Magickal Hours of the Day

Magickal Hours of the Day


As analogy of how the hours of the day influence magick can be drawn to a day in the life of a flower.With the first rays of sunshine, the flower begins to open. The, it fully opens, and stays open until closing again at dusk. The flower quietly sleeps, yet it still continue to grow and develop all through the night, until the dawn comes once again.

Magickal timing by the hour of the day follows the flower pattern. Although some of us are morning people, while others are night owls, you will discover that there are certain times during the day and night that you do your most successful magick. Pay attention to you own natural rhythms, and honor them, choosing the times when you have the most energy for magick making. The following is correspondences for the daily timing of potions and spells.


A time of renewal, rebirth, new ideas dawning, new beginnings, and consecration. Over the centuries, people have collected the dew on the grass and plants at dawn to use as a magick love potion.


This is a good time for setting patterns in play for preparing potions, and casting spells for attaining goals. The day’s light is growing strong and your magick grows accordingly. Mid-morning is a good time to harvest flowers.


The solar energy is most powerful at high noon, and there is a tremendous amount of energy for magick making. Noon is also a good time to gather flowers for magickal uses.


This is a time of harvesting magickal goals. The heat of the afternoon sun is a good time for harvesting herbs for potions.


A powerful junction point between solar and lunar energies, dusk is the time when the portals to all worlds are thrown open and you can freely enter them. This is a very potent time for any magick making because the portals are open and communication with Divine energies is particularly strong.

Dark of Night

The lunar and stellar energies are strongest at night. Throughout history, witches have always cast their spells under the cloak of night. This is also a good time to map out magickal potions and spells.


Traditionally called “the witching hour,” midnight is a good time to let go of old habits or negative relationships and banish negativity from your life. This is also the time for updating your life patterns and practicing dream magick.

The Hour Before Dawn

This is the time of the Otherworld of fairies and when many predators hunt. It is a good time to stay indoors.


Drawing Down the Sun

Drawing Down the Sun


Choose the time of day that is best for your purpose. Clear conditions are ideal though of course you cannot look directly at the Sun at any time. Eventually you will be able to visualize the orb. Though Sunday is the special day of the Sun, you can choose any day that feels right.

Decide on the kind of Sun energy you want to focus on for this particular ceremony, a loving Sun Mother to bring joy, abundance and a sense of well-being, and aesthetic Sun God for spiritual and mental clarity and focused creativity or a warrior to empower you and give you the courage of purpose. You don’t have to pick a God or Goddess from a particular culture but can picture you own or use the Sun itself as your focus of light, life and health bringing powers. You can adapt your chant accordingly or use one that refers to these attributes.

1.  Occasionally, just draw down the Sun or recite your chant as a way of giving thanks for life or to send the Sun to those who need it spiritually or in actuality.

2.  Find your Sun place where at particular times of the year the Sun casts radiating beams or dancing rays. You may have to wait for just the right conditions for your first Sun encounter.

3.  Mediterranean and oceanic tropical sunrises can be spectacular and can be appreciated while on vacation. A few minutes of solitary sunset connection can be a very deep healing experience.

4.  It may help to hold a clear crystal or rainbow quartz (any with fractures inside will reflect rainbows).

5.  Set on the ground, on a rock or on your outdoor altar a dish of any gold jewelry, golden crystals, gold-colored coins, flowers and fruit to be empowered by the Sun.

6.  Next to it place a glass bowl of sparkling mineral water Afterwards the water will be charged with the power of the Sun and you can use it in baths or to splash on pulse points.

7.  Raise your arms high and wide, palms uppermost and set your feet quite widely apart.

8.  Speak your words aloud, unless there are too many people around.

9.  Then wait until you feel the light beginning to enter you.

10.  Now move your arms so they are extended horizontally either side of your body with your palms still upward to absorb the light. At this point breathe in the golden light through your nose, slowly and gently, and exhale the darkness through your mouth.

11. As you continue breathing, visualize the light spreading to every part of your body from your toes right to the tips of your fingers and the crown of you head.

12.  Allow the light to extend now beyond your body, forming a shield of golden rays all around you and above you so that you are enclosed in a shimmering sphere.

