Calendar of the Sun for December 11th

Calendar of the Sun

11 Yulmonath

Day of the Snow Queen

Color: White
Element: Air
Altar: Upon cloth of snowy white place many snowflakes, silver branches, a cup of clear alcohol in which has been placed a piece of dry ice to give off mist, and a knife of glass.
Offerings: Spend time in the cold, enduring her kiss.
Daily Meal: Frozen dishes.

Invocation to the Snow Queen

Hail to the Snow Queen, Lady Winter!
Hail to the cloak of white across the fields,
The treacherous ice on the road
That threatens us as we ride,
Creator of beauty on every window,
Sharp icicle that falls with lethal force,
Crystal of fairness that reflects the Sun tenfold,
Bitter winds of death that freeze the body
And free the soul to ride the circling blizzard,
We hail you, Heart of Ice, in this your season!
For you are the cutting edge of survival,
The one who tests us, and our skill.
When we fail to learn the lesson
Of the King of Frost, your consort,
We are left to your tender mercies
And gathered to your deathly white bosom.
Have mercy on us, Lady of the Snow!
Teach us that we must band together for warmth,
And teach us with a lesson less than fatal.

(One comes forth with the chalice of steaming alcohol, and another with the glass knife. The knife is dipped into the iced drink, and touched to the palms of each who will hold theirs out. Then the alcohol is poured out as a libation.)

Song: Snow Queen


[Pagan Book of Hours]