A Magickal Touch with Pets

A Magickal Touch with Pets

Author:   Luna 

At the time of writing this, I’m currently on spring break and spending time with my sister and relatives (many of whom I haven’t seen in five years) in the Upper East Coast of the US. It’s been awhile since I’ve been out here, but my Grammy’s house still feels like home. But there’s always been something about her house, our family (both on Mom and Dad’s sides) and my life in general that’s really come to the forefront in the last couple days: pets.

I’ve only been a Witch for a few years now, but I’ve been around pets all my life. Some of my first memories are of my uncle’s first dog, Dillan, a wonderful male border collie. He and I were around the same age, year wise (dogs and cats age faster than humans) , so I guess you could say I basically grew up with him. Then there was Lita, Jazz and Zeer, the three cats my Grammy had for a long time. On Mom’s side, one of my uncles had a golden retriever named Sporty, already old when I first met him. Then came Skye, who my uncle and my then-new aunt got as a companion for Dillan. And their puppies. There were five in all, though my family kept two: Nellie, who belongs to my Grammy, and Burn, who stayed with my uncle and aunt (and her parents) .

When I was about 9 or so, my mom and dad got our first dog: a Portuguese water dog by the name of Georgie. I still remember the first night we had him home. The poor boy hadn’t had a fun time on his flight to us (he never liked planes) , and he came out of his crate scared and sopping wet at home. But it was love at first sight. We dried him up, gave him something to eat and lots of love and petting, and he cheered up. From then on, he was our “choochie.” Or “Chooch, ” as we nicknamed him later on. Sadly, Georgie didn’t live as long as we had hoped. Shortly after he turned five and a half, he began to get sick for the first time. By the time we figured out that it was heart cancer, it was already too late. Georgie was already in the terminal stages and, rather than let him suffer for a few for weeks before death, we gave him a tearful goodbye (even thinking of it now makes me cry) , and we had him euthanized. I was about 14 years old then, but I cried like a baby from losing my best friend.

Despite how much we missed Georgie, we couldn’t bear not having a dog in our lives. Mom noted how she couldn’t bear to wash Georgie’s old nose prints off the living room window. So, after enough mourning time had passed, we went to another breeder and got Annie, a border terrier who was very active in her youth. She loved us, and we loved her dearly, but she seemed lonely without another dog around. So we went back to the same breeder and got her little cousin Iggy as well. Love at first sight, once again. I remember I had just come back from camp and Mom met me and her parents (who had picked me up from camp) at a strip mall on my way home, and there was Iggy, the tiniest little thing I ever laid eyes on. He rode in my lap the entire way home. We’ve been best buds ever since (and he still hasn’t grown up) .

We still have both Iggy and Annie today, despite the fact that my sister and I are both in college and don’t come home too often (Sis lives too far away, and I love my college a lot) . They’re both getting older now. Annie just recently turned 8 and has had three different knee surgeries within the last couple years. You’d never know it if you met her, though: she’s recovered beautifully. And Iggy… I think he’s one of a couple exceptions to the “Dogs age faster than humans” concept. He’s not as small as he once was, but he still looks and acts like a puppy. By the time this is posted on the Witches’ Voice, he’ll be seven years old.

So why do I mention all these dogs and cats? Well, there are two strange stories that go along with this. One is something I figured out a while ago, the other is more recent (like, just happened in the last 48 hours recent, as I’m writing this) . Both of these happened after I came to Wicca and dedicated myself to Witchcraft. You see, as I watched Iggy grow up, I began to notice many of his behaviors mimicked that of our first dog, Georgie. He was especially close to Mom and me, as Georgie had been. He loved popcorn, jumping on the table (well, as close as he could come—border terriers are a lot smaller than Portuguese water dogs) and doing 180-degree jumps. Eventually I began thinking about reincarnation, especially in a Wiccan context.

I remember reading in one of my books that “cats reincarnate too” along with humans. So I thought, “Well, if cats can reincarnate, why can’t dogs?” Over time, I came to the conclusion that Iggy was Georgie’s reincarnation, not only because they were so similar but also enough time had passed between Georgie’s death and Iggy’s conception (Annie was either already in her mom’s tummy or newly born when we lost Georgie) . It seemed like too much of a coincidence. I guess Georgie loved us so much that he couldn’t bear to be away from us. Frankly, if this is the case, I’m glad he came back. My life wouldn’t be the same without him.

