Celebrating Spirituality 365 Days A Year – Oct. 8th, Chung Yeung Day


October 8th

Chung Yeung Day

Chung Yeung Day, the Festival of High Places is China’s annual good luck festival commemorating the ancient Chinese scholar, Haun Ching. Legend has it that on the advice of a fortune-teller, Haun fled with his family and friends to the high hills, thus avoiding the plague of death that killed everyone in the village below. During this mid-Autumn celebration, the people take to the hills and fly special kites that are considered to be good omens that drive the evil spirits away.

Today’s I Ching Hexagram for Sept. 3 is 29: Dangerous Depths

29: Dangerous Depths

Hexagram 29

General Meaning:

Exposure to passing dangers brings good fortune to those who move beyond them. Like boaters passing through white-water rapids, when you are faced with serious challenges, you must remain alert, take all available precautions, and above all, keep going forward so as to remove yourself from harm’s way. Once the danger has passed, good fortune.
The positive aspect of challenges is that they offer an excellent chance to cleanse the senses and strengthen the spirit. Surviving crises brings tremendous reinvigoration, and sharpens the eye and mind for future challenges.
It is reckless to court danger, but critical to inner development not to shrink from it either. Those who respond to challenges most effectively are those who are able to establish an inner bubble of calm in the midst of the action. A calm center keeps one rooted in the moment, alert and focused. Courage at such times springs from focused attention, from a willingness to penetrate the moment of danger to its very core, so as to shape it and transform the situation.

Today’s I Ching Hexagram for Wed., May 23rd is 37: Community

37: Community

Hexagram 37

General Meaning: A community or extended family that works is one where healthy interdependence is appreciated and supported. Good direction is essential, but strong kinship is dependent upon every member of the community. Trust, shared responsibilities and good communication are essential. Each member must be encouraged to find his or her appropriate expression, and contribution.

The functional family is a team that symbolizes the ideal of human interdependence, and has long provided a firm foundation for society. The healthy family is a microcosm of society and the native soil in which ethical values take root and grow. Fertilize this soil, and the whole of society benefits.

The power that bonds a tribe is the yin or feminine principle — gentleness and receptivity. Relationships are improved through cultivation of these. Learn to accept both advice and aid from others, and be willing to assume an appropriate role in any group that supports good relating. A good team player is always valuable to others. Increase your value!

Daily Feng Shui Tip for May 15th – International Day for Families

On this ‘International Day for Families’ it doesn’t take celebrities to remind us that we are all one family stemming from one big tree of life. And although there are many branches and leaves stemming from that tree, we are all still brothers and sisters under one sun. In order to activate that communal energy, and to strengthen the bonds and bring balance to the energies accorded our ancestral families, place three green plants in the Family/Friends/Ancestors area of your living space today. This area is usually found at the center of the left-hand wall of main floor. Wood is the element associated with that energetic space, so planting something healthy and green with appropriate roots attached will allow you to ground ancestral energies and learn from your past. Nurturing, nourishing and loving any plants placed here will additionally bring that same sort of Chi into your life and the lives of your loved ones.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Your Daily Chinese Horoscopes for Sunday, May 13th


You and your partner may disagree about a health or lifestyle issue. You should be careful to analyze your reactions right now – you could react from the wrong space and are strongly resisting a change that would really be in your own best interest.


Dramatic changes are coming in your love life as a result of changing values, changes in friendships, or changes in your beliefs about “right and wrong”. You may be growing toward a better understanding, or are growing apart from someone who has chosen to stay frozen in the past.


A friend is going to ask you to commit to some kind of personal sacrifice on their behalf, but you have other priorities, most likely a family member who is in need of emotional support. They may not realize that their own prejudices are getting in the way of clear insight.


Whether you are traveling around the world or across town, be careful to take extra time and care when you are driving. If you have medical issues, ensure that you are carrying any medicine you might need and that any medical paperwork is filled out in advance.


This is not the best day to try to gamble on that lucky streak you have had lately. Save or store your wins for a better day. Quit while you’re ahead. Don’t listen to that nagging little voice that is telling you to get out right now and spend, spend spend.


With all the good news you got last week it may seem like a good thing for you to stay humble – but that’s no fun! You definitely will be looking at your personal and spiritual values and beliefs – but try to cut yourself some slack. Count your blessings.


Your intuition will not be as sharp as it seems today. Be careful before making any sudden changes to plans, and avoid impulsive spending. You especially want to be careful to avoid large purchases that are hard to exchange or return later on. There is “buyer’s remorse” in your chart.


Friends and companions bring challenges as well as opportunities right now. If you can keep things light, then things go well, especially when art or music is in the picture. But when the topic turns to global politics, you might want to dive for cover.


If you have an argument with your spouse today it is likely to be about career, social status or your ambitions. You’ll either be labeled completely lazy or a workaholic. The truth lies in the middle somewhere, but emotions are high and reason is absent today.


You may have to make some significant changes to some upcoming travel plans. You may have overlooked some critical scheduling conflict, or set yourself up for a confrontation with a rather stodgy official of some kind. Be patient and prepared to be flexible.


Finances are a sore spot in your chart right now. It is all you can do to make ends meet, and you are burning the candle at both ends. Your attitudes towards money, values, debts and finances are undergoing powerful changes. Push yourself, you can overcome the challenges.


You may be disappointed when a romantic attraction does not go your way, but it may prove to be a blessing in disguise. You may not get the attention from the one you wanted at first, but that will leave room for someone or something much better to come into your life.