Daily OM for February 8th – Keeping Things In Perspective

Keeping Things In Perspective


Mountains have always captured our imaginations, calling us to scale their heights, to circle and worship at their feet, and to pay homage to their greatness. Mountains can be seen from thousands of miles away, and if we are lucky enough to be on top of one, we can see great stretches of the surrounding earth. As a result, mountains symbolize vision, the ability to rise above the adjacent lowlands and see beyond our immediate vicinity. From the top of the mountain, we are able to witness life from a new perspective—cities and towns that seem so large when we are in them look tiny. We can take the whole thing in with a single glance, regaining our composure and our sense of proportion as we realize how much bigger this world is than we sometimes remember it to be.

Mountains are almost always considered holy and spiritual places, and the energy at the top of a mountain is undeniably unique. When we are on top of a mountain, it is as if we have ascended to an alternate realm, one in which the air is purer and the energy lighter. Many a human being has climbed to the top of a mountain in order to connect with a higher source of understanding, and many have come back down feeling stronger and wiser. Whenever we are feeling trapped or limited in our vision, a trip to our nearest mountain may be just the cure we need.

There’s a reason that mountain views are so highly prized in this world, and it is because, even from a distance, mountains remind us of how small we are, which often comes as a wonderful relief. In addition, they illustrate our ability to connect with higher energy. As they rise up from the earth, sometimes disappearing in the clouds that gather around them, they are a visual symbol of earth reaching up into the heavens. Whether we have a mountain view out of our window or just a photograph of a mountain where we see it every day, we can rely on these earthly giants to provide inspiration, vision, and a daily reminder of our humble place in the grand scheme of life.

The Daily OM



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Calendar of the Moon for October 11

Calendar of the Moon

11 Gort/Puanepsion

Thesmophoria Day 1: Anodos

Color: Brown
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of brown set the day’s meal in separate bags for each, with a book tucked into each one. They will be handed out after the invocation. A torch is lit in the center of the altar.
Offerings: Do some difficult thing that you have been putting off.
Daily Meal: Traveling lunch, to be eaten alone while reading or working.

Anodos Invocation

(After each line of the invocation, all call out: “We are ready to ascend!”)

We gather at the foot of the mountain.
The way forward is high and steep.
When we look up, we are intimidated.
We think about all the things that we would rather do.
Many of them seem sensible. Why should we be here?
There is work to be done, plenty of it.
There are tasks which have lingered on our shelves for months, or years.
There are people whose needs cry out to us.
There are places that we must go, must see to.
The world is such a great place, and the errors are many
We should be spending our time doing this.
That mountain path is so steep. It is a waste of time.
Our shoes are thin. They will be full of holes before we reach the top.
There are boulders that could fall. We could be killed.
Is it worth our lives to climb this thing?
Surely it will be here next year, in five years, in ten.
Surely there are better things to do.
Surely we can put it off for one more day.
After all, we have put it off this far, and no harm has come of it.
Look at that path. It forks and diverges. We might lose our way.
We might be lost there forever. Are we truly ready for this?
Are we truly ready for this? No, we are not.
But it does not matter. We must climb it anyway.
For there is a time for all things, and that time is now.
Take your nourishment, my sisters and brothers, and climb.
For the time has come to ascend.

Song: Going Up The Mountain
Song: Mountain God

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Your Ancient Symbols Card for August 21 is Futility

Your Deck of Ancient Symbols Card for Today


Sadly sometimes our desires lead us down paths which have no end and offer us no chance of achieving the results we want. If we persist we end up like Sisyphus: forever rolling a boulder uphill only to have it roll back downhill before we ever get to the top. Futility suggest the existence of just such a situation–we are chasing a prize that will never be ours. Futility indicates a need to rethink our ambitions and direct our energies towards a goal or goals that can be attained.

As a daily card, Futility implies that you are putting energy into goals that cannot be met. It suggest the need to rethink your desires and possibly find a new goal or goals to chase.

Daily Feng Shui TIp for Dec. 11th – ‘International Mountain Day’

Are you looking to scale new heights of victory, support and success in your personal or professional pursuits? Then what better day than this ‘International Mountain Day’ to do just that, as this tip gives you a shortcut to the top. Place any image, picture, painting or photograph of a mountain behind you at work or in the ‘Knowledge’ arena of your bedroom. When positioned anywhere behind your desk chair at work, this image is said to stimulate what’s called ‘the tortoise hill’ in back of you while activating energies of networking and authoritarian support that push you to the forefront. This symbology additionally stimulates support for your ideas, plans and projects while bringing protection and well-deserved recognition. In fact, this secret cure promises that same support to come all the way from the ‘top’ as it blankets you with vital support leading to critical success. When an image of a mountain is placed in the ‘Knowledge’ area of the bedroom, those same promises of support and success will translate to your personal life as well. I’ve learned that having a clear view of the mountain will better engage these outstanding energies. No clouds or water should be seen, and there should be no indication of anyone hiking up the mountain, since this symbolizes an uphill climb. Many Feng Shui masters will recommend using images of the Himalayas, Mount Shasta or even Mount Meru in order to add something extra to your trek! This adjustment works so quickly and so well that you just might need a sherpa to carry all your accolades and rewards!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com