The other story literally happened as soon as Grammy and my step-grandpa (long story—she’s still good friends with my Granddad, and I didn’t even know they were divorced until I was nine) brought me back to their house, the same house I mentioned earlier. They still have Nellie, though the rest of her family has passed on to the Summerland. Dillan lived to be sixteen, Skye lived to be thirteen, and Burn lived to be eleven. Nellie’s currently twelve, and Grammy and Grandpa Bill wanted another dog to keep her company. So they brought home a rescue dog named Candy, a little shih tzu who’s now five years old. Now, according to Grammy, Candy’s not usually fond of strangers, and she and I had never met before. However, within the space of five minutes, we bonded. She’ll come for me, she snuggles next to me on the couch, and she lets me pet her. Grammy says I have “the touch” when it comes to animals, and that I’ve become her new best friend.

But it didn’t stop with Candy. My other aunt and uncle on Dad’s side (his sister and brother-in-law) also have a border collie named Daisy. I met Daisy a long time ago, and we got along okay, but it was clear she wanted space between us. I obliged her that. Now, she’s twelve years old as well, and dealing with arthritis, but still well loved by her mommy, daddy and their two children (my younger cousins) . And now Daisy let me pet her and talk to her. Then we went up to my uncle’s house, where we were celebrating another cousin’s (his son’s) birthday. After their dogs passed on to the Summerland, they adopted two cats and recently adopted another border collie—well, Border collie mix– named Maggie (I guess border collies are popular on my dad’s side) . Within five minutes, she was giving me little doggie kisses and following me everywhere. Again, Grammy said I had “the touch” when it came to animals.

Now, I’m still not sure how I feel about Grammy saying this about me. She still doesn’t know I practice Wicca, and this feels like it’s hitting pretty close to home for someone I haven’t told. Still, she might have a point. I’ve been starting to work a little more magick with pets—I remember performing a little color magick for Annie while she was recovering from her knee surgeries—and I try to treat them with as much love and respect as I can. And I’ve begun to pick up on some of the vibes they give off.

For one thing, despite Iggy’s cuteness and love for me, I’ve realized he doesn’t like getting a lot of baby talk. Annie’s the same way, and I can’t say I blame them too much. Some of my family’s other dogs seem to feel the same way. I know they do like it when I talk to them as if I were talking to another human being, despite my sister’s objections to this idea. After reading about faeries from Ellen Dugan’s books, I’ve figured out that, whenever we think Iggy’s barking at nothing, he might be barking at brownies or other fae in our neighbors’ yards. And I’m always able to pick up jealousy vibes from my dogs—if I play catch with Iggy while Annie’s in the same room and not otherwise engaged, she’ll bark angrily and steal the ball. My parents managed to pick up on this too after I mentioned it enough. Always got to remember to give them equal treatment, otherwise one gets jealous and then chaos ensues.

So is Grammy right? Do I have a touch with pets? Are they able to detect that I’m a Witch and maybe feel more comfortable around me? Or do they just sense that I love pets and treat them with love and respect? Maybe all of this is happening. I’m not completely sure myself. All I know is that, whatever this is, I’m glad to have this connection with pets. The God and Goddess have blessed me not only with a loving family, but with a long history of loving pets, perhaps even one that came back through reincarnation to be with us. I earnestly thank them for it, and wish that this connection would stay strong in the years to come.

And to all of you and your pets, canine or feline (or perhaps something completely different) , I wish you all a heart-felt Blessed Be.

the daily humorscopes for saturday, july 7

    the daily humorscope     

Saturday, July 07, 2012



(March 21 – April 19)

Today you will find the word “impecunious” popping unbidden into your mind, at regular intervals. Eventually, you’ll go look it up in the dictionary.



(April 20 – May 20)

You will be driven into a panic today by the thought that you will live to see music by Oingo Boingo referred to as “classic” rock. Believe me, that’s not nearly as strange as clothing trends will be, such as the “big elbow” look.


(May 21 – June 20)

Today you will discover an astounding new use for celery, and it will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.



