Calendar of the Sun for November 26th

Calendar of the Sun

26 Blutmonath

Valraven’s Day

Color: Black
Element: Air
Altar: Upon a black cloth set a black stone, a white stone, a chalice of mead, a knife, a skull, and the figure of a black winged horse.
Offerings: Kneel and meditate on Death. Face a fear that is long overdue.
Daily Meal: Meat.

Invocation to Valraven

Black horse that runs across the sky
Ridden by Valkyries in their battle-wrath
Ridden by Hel in her implacable coldness
Riding the spirits of the air in turn,
Show us our dreams
And not our nightmares,
Yet if you must bring us nightmares,
Let them be guides to the darkest corners
Of our hidden mind and soul,
The better to know ourselves.
Black horse that runs across the sky
On great black wings,
Let us listen for the rustle of your feathers
In our ear as we lie awake
In that moment before sleeping.
Let us go to visit you
Where you are enthroned
In the place of smooth black stone
The place where no light falls
The place where the Dead pass by
On their way from rainbow to earth
On their way past Mordgud’s toll
On their way past Nidhogg’s working
On their way over chill water
Into the icy realm of Death
Where only your Queen rules.
And when we come as your guests,
Lord who lives beneath the ground
And rides the winds in the sky,
May we always be free to leave.
(Hum one wordless note, then blow out the candles and leave in silence.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Your Animal Spirit for October 29th is the Ant

Your Animal Spirit for Today
October 29, 2013



Ant is dutiful, patient, industrious and focused. If you ever put an obstacle in the middle of an ant trail, you’ll notice that ant will go over it, around it, or even under it—but ant will NOT let the obstacle drive him backwards. Above all, ant is a team player, and knows that if each member of the team does his assigned task, the team will succeed. Do you have goals that are best met by team effort? If so, get the other players off the bench and let them into your game.

Daily Cosmic Calendar for December 11th

It’s always helpful to prepare for a New Moon a couple of days before it happens. The reason is that the so-called Balsamic Moon Phase or dark-of-the-moon vibration is prominent. This energy-field directs you to complete enterprises that you have been working on with finesse during the last four weeks.  Adding a note of confusion and chaos to the morning is a square from Mercury to Neptune (4:58AM PST). Accentuate mental clarity and logical thinking throughout the day as this Mercury-Neptune 90-degree sky pattern can hook you almost innocently into webs of deceit.  Meanwhile, just 11 minutes later, one of the best lunar alignments of the month arrives on the scene as the lunar orb unites with Venus in Scorpio (5:09AM PST). This is an overall boost for romance, creative artistry and feminine interests, but it also begins a void lunar cycle that lasts for over 9 hours until 2:23PM PST. Therefore, relying solely on this Moon-Venus conjunction to jump-start your love life or social activities is not recommended.  Once the Moon ends its uncertain stay in late Scorpio by entering fiery, enthusiastic Sagittarius (2:23PM PST), the universe may almost seem to perk up instantaneously. There is something profound, every month, when the lunar orb leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius. An essence of rebirth and rekindling of hope are in the air.  It is now time to focus your attention on realizing long-sought goals. Put literary and educational plans into action. Enjoy sports, games and athletic contests to your heart’s content. Propelling you forward is the monthly Moon-Mercury union (4:22PM PST). Communication channels are temporarily back at full strength. Tune into your higher intuition to see the future ahead of time as the Moon trines Uranus in fire signs (9:41PM PST).