Crack the Cookie and Wisdom of Buddha

The Wisdom of Buddha

However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them?


Recipe For Remembrance Cookies

Recipe For Remembrance Cookies

These cookies can be made on Hallow’s Eve. They can be shaped like people and the herb rosemary is added to the dough as a symbol of remembrance. Some of the cookies are eaten while telling stories or attributes of special ancestors, reminding us that we still have access to their strengths–or perhaps a predisposition to their weaknesses. The rest of the cookies are left outside by a bonfire as an offering. This can be a solemn ritul, but it need not be.
Ingredients for the cookies:
1 1/2 c. powdered sugar
1 c. butter or margarine (softened)
1 egg
2 t. vanilla
1 t. almond extract
2 1/2 c. all purpose flour
1 t. baking soda
1 t. cream of tartar
1 1/2 T. chopped rosemary
Heat oven 375 degrees. In a large bowl, beat sugar, butter, egg, vanilla, almond extract, and rosemary until creamy. In a separate bowl, sift flour, baking soda, and cream of tartar. Fold flour mixture into sugar mixture. Beat until dough forms and refrigerate for three hours. Divide dough into halves. Roll out one portion to 3/16 of an inch on a floured surface. Cut out with gingerbread women or men cutters and place on an ungreased cookie sheet. Repeat rolling and cutting with second portion. Bake for 5-7 minutes.

A Little Humor for Your Day – Oreo™ Psycho-Personality Test

Oreo™ Psycho-Personality Test

The Test

Psychologists have discovered that the manner in which people eat Oreo cookies provides great insight into their personalities. Choose which method best describes your favorite method of eating Oreos:

  1. The whole thing all at once.
  2. One bite at a time.
  3. Slow and methodical nibbles examining the results of each bite afterwards.
  4. In little feverous nibbles.
  5. Dunked in some liquid (milk, coffee…).
  6. Twisted apart, the inside, then the cookie.
  7. Twisted apart, the inside, and toss the cookie.
  8. Just the cookie, not the inside.
  9. I just like to lick them, not eat them.
  10. I don’t have a favorite way because I don’t like Oreo.

Your Personality:

  1. The whole thing This means you consume life with abandon, you are fun to be with, exciting, carefree with some hint of recklessness. You are totally irresponsible. No one should trust you with their children.
  2. One bite at a time You are lucky to be one of the 5.4 billion other people who eat their Oreo’s this very same way. Just like them, you lack imagination, but that’s ok, not to worry, you’re normal.
  3. Slow and Methodical You follow the rules. You’re very tidy and orderly. You’re very meticulous in every detail with every thing you do to the point of being anal retentive and irritating to others. Stay out of the fast lane if you’re only going to go the speed limit.
  4. Feverous Nibbles Your boss likes you because you get your work done quickly. You always have a million things to do and never enough time to do them. Mental break downs and suicides run in your family. Valium and Ritalin would do you good.
  5. Dunked Every one likes you because you are always up beat. You like to sugar coat unpleasant experiences and rationalize bad situations into good ones. You are in total denial about the shambles you call a life. You have a propensity towards narcotic addiction.
  6. Twisted apart, the inside, and then the cookie You have a highly curious nature. You take pleasure in breaking things apart to find out how they work, though not always able to put them back together, so you destroy all the evidence of your activities. You deny your involvement when things go wrong. You are a compulsive liar and exhibit deviant, if not criminal, behavior.
  7. Twisted apart, the inside, and then toss the cookie You are good at business and take risk that pay off. You take what you want and throw the rest away. You are greedy, selfish, mean, and lack feelings for others. You should be ashamed of yourself. But that’s ok, you don’t care, you got yours.
  8. Just the cookie, not the inside You enjoy pain.
  9. I just like to lick them, not eat them. Stay away from small furry animals and seek professional medical help – immediately.
  10. I don’t have a favorite way, I don’t like Oreo cookies. You probably come from a rich family, and like to wear nice things, and go to up-scale restaurants. You are particular and fussy about the things you buy, own, and wear. Things have to be just right. You like to be pampered. You are a prima donna. There’s just no pleasing you.


Turok’s Cabana

A Little Humor For Your Day – Oreo Cookie Divination

Oreo™ Cookie Divination


You will need a package of Oreo Cookies … the cheap imitation sandwich cookies are an insult to the Goddess! … enough for everyone to have at least three. Milk is good, but optional.

