Wishing You, My Dear Friends, A Very Blessed & Happy Tuesday!

Poor Santa! I saw this and immediately thought of all of us goofballs here, lol! Let’s see that’s me at the desk, Kathleen and Mike checking out what I am looking at. Annie is turned around saying, “What you again?” Oh, it’s a wonderful life, hmm, ain’t that a Christmas movie? My brain is froze this morning. Last night, Kathleen and I spent the night with the critters. She would climb up on a table every time one of the baby skunks would come around her. Finally after prying her off the table, I held a baby skunk while she pinky touched it. Then she found out they weren’t going to spray her, they were soft and cuddly and in her own words, “so cute!” She is now skunk’s best friend, lmao! But we got smart last night and brought all the critters and their supplies in the office. Yes, heat! I had to call a serviceman to look at the heater. He is going to fix it but he has to order a part. Gee! He said it would be in Wednesday and the price tag is unbelievable. I am still in sticker shock over that one.

But after spending this much time away from home, I may never want to go back. Ha, hot showers, hot food, just hot, hot, hot! Am I crazy or what? Never go home! No way, Razzy, Kiki, Stinker and hmm, hubby. Well, may I will think that one over. Just kidding! But it is nice to have some peace and quiet. But it is time for the critters to go back to their home and me mine. Thank goodness only one more night. If it wasn’t for Razzy, I would pack up everything up and take the babies home with me. But what she didn’t eat, the cat and dog would. So only one more night, just keeping thinking one more night, lol! The whole time I have lived out here, I have always wanted to go camping. This is sort of a camping experience, sort of. Hell, who am I kidding, I am enjoying this to pieces. I love the critters, I love the company, now if we just had some heat, lol! Oh, well there is always something! Ain’t that life?

I hope all my dear friends have a super day.

May the Goddess Bless You & Yours,

Luv & Hugs,
Lady A

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