What Totem is Yours? The Twelve Birth Totems

The twelve birth times are represented by totems, each one an animal that best expresses the qualities inherent at that birth time.

Earth medicine associates an animal totem to each birth time (the two sets of dates below the animal reflect the difference in season between the northern and southern hemispheres). These animals help to connect you to the powers and abilities that they represent.


21 March- 19 April (N. Hemisphere)

22 Sept- 22 Oct (S. Hemisphere)

Falcons are full of initiative, but of


ten rush in to make decisions that

they may later regret. Lively and extroverted, they have enthusiasm for new experiences but can sometimes lack persistence.


20 April- 20 May (N. Hem)

23 Oct- 22 Nov (S. Hem)

Practical and steady, Beavers have a capacity for perseverance. Good homemakers, they are warm and affectionate, but need harmony and peace to avoid becoming irritable. They have a keen aesthetic sense.


21 May- 20 June (N. Hem)

23 Nov- 21 Dec (S. Hem)

Deer are willing to sacrifice the old for the new. They loathe routine, thriving on variety and challenges. They have a wild side, often leaping from one situation or relationship into another without reflection.


21 June- 21 July (N. Hem)

22 Dec- 19 Jan (S. Hem)

Emotional and sensitive, Woodpeckers are warm to those closest to them, and willing to sacrifice their needs for those of their loved ones. They have lively imaginations but can be worriers.


22 July- 21 August (N. Hem)

20 Jan- 18 Feb (S. Hem)

Enthusiastic and self-confident, Salmon people enjoy running things. They are uncompromising and forceful, and can occasionally seem a little arrogant or self-important. They are easily hurt by neglect.


22 Aug- 21 Sept (N. Hem)

19 Feb- 20 March (S. Hem)

Brown Bears are hardworking, practical, and self-reliant. They do not like change, preferring to stick to what is familiar. They have a flair for fixing things, are good natured, and make good friends.


22 Sept- 22 Oct (N. Hem)

21 March- 19 Apr (S. Hem)

Crows dislike solitude and feel most comfortable in company. Although usually good-natured and pleasant, they can be strongly influenced by negative atmospheres, becoming gloomy and prickly.


23 Oct- 22 Nov (N. Hem)

20 Apr- 20 May (S. Hem)

Snakes are mysterious, and secretive, hiding their feelings beneath a cool exterior. Adaptable, determined and imaginative, they are capable of bouncing back from tough situations encountered in life.


23 Nov- 21 Dec (N. Hem)

21 May- 20 June (S. Hem)

Owls need freedom of expression. They are lively, self-reliant, and have an eye for detail. Inquisitive and adaptable, they have a tendency to overextend themselves. Owls are often physically courageous.


22 Dec- 19 Jan (N. Hem)

21 June- 21 July (S. Hem)

Goose people are far-sighted idealists who are willing to explore the unknown. They approach life with enthusiasm, determined to fulfill their dreams. They are perfectionists, and can appear unduly serious.


20 Jan- 18 Feb (N. Hem)

22 July- 21 Aug (S. Hem)

Otters are friendly, lively and perceptive. They feel inhibited by too many rules and regulations, which often make them appear eccentric. They like cleanliness and order and have original minds.


19 Feb- 20 March (N. Hem)

22 Aug – 21 Sept (S. Hem)

Wolves are sensitive, artistic and intuitive–people to whom others turn to for help. They value freedom and their own space, and are easily affected by others. They are philosophical, trusting and genuine



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Special Kitty of the Day for April 13th

Salmon, the Cat of the Day
Name: Salmon
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic longhair
Home: Everett, Washington, USA
Salmon was born July 19, 1999 our 25th wedding anniversary. How often is it that a pet born on a special day as your 25th anniversary right to the day? Salmon was born under the dresser in my room with four other babies. we kept Salmon when we gave the kittens away after they got old enough. Salmon is fixed and never had babies. Her given name is Samantha, but we have always called her Salmon for short.

Salmon is now twelve years old and has been a blessing to me and my wife. Salmon likes to stay indoors most of the time and sleep on our bed at night. She is a great lap cat, always jumping up on our laps for love and purrs a lot. When Salmon was younger she ran around everywhere but last couple of years she mellowed out. One time when we got another cat, and Salmon hid outside for about a month before getting used to Bappi and coming back into the house. When we got David a few months later, Salmon adjusted well with David when we took him in. We have four cats now: Salmon, David, Buttons, and Blanca. David and Salmon have bonded together and always with each other. When Buttons was born, Salmon welcomed him with open paws.

Salmon is the queen of house and has been all her life. Salmon is an old cat now and in good health and has been really a sweet cat all her life to us. We do a Salmon cheer as follows Salmon Berry, Salmon Berry rah rah rah (twice) then S-A-L–M-O-N — B-E-R-R-Y, Salmon Berry RAH. She love it when we do the Salmon cheer. We love Salmon as much as she loves us.

Salmon is so sweet and adorable always purring. She is so special. She is queen of all the cats at our house. I love her with all my heart.

Salmon, the Cat of the Day
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The Wicca Book of Days for February 25 – The Sacred Salmon

The Wicca Book of Days for February 25

The Sacred Salmon

The zodiacal sign of Pisces, whose influence pervades this day, is represented by two fishes, species unspecified. In parts of northern and western Europe particularly, these symbolic fishes were envisaged as being salmon, a fish that was thought by the Celts to possess magick powers. Especially common in Scottish and Welsh waters, the salmon was believed to inhabit sacred wells – sources of the waters of mystical healing and knowledge – and to swim freely between this world and the Otherworld. Eating salmon would, it was thought, enable humans to absorb ts unearthly ability to see into the future, and make them more fertile.

In the Pink

Tap into the salmon’s wisdom today by wearing a salmon-pink scarf or garment. Alternatively, make a meal of the fish: wrap raw salmon pieces loosely in buttered foil, place them in a baking pan, and bake in a reheated over at 350*F for about 20 minutes.