Good Afternoon & Happy Labor Day, Sweeties!

Ahhhhh! I hope you are having a great day. I sure am. I am the only one here today. The peace and quiet is great. I have been into everything I can get into. Did a little of this and a little of that, casted this and casted that, lol! You know typical mischievous Witch stuff! I ain’t been that bad. But you know when everyone else is here and you are the boss, you have to have some dignity about you. It is just nice to have days were you can kick back and do what you want too.

I slept late this morning. When I got up I felt like a new person. My body was so relaxed and I didn’t have a pain anywhere. Oh, it felt so good! I went to the kitchen and made some coffee. I was looking at the window. It had been raining and gloomy as heck. Everything at the house was done. So I decided sitting there would be boring. I got Razzy (“baby” bobcat), put her on her leash and harness and we started out the door. We headed toward the barn. I got the four-wheeler out, picked up the 35 pound baby and put her on the back and started it up. I secure Razzy with her leash and she loves to go 4 wheeling. We took off and came down to the office. It is probably about 4 or 5 miles from my house. So it is a good, enjoyable ride. I get tickled, everyone takes a double take when they look at us. I guess they can’t believe their eyes. But I think everyone around here knows I have a pet bobcat. At least one good thing, that has cut back on the hunters shooting bobcats. Like I would let Razzy run free, yeah, right!

So we got to the office and no one was here! That was the way it was suppose to be, I have the keys.  I would hate to have pulled up and there stood two or three of them waiting to get in. I wanted peace and quiet, I would probably have turned around and went back home, lol! I unlocked the door and Razzy took her usual stop, up on top of the file cabinet. Me, well, I sit down at my computer and just had a terrific time. Heck, I am still having a terrific time. Hubby wanted to go to the Parade but I didn’t want to be around the crowds today. I just wanted to let my mind unwind. You ever get in moods like this? Just say the heck with the world, you need some peace and quiet. I need the peace and quiet, to clear my mind and refresh my spirit. I think people just get too much on them these days. It is good to take a day off and say, “Phooey!”

But I am not going to “Phooey” too much. I am going to do some posting and enjoying doing it. Blogging helps me escape the world. I forget all my troubles and truly enjoy it. Especially when I am by myself. Otherwise, I would have someone running in going, “Hey, I just got this in, want to add it to today’s blog?” Never fails. When I am off in my little world, someone runs in. Well today, it ain’t going to happen and I am going to enjoy this to no end.

I hope you are able to get away and clear your mind and refresh your spirit today.

Have a super, great Labor Day!

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

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