Good Saturday Morning My Beloved Family & Friends!

Yesterday wasn’t one of the easiest days in my life. But I will be the first to admit, that when the cougar did pass it was a relief to me. Don’t think me cruel, please. I was with the cougar from the time we picked him up to the time he passed. When we picked him up, I touched him and the Vet asked me if I thought he would make it. I shook my head no. I could feel then that his injuries were to much for him to recover from. The Vet gave me tons of pain medications to soothe him. Toward the end nothing was soothing his suffering. I try my best to take his pain. I managed for a while but eventually it grew so strong I couldn’t stand it. I was exhausted and I put his head in my lap. He opened his eyes and looked at me. I told him, it was ok to leave this plane now. For him to end his suffering, his tolling was over, he had had a good life, now it was time to go home. With those words, I could see the light slip out of his eyes and feel his last gasp. His spirit was gone. I was weak and wore out but I still cried. He had a beautiful soul, wild and full of wonder. The places he had been, the things he had saw, seeing the world through his eyes was beautiful. The men came in the enclosure and picked me up. Then they proceeded to wrap him up properly and with dignity.  After I had time by myself, I had recovered some. We gave our mighty friend the burial he deserved. He passed on to the Summerlands in peace and comfort. His great spirit is now at rest and in a place where only love exists.

I don’t understand people at times, well most of the time. I would love to be able to walk up to the person that shot the cougar. I would put my hand on their shoulder and give them a taste of the pain that the cougar suffered. If they could feel that pain, they would never pick up a gun for the rest of their life. Perhaps if we could walk up to anyone thinking about killing anything whether it be animal or human and give them a taste of the dying’s suffering, they would change their minds. Put down the guns and never think about killing again. For them to know such pain that they can’t stand, no pain pills or shots will relieve, the only thought running through their head is the thought of just dying. But they can’t, they suffer and suffer. That would be the greatest deterrence against hunting, mass murders and homicides the world has ever seen. A pain that won’t stop, all you can do is wish for death but it never comes. Let those people who pull the trigger know how their poor, helpless victims feel. See how it feels to be on the other end of the gun. Realize what the victim goes through and most of all the people left behind.

Is there no hope for this world? Has it grown that cold and callous? Is there nothing that we can do before the world goes over the brink of insanity? This is our year. It is the Year of The Witch. It is our time to unleash our Powers and do what we are suppose to do. Help mankind in spite of itself. It is our time to make the difference. We have stood idly by and kept quiet, we have seen what a mess mankind has made of the world without us. Now it is our turn to clean the mess up. Time to restore goodness and kindness to the World. Time to let the Goddess’ love shine once again upon us all. Time to show the world what it is like to know Pure Love, Pure Kindness and The Goddess, Herself.

Are you with me?

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