(June 21 – July 22)

Remember: Unexpressed feelings don’t die. They are buried alive and emerge later as Border Collies. So don’t hold anything back! Tell everyone what you REALLY think of them! You may lose your job, family and friends, but you won’t have a crazed, hyperactive animal hounding your every step.



(July 23 – August 22)

Why did life develop in this fragile boundary between earth and sky? Because life exists at the edge of chaos. You’ll find that is particularly true, this week.


(August 23 – September 22)

Once you’re that far behind, there’s really no way to get caught up. You might as well do something fun instead. You can tell them I told you it was ok.


(September 23 – October 22)

Good day to count your blessings. Both of them.



(October 23 – November 21)

Everyone you know will wear unmatched socks, today. Actually, it’s stranger than you think — they’ll all members of a pagan cult, and this is Sock Swap Day.



(November 22 – December 21)

You will independently re-discover an old Celtic trick, which will help considerably with an upcoming math test. In particular, you’ll find that painting yourself blue may do little for your own mathematical abilities, but it will be a significant distraction for everyone else.



(December 22 – January 20)

Drip, drip, drip. Dunno. Something like that will be in your life, soon. I’ll bet it’s something good!



(January 21 – February 18)

You’ve got to learn to slow down. You’re driving yourself and everyone around you crazy. Just pretend that your life is a Prince Valiant comic strip.



(February 19 – March 20)

Your concern about the International Space Station may not be one that NASA has considered, despite how obvious it seems to you. I’d go ahead and send them a note: “Never serve beans in space.”

Magickal Kitty of the Day for April 19th (Love this one!)

Bella, the Cat of the Day
Name: Bella
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: European Short Hair
Home: Vicenza, Italy
This black beauty is our Bella. And this is Bella’s story. Bella was a cat that was abandoned in the corn fields behind our house. She was only about six or seven months old when she started coming around. She was tiny and thin so I decided to start leaving food out for her as she sure could use it. She was super skittish and would watch me from under the terrace when I would bring her food out. She would wait until I had left and she heard the door close before she would come out to eat. She was ok with me watching her from the window even if the window was opened. After several weeks she started showing up at random times and would jump up into the kitchen window to let me know she was hungry and to greet my cat Vixen who has since gone on to the rainbow bridge. Over about a three month period she got less skittish and allowed me to stay near her while she ate. She even started playing with a catnip mouse and would approach me to give me headbumps against the leg and rub against me but would not allow me totouch her. By the way, she named herself. I would always say to her ‘ciao bella’ which means ‘hello pretty’ in Italian. One day she started coming to me when I would say it. So, by the time I could touch her it was too late … she was with kitten.

She was only ten months old when she had her four babies. She had them outside under our terrace in a window well for the basement window. We allowed her to remain with them outside for a little while as they were in a safe, warm and dry place. Once they started opening their eyes we brought them all inside. I set up my husband’s work studio for them. Everything progressed fine and we found the babies great homes. All but a little blue boy which we decided to keep the moment we saw him. Bella was spayed and introduced to the household which consisted of my beautiful RB baby girl Vixen, another black rescue named Phoenix and our border collie puppy Artica. She smoothly slipped into the family. She has been with us ever since.

Bella is a dream. She rarely makes a sound except to purr. She wants no part of outdoors aside from watching the birds through the windows who she will chatter to quietly. She gets along with our now large furfamily very well. She loves the warmth of the marble window sills in the winter when the heat has warmed it. And she must sleep on my pillow every night. Bella thoroughly enjoys her comfort and has become the perfect house cat. Hard to believe that she was the same scared, shy, skittish kitten that showed up here one day. She was smart though as she knew this was the place to come to get her tummy filled and lots of unending love.

Bella, the Cat of the Day
See more images of Bella!
Bella, the Cat of the Day
Bella, the Cat of the Day

Dog-Gone Doggie of the Day for March 26th

Bebe, the Dog of the Day
Name: Bebe
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female Breed: Border collie mix
Home: Florida, USA
This is my dog Bebe, and she was originally my boyfriends grandmas dog. She is a Border collie mix. A funny part of this story is her name is Bebe. We found a lump on her ear, so we took her to the vet and he said it was a bb. Then he asked Is that why you named her that? How ironic. We had no idea that was there when we named her.She will be four in September and is a very sweet thing. When we come home she jumps on us and puts her paws around our necks and gives us a hug. One of her favorite thing is when the ice cream truck comes around she goes crazy and wants her frosty paws. We are lucky the ice cream truck carries it! Well … she deserves it anyhow. We love her very much.

