TGIF! It’s Friday! The Weekend Is Finally Here! Yahoo!

Gooooood Friday Morning, dear friends! How are you doing this fine morning? I hope fine. I want to apologize real quick then I will get busy. I don’t know if you noticed or not but we sort of went POOF! off the internet yesterday. I believe about a month ago, I told you about the construction people that were installing fiber optic around here. They weren’t a construction company, they were a destruction company. When they came through here, they cut all the lines to everyone’s houses and our office. Well, dummy me thought that they did both sides of the road the first time. Then we would be through with them. HA! Yesterday the construction company came back only this time on the other side of the road. And I be darned they haven’t learned a darn thing. They cut all the lines again. I was never so mad in my life. This time was a little funny though, they cut through the main water line running through here. The men were all running for their lives. They had the water gushing up in the air. I never seen anything like it. But they had to get the water company out here, the cable company and the light company. It took all day and half the night to get everything fixed. I don’t know where the telephone company got this bunch but they need to fire them. They have destroyed half the county. Anyway that is what happened to us. I looked out all around today to make sure these idoits were no where to be seen. I guess they are off to destroy some other neighborhood.

Now I am sorry about yesterday but it wasn’t our fault. Now that you know what happened, I am off to get busy.

Have a fantastic Friday and a super weekend,

Luv & Hugs,
Lady A




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I Must Apologize for Yesterday, my dear friends!

I cannot begin to apologize enough for yesterday, dear friends. I am so, so sorry. Even though it was not my fault, I am still sorry. Do you remember me telling you about the construction crew that was laying down the fiber optic wire? That screwy bunch tore up everything. After they fixed everything and we thought things were back to normal. There was a second crew to the bunch that showed up, OH, BROTHER! This bunch was worse than the first. They had to come up to the house and work on the pole that bring the lights, cable & phone into the building. No one told us they were coming. I heard beating and pounding. I looked out the window and there were two numb-skulls beating on our power pole. I asked them what they were doing. They told me they had to fix the fiber optic hook-up to the house. Secretly to myself, I said, “oh, shit!” And I was right. They went so far as to knock our little metal pole down. The pole is about four foot tall and they beat it till it was laying flat on the ground. We were without power, cable and phone all day. Well I will take that back, we had power, cable and phone for about thirty minutes. Then it when out for the rest of the day. I was so mad, I couldn’t see straight. So we ended up leaving because all the crews from the lights and cable had to come out and fix everything. One of the foremen told me, they would be so glad when this bunch of contractors left the area. I told him, “me and you both!”

As you can tell, I played with some graphics I had saved on my computer. That was what I was going to do yesterday. But I got everything done, real quick this morning. Now, I am ready to get back to business. Ooops! I need to look out the window and make sure the coast is clear, lol! It is, so let’s get on with the show………….

Again, I am sorry about yesterday,

Have a Very Blessed Day, dear friends!

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

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You Ever Have Days When You Can’t Win for Losing

Well that is one of those days for me. I am sorry about the interruption in posting today. We have some out-of-town contractors putting in fiber-optic cable for the phone company. It never fails they tear up something. The last time, they came through they cut the main water line to all the houses on my road. It was a beautiful gusher, lol!

So hopefully, they won’t tear up anything else today. Now let’s get back to normal.

Daily Feng Shui Tip for December 28th

In some betting circles the joker might be wild but this next empowering tip sure isn’t. Today is ‘Card Playing Day’ and I’m about to tell you how to stack the success deck squarely in your favor, as long as you play your cards right! Remove a ten of diamonds from a new deck of playing cards and place it on a dish. If you don’t have a standard deck of playing cards, can use the ten of coins card from any Tarot deck. Sprinkle some local dirt on top of the card and place a silver coin beside it. Next, with a small and sharp object, carve both your name and birth date into a red candle. Then place the candle atop the playing card. Light the candle and allow it to burn while clearly visualizing all the luck, fortune and success that is soon to be showered upon you. When the candle has burned all the way out, place the card and the silver in a small pouch or bag and carry it with you. You might also position this pouch in a place where you will see it for the next 27 or 49 days before adding the card back to the original deck. Either way, you hold the winning hand here. You can go ask Alice, she knows that the Queen of Hearts will be so jealous when she finds out that the Ten of Diamonds aced her out! All the while, though, you’ll be smiling like a Cheshire cat! Purrrfect!

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