13.  Gradually move your arms and hands so they cross at about waist height. Repeat this in succession and in the rhythm that is right for you, raising, extending and enfolding yourself with light as if you were splashing it over yourself.

14.  When you feel that you are completely filled with the radiance, cease to breathe in gold deliberately. Stand with your arms still raised, close together in front of your body with elbows bent.

15.  Say slowly and with confidence three times:

“I am filled with the light of the Sun. I am pure light.”

16.  Allow the energies to flow between your body, the pool of light and the golden sphere.

17.  Kneel or reach down and splash a few drops of the newly made Sun water on your hairline, brow, throat and wrist, saying:

“The Sun enters my spirit, enriches my mind, transforms my words and warms my heart. Blessings Be.”

18.  Listen and you may hear a message from the Sun Mother of Father.

19.  If you face opposition or spite, shake your fingers and see golden sparks emanate from your fingertips like miniature Sun rays.

20.  Extend your arms in a circle over your head so you create a psychic protective force field of sparks all around you that will gently repel any malice.

21.  Make a sign, perhaps touching the place between and just above your eyes that is your third eye. Or you may prefer to touch your heart or make a circle in the palm of you hand.

22.  As you do so, say:

“When I touch my brow/heart, I will invoke the Power of the Sun with me.”

23.  Look upwards and picture the  Sun Mother or Father or a whirling, spinning solar disc and gradually allow the radiance and the Goddess to fade, knowing that you can recall the Sun into your life any time you are in need, just by making your psychic sign.

24.  Spend the rest of the day or at least part of it in the Sunshine and the next day do something amazingly brave to make the most of your new power.


Drawing Down the Power of the Sun Goddess or God

Drawing Down The Power of the Sun Goddess or God


In witchcraft, as you know, there is a ceremony known as ‘drawing down the moon’ in which the High Priestess takes into herself the power and wisdom of the Moon. In some traditions the power of the Sun is called down by the High Priest at the beginning of the Esbat or monthly celebration and on other major seasonal ceremonies into the Priestess. There is another ceremony where Sun power is called down into the Priest by the High Priestess or into herself, especially at seasonal solar change points such as the Equinoxes or Solstices.

However, in both cases, whether you work alone as a witch or in a coven or practice less formally, you can at any time of the day or year call into yourself the strength, fertility and joy of your chosen Sun God or Goddess.

At dawn:  Draw down the powers of the rising Sun for a new beginning or for a fresh approach or for optimism or inspiration

At noon:  Plug into the rush of pure life and light force for a make or break situation or to spur yourself on if you are tired or dispirited – or for sudden illumination.

At dusk.  The Sun consoles, heals and harmonizes desperate demands or people and draws gentle abundance to you.

A Little Humor For Your Day – Oreo Cookie Divination

Oreo™ Cookie Divination


You will need a package of Oreo Cookies … the cheap imitation sandwich cookies are an insult to the Goddess! … enough for everyone to have at least three. Milk is good, but optional.

  • Take a cookie in your hand.
  • Ask the cookie a question. A “yes or no” question is best.
  • Put your intent on the cookie, e.g. hold the cookie in your left hand, cover it with your right, and hold it for 13 seconds.
  • Using both hands, take the cookie apart (straight pull or twisting deosil), with one side in the left hand and one side in the right.

Reading the “creme filling”

  • If the creme filling is full on the right side cookie, the answer is “yes”, or a positive outcome, or wish will come true.
  • If the creme filling is full on the left side cookie, the answer is “no”, or negative outcome, or wish won’t come true.
  • If the creme is mostly on the right, the answer would be mainly positive.
  • Vise versa on the left cookie.
  • If the creme is on both cookies in a pattern, shape, split, chunks falling off, etc, you may interpret the creme filling in however manner you feel comfortable with.

You can also interpret the creme as moon phases: The full creme on right side is full moon, left side new moon….different  phases can be  interpreted by different splits in the creme. There are many other possible ways to interpret these cookies.  Go with what feels right for you.