  • Take a cookie in your hand.
  • Ask the cookie a question. A “yes or no” question is best.
  • Put your intent on the cookie, e.g. hold the cookie in your left hand, cover it with your right, and hold it for 13 seconds.
  • Using both hands, take the cookie apart (straight pull or twisting deosil), with one side in the left hand and one side in the right.

Reading the “creme filling”

  • If the creme filling is full on the right side cookie, the answer is “yes”, or a positive outcome, or wish will come true.
  • If the creme filling is full on the left side cookie, the answer is “no”, or negative outcome, or wish won’t come true.
  • If the creme is mostly on the right, the answer would be mainly positive.
  • Vise versa on the left cookie.
  • If the creme is on both cookies in a pattern, shape, split, chunks falling off, etc, you may interpret the creme filling in however manner you feel comfortable with.

You can also interpret the creme as moon phases: The full creme on right side is full moon, left side new moon….different  phases can be  interpreted by different splits in the creme. There are many other possible ways to interpret these cookies.  Go with what feels right for you.


Of course, you must eat the cookie afterward to honor the Goddess.  If you want to dunk your cookie, do so after the divination.  Mushy cookies don’t separate well.

To Help Change Enemies Into Friends


Take a photograph of your enemy and pass it through the rising smoke of jasmine, orange, vanilla or violet incense. As you do this, recite the following incantation 3 times.


Enemy, enemy, turn into friend
Let all ill will, now come to an end.


If you do not have photograph of your enemy, you can use a square piece of blue parchment paper upon which you have written his or her full name and birth date, if known. After reciting the incantation for the third time, take the photograph or blue parchment and put it in a small box along with a beryl gemstone. Fill the box with vervain, cover it with a lid, and then store it in an undisturbed place. For best results, perform this spell when you moon is full.

Calendar of the Moon for October 6

Calendar of the Moon


5 Muin/Boedromion


Colors: Red and Yellow
Elements: Fire and Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of yellow and red place a bow and arrows, three torches, wreaths of twigs, cookies shaped like goats or deer, a flaming brazier, and a chalice of Greek wine.
Offerings: Goat cookies and wine.
Daily Meal: Goat meat or venison, if possible.

Kharisteria Invocation

We hail on this day Artemis Agrotera,
Divine Huntress of the forests.
Lady who roams the high mountains,
Lady who delights in the circle dance,
Light-Bringer, Silver Bow,
Huntress of the deep Arcadian woodlands,
Leader of nymphs, and first among them,
Ever-virgin, enclosed within yourself,
Lady of Munikhia, Harbor Watcher,
You whose bow lies always before Ephesus,
All hail, Goddess, and be gracious to our song!
We sing of Artemis, whose shafts are of gold,
Pure maiden who cheers on the hounds,
Shooter of stags who delights in archery,
The protectress of young suckling creatures,
We call you on this day!
For long ago when they called upon you
For protection, you saw that many were slaughtered,
Too many even to give sacrifice!
So we ask also protection from you,
For us, for our haunts, for the creatures
Under our care, O Divine Huntress,
Whose silver tracks range far and wide.

(One who has been chosen to do the work of the ritual shall pass around first the basket of cookies, and all shall take one, and then the chalice of wine, and all shall toast to Artemis. Then all shall cry out together, “Artemidae!” and snap the heads off of their cookies, and throw them into the brazier as sacrifice. The rest shall be eaten, and the wine poured out as a libation.)


[Pagan Book of Hours]

Rolled Oat Yule Cookies

Rolled Oat Yule Cookies

I make these cookies all year long, although during the Yule season I add either red and green M&M’s or dried cranberries to the batter.


1 cup butter
1 cup packed brown sugar
1/4 cup water
1 tsp vanilla extract
3 cups quick-cooking oats
1-1/4 cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp baking soda
1 cup M&M’s or dried cranberries
In a large mixing bowl, mix butter and brown sugar. Mix in water and vanilla. In a separate bowl, combine the oats, flour, salt, baking soda, and M&M’s or cranberries.
Mix the dry ingredients into the butter/sugar mixture.
Shape the cookie dough into two long logs, cookie size in diameter.
Wrap the logs in wax paper, parchment, or plastic wrap. Chill for 2 hours.
Preheat oven to 375 F.
Unwrap cookie logs and slice into ½ inch thick cookies.
Place 2 inches apart on cookie sheet and bake for about 12 minutes.