White Wolf a Wellness Practitioner

White Wolf is a dedicated wellness practitioner that can work on a person even thousands of miles away. His way is different than most metaphysical or new age wellness practitioners but is very effective. To read more than White Wolf’s bio please go to his website White Wolf Quantum Wellness.

White Wolf is having problems getting onto WordPress so you can reach him through his email whitewolquatumnwelnes@comcast.net. He is happy to answer any questions you may have about his wellness practitioner technique, himself, or to set up a wellness session with him.

“Hello Everyone,

Shortly after I had my brush with death in September of ’06 I started to “wake up again” and wondered about my life. I started to make friends with other people in metaphysics who helped me understand my true self.

I started to attend many lectures and met many mediums and channelers and mystics and healers. They told me some of the Spiritual Beings in my energy field. Many of them as well my friends told me “You have no idea how powerful you are”. Learning about these new Spiritual Beings made me feel like was like a kid in a metaphysical candy store. I was having so much fun! I also was learning the metaphysics of energy healing. It was so fascinating!

Then in 2010 I joined a Metaphysical Church and the leader was Reverend Debbie and on the third Sunday of each month she had healing Sundays. I was a part of the group and soon Reverend Debbie noticed my very powerful and yet soft energies and so did the other members and I started to do my own healings.

I was invited to many metaphysical gatherings because I was getting noticed in the metaphysical community and I started to do my healings by request but because I wasn’t certified at that time I just asked for a donation. Almost everyone told me that my left hand felt like a hot pad or that they felt like static electricity was coming from my hand.

It was also at this time I became a “student” of the Archangel Metatron channeled message teachings which was very profound because Metatron is very technical and complex but I was fascinated by what I read.

Some friends highly recommended that I go to my first Star Knowledge Conference founded by Chief Golden Light Eagle (Lakota Sioux) in November 2011 that changed my life. That was pure Indian energy and there were also several other Indian Chiefs and some Grandmothers too who were representatives of their own Nations. I quickly became friends with an Apache Grandmother and we exchanged phone numbers and she would call me or I would call her and we would talk for over an hour. Although she stopped going to Eagle’s conferences after 2014 we still kept in touch from time to time. I called her in the Spring of 2016 and she talked with her guides and they told her that I was of the White Wolf Clan and to take on the Spirit name White Wolf but Eagle does the naming in our family so I asked him for permission to start using that name and he liked it so he gave me permission. I asked him if I also needed the permission of the other Grandmothers and he said no so I thanked him for his permission. I really thought I knew a lot about metaphysics but when I got there I very quickly realized that I still had a lot more to learn and the energies were more powerful than anything I had experienced and I knew I had found my new spiritual family. Eagle came to Chicago twice in 2012 for lectures and I did lots of promotions for each lecture and just before Eagle’s 2012 conference in December I did a special favor for Eagle and just after the conference Eagle called me to invite me to a Lakota sweat lodge or what they call a purification ceremony and then I became a member of Eagle’s Star Knowledge Family and I am very honored by that.

In Native American teachings, the wolf is highly revered and considered a “medicine being” associated with courage, strength, loyalty and ancient wisdom. A white wolf or any white animal totem calls on us to open our hearts to the wild and to the sacredness of the earth with purity of thought so that we can heal our personal and collective wounds. A White Wolf in Native American teachings would therefore represent higher thoughts, purity and cleansing of spirit.

I discovered that I also have Metatron and other very powerful Spiritual Beings in my vast energy field. I had a Deep Matrix energy healing by my friend Kathy Georgen back in June of 2018 and that was when my Sixth Dimensional Family introduced themselves to me with Kathy’s help. They started to give me some of their 6D energy but it was very intense so they only give me tiny packets which are much easier to handle. I am very honored to have my 6D family with me guiding me.

And in March of 2020 I was invited to attend a small gathering near Serpent Mound, Ohio from my friend Eagle to meet Anna the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull. So now I have Anna in my energy field. Anna is a very powerful and enlightened spiritual being and I am very honored to have her in my vast energy field.

I call my energy quantum because I am in the quantum consciousness or extremely high level of awareness and because of the extremely powerful healing energy I have.”

3 thoughts on “White Wolf a Wellness Practitioner

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and wisdom with us. I am deeply fascinated with the concept of metaphysics, though unfortunately it has been difficult finding reliable resources to learn about it. The way you spoke about your energy field reminds me of an experience my partner Michael had as a child.
    He used to be able to astral project regularly, and could see the energies from spirits all around. His range extended not only in his room, but all the way down into the street down 3 stories below, where he could see wisps of folks that looked to be from an older time period. A negative being latched on to him, and after a series of events his mother took him to see some folks who are well versed in the matters of spirit. Similarly, many of them told him “you have no idea how powerful you are”. They mentioned him being particularly attractive to spiritual beings, and that not all of them are friendly. They ultimately decided to “close him off” to prevent any harm that he was threatened by. Since then, he has never been able to Astral Project. Sometimes we wonder if the cost was too high and that he’s lost a part of himself. We don’t know the details of the ritual used to “seal” him, as he was young at the time and can’t remember any details clearly.
    I myself have had a brush with death, only a year ago. It was a profoundly moving experience. It felt as though I occupied a space outside of time, as my body was weightless. The shifting colors born of intermingling light and darkness felt like something I could get lost in. Drifting peacefully, the thought crossed my mind that I might stay here and continue to drift along. Not too long after, I felt the pull of my loved ones from the other side. Someone was gently drumming my chest, I could only describe it like I was feeling waves come through water. Coming to, I saw the beauty of the world around me. The blue sky and the tree line was simply dazzling. The world around us is so beautiful, and I’ll never forget the way it looked as I came back to it.
    The wealth of information you provided has pointed me in a direction that I’d like to explore. I acknowledge that there are many things that I have no knowledge of, but I am always excited to learn about new topics. I’m always very happy to see the world through another’s perspective, so I appreciate you taking the time to post.

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      1. White Wolf,
        Thank you for reaching out! I am happy you read my comment. I’ll be sure to get in touch with you if I have any questions pop up, I appreciate you extending that invitation out to me.
        Warm Regards,


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