuals within it.

Calendar of the Sun for December 3rd

Calendar of the Sun

3 Yulmonath

Mengloth’s Day

Color: White
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of white place a figure of Mengloth, cut from cloth and filled with herbs, a cup of herb-fortified wine, a pot of herbal tea with cups, a mortar and pestle, and bunches and jars of all the medicinal herbs in the House.
Offerings: Give natural medicine to someone.
Daily Meal: Anything healthy and well-balanced.

Invocation to Mengloth

Hail, Lady of Lyfjaberg,
Mistress of Gastropnir,
High on the highest peak
In the pure air of the north country
Atop snowy cliffs you dwell.
Lady whose roads are long and winding,
Lady whose roads are treacherous and fell,
Lady whose hidden fortress is sought
By the weak, the ill, the desperate,
Those whom all medicine has failed.
Lady of the Last Resort,
Healer of the wounds that cannot be healed,
This offering we make to you
And all the maidens that cluster around you;
Hlif and Hlifthrasa, Thjofvara, Aurboda,
Bjort and Bleik, Blith and Frith,
Colleague of Eir the Healer of Asgard.
We pray your healing hands, Jeweled One,
We pray your healing mind, Mountain-High,
We pray your healing magic shall shape us whole.
Svipdag’s beloved, Keeper of the Wand of Light,
May your favor shine upon us
As we ascend to the trials of your high road.

(The wine is poured out as a libation. Each comes forward then and pours a cup of the herbal tea, asking for healing for themselves or others, and drinks it.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Daily Cosmic Calendar for July 19

Believe it or not, compared to the last few days, this one appears to be pretty much a winner. Nevertheless, Mars is still being obnoxious and extremely selfish in its planetary behavior patterns as the red planet upsets Chiron by making an off-kilter, 150-degree link (8:10PM PDT) to the comet-like body that has so much to do with healing and alternative medicine.  Fortunately, this Mars-Chiron tussle is going to be somewhat neutralized by the Moon leaving void status in Cancer at 3:14AM PDT when the lunar orb enters fiery, heart-centered Leo. Be more child-like, playful and artistic under the creative vibrations of the Moon being active in the fifth sign of the zodiac.  The reason the Mars-Chiron awkward connection can be neutralized is that the Moon forms a supportive, 60-degree tie to Jupiter (6:23PM PDT), a flowing trine to Uranus (7:09PM PDT), another supportive, 60-degree link to Mars (8:14PM PDT), and a parallel with Mercury (9:23PM PDT). With the Moon forming four favorable alliances – to providential Jupiter, intuition-enhancing Uranus, Mars itself, and communicative Mercury – the shadow side of the red planet can play dead for a while, allowing independent thinking, leadership skills and all-around courage to come out for a change of pace.