Bebe, the Dog of the Day

Dog-gone Doggie for January 2nd

Bella, the Dog of the Day
Name: Bella
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Female Breed: Black Lab, Border Collie
Home: New Jersey, USA
This is Bella! She is almost three years old, and is a black lab/border collie mix (we think, as she is a mutt). She currently lives with her family in New Jersey, and she loves it here! She prefers her water with ice cubes in the summer time, as you can see, and has a good time with them.

Bella is a very special pet because she is incredibly sweet, and has a knack for making people feel better when they are sad. We got her to cheer up our older dog (who is now ten), and she does a fantastic job! She keeps him young with her youth and vigor, but also proves to be a wonderful napping companion. Bella is such a kind dog, and we have literally never heard her growl. She loves to curl up next to any of her humans and cuddle, and she loves going for car-rides and walks.

Bella knows lots of tricks, such as the typical sit, shake, lie down, jump, speak, and roll over. She is also very good at catching treats in her mouth, and we like to challenge her by not throwing them directly to her. She is very affectionate around strangers, but she has a good sense of who is “good” and who is “bad.” Whenever we have guests over, she immediately warms to them, because she can tell that they are “good” people and friends of her humans. She has lots and lots of toys, because she likes to take them into our backyard and collect them all in one place and then bury them. Luckily for us, we know all her hiding spots (mostly), and she tends to forget where she puts them.

Bella is also very brave. Unlike our older dog, who is terrified of rain, thunder, lightning, wind, etc., Bella seems almost fearless. However, she does not like the pool, which is very uncommon for a lab. We have taught her how to swim and where the steps are in case she is ever to fall in, but she continues to hate it, even after two very hot and humid summers. Despite her being black, she loves to spend summer days basking on our deck in the sun. At times, she seems almost cat-like, because of her hatred for water and the way that she stretches (she arches her back up in a cat-like fashion). She is also known to knead her bed before she lies down and walk in circles for a few minutes before finally deciding where to lie. Bella also has lots of very intricate dreams, and she snores quite loudly and often moves her legs, as if she is chasing something. We love Bella, and we hope you do too!

the daily humorscope

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
You will have a completely boring, uneventful day. Then you’ll go home, eat the same thing you always eat, watch a re-run, and go to bed. Then you’ll be abducted by aliens, who will tease you.
Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
Excellent day to make odd hand gestures at people you don’t know.
Gemini (May 21 – June 20)
Stay well clear of anti-tachyon beams, today.
Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
While looking through comparative salary figures, who will discover that the job of “Villiage Idiot”, in many metropolitan areas, pays better than that of the mayor. Don’t even consider a career change, though — it’s a lot harder that it sounds.
Leo (July 23 – August 22)
While channel-surfing by remote control, you will accidentally happen upon a secret US government channel, and will overhear people in the Pentagon talking about their success with several operatives code-named after various amphibious creatures. A sudden horrible realization will strike you. Either that, or you’ll get jam on your shirt.
Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
You are coming down with a truly horrendous cold. The kind of cold that makes everyone else miserable, just by looking at you. That’s just the kind of inconsiderate behavior people are starting to expect from you, too.
Libra (September 23 – October 22)
It’s about time you became better acquainted with mustard. Get yourself 7 different kinds of mustard, and try them with oven baked home fried potatoes, or in sandwiches with good bread and fresh vegetables and some excellent Swiss cheese. My granddaddy Stonebender always used to say “Take a big enough bite of strong mustard, and your other problems will seem insignificant.”
Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
Beware the toilet plunger of Doom.
Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
Oh boy! Today you will find some cool shoes that you’d forgotten all about, in the back of your closet. Oddly, they no longer fit, and are at least 3 sizes too large. This may worry you.
Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)
Today you’ll start a new rock group, named “SPAM Catapult”, and kick things off with a really smokin’ number combining the best aspects of reggae, rap, and polka.
Aquarius (January 21 – February 18)
Remember: Unexpressed feelings don’t die. They are buried alive and emerge later as Border Collies. So don’t hold anything back! Tell everyone what you REALLY think of them! You may lose your job, family and friends, but you won’t have a crazed, hyperactive animal hounding your every step.
Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
This might be a good time to refer to your roommate as “Watson” and say things like “The game’s afoot!”. Eventually, you’ll be able to reconstruct an entire evening’s events from a spilled drop of raspberry vinaigrette.