Of course, you must eat the cookie afterward to honor the Goddess.  If you want to dunk your cookie, do so after the divination.  Mushy cookies don’t separate well.

Stress-Free Holidays for Pets

Stress-Free Holidays for Pets


The holidays have arrived, and if you are one of the fortunate ones with  friends and family that you like to spend time with, the holidays mean parties,  dinners, gift exchanges and get-togethers. Whether you will be the host of one  of these fetes, or whether you’ll be packing up the family and pet for a  cross-town trip to visit family and/or friends, know before you go how you are  going to keep everyone calm and comfortable, so that everyone has  a good time.

Visiting …  Visitors

If you are the “visitee,” you will want to do a little preparation before the  guests arrive. Many of us consider our pets to be members of the family, and we  enjoy having them with us in as we celebrate good times. But, when our pets are  not used to have more than a few people around, they can get overly excited, and  things can stop being fun. The jumping, the grabbing food from hands and tables,  the barking … all of these things can lead to some embarrassing situations, and  can even frighten some guests who are not accustomed to having animals around.  In the weeks before the event, take some time to work on your pet’s manners and  reinforce obedience training. You might try some small gatherings with some pet  friendly people who can help you to reinforce your pet’s manners, so that when  the bigger party night comes, your pet will already be prepared.

If, on the other hand, you know that your pet will not be able to hold back  his exuberance, set aside a safe room where he can stay for the duration of the  event. Make the space comfortable with a bed or rug, water, toys, and maybe some  treats. Close this area off to the guests so that you can be sure that your pet,  and your guests, are safe. Remember to either tell your guests that your pet  should be left alone, tape a sign to the door saying “do not open,” or place a  hook and eye lock on the door so that people know that it is not to be opened.  The last thing you want is for a very excited pet to dash through the house, and  possibly out the door to the outside of the house.

Traveling With Your  Pet

Leaving the familiarity of home can provoke anxiety in people and animals. If  you are traveling by car, be sure to bring along some of your pet’s favorite  toys, a blanket or pillow bed, and his regular food. If your pet is used to  sleeping in a crate, bring it along so he can sleep in his familiar space.

We advise keeping pets in a travel safe crate so that the animal is not able  to move freely though the car. This covers a few bases. Keeping animals in  travel crates prevents them from getting underfoot or on your lap while you are  driving — an obvious hazard — it prevents them from being thrown from the car  should an accident occur, and it prevents them from getting free/running away  during rest stops or after minor accidents have occurred. We can tell you that  these unhappy events do occur and are reported in the news frequently enough to  make them worth noting. If you cannot fit a crate into your car, you can use a  pet approved safety belt/harness to keep your pet in her seat, where she  belongs.

On that note, make sure your pet is wearing identification at all times, and  pack an emergency first aid kit for pets in case of an emergency. And don’t  forget to take frequent breaks to allow for rest and relief.

If You Leave Your Pet  Behind — Boarding

Before choosing a boarding facility for your pet, take a quick tour of the  facility to check out the accommodations. You will want to be sure that it is  clean and well kept, and that there is ample space given for the animals to  exercise daily.

Have your questions ready before you go. Things you may want to know are: how  many animals are kept together in one space; can you bring your pet’s food so  that his digestive system will not be upset by an abrupt change in food; will  you be able to bring along toys and other familiar comfort objects from  home?

If you do not feel comfortable with a boarding facility, whether for your  pet’s emotional comfort or because of health concerns, and you do not have the  option of taking your pet along with you, give yourself plenty of time to ask  around the neighborhood for someone to pet-sit in your home or theirs, or do  some research into local pet-sitters that will come to your home to check in and  care for your pet, or will take your pet into their home. The better prepared  you are, the less stress there will be for you and your pet, and the better your  holiday celebrations will be.

Keep to a  Routine

One of the best things you can do throughout it all is to stay to a familiar  schedule. This means taking walks at the same time that you always do, and  feeding at the same time as usual. It might help to create an alarm system on  your mobile phone to remind you of your pet’s daily routine. Also, don’t forget  to take time to play and show affection, so that your pet does not feel thrown  off balance by all of the activity and distractions.