Calendar of the Sun for Monday, May 21st

Calendar of the Sun
21 Thrimilchimonath

Day of the Twins: Beginning of Gemini

Colors: Light blue, pale yellow, white, and silver.
Element: Air
Altar: Lay with cloths of the day’s colors, and deck the altar with flags, wind chimes, bells, kites, incense of many kinds, pens, and small sharp blades. Let there be two of many things.
Offerings: Leave the windows open, to let the wind in to play. Write letters and mail them. Sponde should start with a long session of yogic breathing, the room divided into two groups who breath in unison.
Daily Meal: Poultry. The rest of the food should be light, and preferably raw and cold. Serve nothing hot this day. Have two choices for every dish.

Invocation to Gemini

Light twin of daytime
Dark twin of night
Speaker, writer, storyteller,
Riders of the wind,
Quicksilver child of Mercury
Whose gift is Thought,
Bless us with the ability
To think sharply as a razor,
And to separate the True from the False.
By the power of all that is spoken,
You challenge us
Not to underestimate
The power of Mind.
May we all go forth in clarity.

I am word
I am wind
I am breath
I am spinning
On the edge
Of the blade.

(All shall be given paper and pens, and all shall write down some secret thing to be whispered only into the ear of the Gods, and all shall tear the paper into tiny pieces and fling it into the wind, to be taken to Their ears.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]