Good Sunday Morning To All My Friends! It’s Been Way Too Long!

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Good Morning, my sweets! How are you doing today? Me, well the pic says it all, lol! It was a fantastic morning till I heard the News. They are forecasting another day in the 100’s. This is our fourth day of 100 degree weather and it is suppose to last all week. But I consider myself very fortunate. I think about all those poor souls in Ohio, Washington and Virginia. All of them without their electricity, no a/c, no fans, the food going to ruin, it is simply awful. At least I am fortunate enough to have electricity and fans. My A/C is still tore up. While I was in the hospital, someone came out and looked at it. They determined I needed a whole new system, oh, brother! Is there any rich, single male Witches out there, lol! Just kidding or am I? I am just tired of the heat.

After being in the hospital for heat stroke, I am not suppose to be in the heat at all. I have tired to do the blog, honestly I have. But when it is too hot in the office, I start it and then I have to quit. I just can’t stand the heat at all now. So now you know where I have been, since the blog hasn’t been updated daily. I am going to try to get up earlier in the mornings and perhaps it will get done.

I wanted you to know that I haven’t run off and deserted you. I appreciate your patience with me and also all of your well wishes. It means a lot to me. Perhaps one of these days, we will get back to normal (whatever that is, lol!). Anyway I am going to run for now and get busy. I hope you have a great weekend.

Stay Cool,

Blessings to you and yours,

Lady A

Merry Meet & Blessed Be, Wishing You A Very Cool & Relaxing Saturday!

What can I say? It’s Saturday! You ought to know me by now. On Saturday’s and Sunday’s I do pretty much what I want. Of course, doing what I want has sometimes gotten me in trouble, lol! But what the heck, if you can’t have fun, what’s the point!

Seriously, I have been listening to Pagan Music on YouTube. I was listening to the music yesterday too. Yesterday, it filled my soul to the point I was crying. I know it sounds crazy but they were tears of joy and happiness. I was wrapped up in the rhythm, the words and the Spirit of the Goddess. She filled my soul and renewed my spirit. It was beautiful and I hated to turn it off. But I had to or else I would have got my blogging done. I try to describe to people had the Goddess makes me feel. I don’t go around like some others saying, “Let me tell you about my religion.” But I have friends that I have told in the past about my Religion. They first looked at me like I was crazy. Then I started to explain to them that the Goddess and Her Love is like nothing you will ever experience. She feels your soul, your heart and your mind. She is Pure Love. She is The All.

I know most of you know that all the Witches in my family led a double life. On Sundays, they would all go to church. Then that evening, they would all be around the cauldron, lol! I always had the freedom to choose which Religious Path I wanted to follow. I admit it. We went to church on Sundays, so I thought I might give it a try (and lead a double life too). But going to church and the beliefs and feelings they said you were suppose to have, I never had. Perhaps it was because I had Witchcraft in my blood and in the back of my mind. But I never felt anything. I knew it wasn’t the Path for me. The Goddess and Her Religion and Teachings, were for me. She called me and I answered Her call. I know She loves me because I feel Her Love everyday. I can look out the window and see the wonders of Her Love. I also know She keeps me in line. I have been Cosmic smacked a few times, lol! But it is for my own good.

After I got through posting yesterday Kiki (my little Pom) and I went outside. It has turned off 100 degrees here and we can’t stand it in the house. Our A/C is still out and I have no means to fix it. My daughter just called and told me that Kiki was going to die of heat stroke. She said little Poms couldn’t take the heat. She said her little Pom has heat stroke last year in their air-conditioned house. Well you can imagine how this upset me. I am practically in tears about it. I love Kiki and she is my baby. If anything happened to her, I would die. As you can tell I lost my good mood very quickly. And there is something else too, it is just myself and my three familiars living here. My husband left me because he was having a mid-life crisis. So I am stuck with no money, no A/C, no car, no nothing.  He made the comment as he was going out the door, “My damn car didn’t run because he cursed it!” Now ain’t that a hell of a note coming from someone how was supposed to love and support you, HA! So the music and the feeling I got from it yesterday was very therapeutic. I needed it. I am about to loss my mind but I know with the Goddess help, I will get through this.

Well I have rambled enough. I just hadn’t talked to any of you recently and wanted to touch base with you. I hope you all have a very lovely weekend.

May the Goddess Bless You & Keep You,

Lady A