the daily humorscopes for wednesday, november 30

the daily humorscope 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
If a wolf is chasing your sleigh, throw him a raisin cookie. That, of course, is a metaphor for what will really happen.
Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
Today you will discover a troupe of gypsies hiding in your bathroom. They will leave when you ask them to, but you should expect a fair amount of grumbling.
Gemini (May 21 – June 20)
Time to do something about that high blood pressure. Have you tried leeches?
Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
Good day to doodle.
Leo (July 23 – August 22)
Nothing unusual today. Unless you count that episode with the iguana…
Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
Remember: Unexpressed feelings don’t die. They are buried alive and emerge later as Border Collies. So don’t hold anything back! Tell everyone what you REALLY think of them! You may lose your job, family and friends, but you won’t have a crazed, hyperactive animal hounding your every step.
Libra (September 23 – October 22)
A large cement dragon will appear to be following you, although you’ll never actually see it move. Don’t you just hate that?
Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
You will discover that you’ve always had the power to go home, simply by tapping the heels of your bunny slippers together. Unfortunately, as you will also soon discover, it’s not your home.
Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
You will become unwittingly embroiled in a turf war between rival Chinese restaurants, today, as you step off the sidewalk to avoid a person wearing an extremely large hat. Before the day is over, you’ll find yourself angrily hurling pot stickers at people you’ve never met.
Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)
Good day to curl up with a good book. Later, you will build a fort out of your furniture and some sheets, and shoot rubber bands at people.
Aquarius (January 21 – February 18)
You’ve just finished something, but you’re starting to wonder if it would be better if you tried it another way. Forget it — that way, madness lies.
Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
Following up on your accidental observation of the “sock dimension” (remember that sock you saw re-materializing a while back?), you will invent a machine to let you cross over the dimensional barrier. Sadly, you’ll be one dimension off, and will pop into the lost pen & pencil dimension, where you will be severely poked.

the daily humorscopes for thursday, october 6th

the daily humorscope



Thursday, October 06, 2011

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
You will be sucked into a multi-level marketing organization today, and will lose all your friends, along with your self-respect. Later, though, you’ll realize that your new friends are much better than those old friends, and that you feel like you’re part of a big “family.” Or at least, that’s what you’ll say.
Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
Today you will happen upon a prediction by Nostradamus which will scare the living daylights out of you. As well it should, although how a medieval seer foresaw your exact name is anybody’s guess.
Gemini (May 21 – June 20)
You will become trapped in the sofa, again. People will point and laugh.
Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
A door-to-door arms dealer will stop by today. Although you won’t be entirely sure how you let yourself get talked into it, you’ll soon be the first on the block to own a rocket launcher.
Leo (July 23 – August 22)
If you don’t start flossing more often, the tooth fairy will be a constant companion. Start taking better care of yourself.
Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
So, you’ve decided to have children. Congratulations! You, er, do know that giving birth has been somewhat unfavorably compared to pushing a flaming log through your nostril? Just thought I’d mention that.
Libra (September 23 – October 22)
Pinch your pennies, this week. Next week: fondling your nickels.
Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
It’s time to get a new perspective on your job. Try to think of work as a great big funhouse. Just without the fun.
Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
Today someone will accuse you of spending too much time with your computer. The way to handle that is to say you’ve got “lots of work to do”. (And don’t let them spot you fondly caressing it.)
Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)
To your vast embarrassment, you will be unable to describe the differences between halibut, sole, and flounder. It’s easy to remember, though — they are (in order) “big”, “small”, and “clumsy”.
Aquarius (January 21 – February 18)
Excellent day to make strange “hooting” noises, while hiding in the bushes.
Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
Remember: Unexpressed feelings don’t die. They are buried alive and emerge later as Border Collies. So don’t hold anything back! Tell everyone what you REALLY think of them! You may lose your job, family and friends, but you won’t have a crazed, hyperactive animal hounding your every step.

Doggie of the Day for August 10th

Shelby, the Dog of the Day
Name: Shelby
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female Breed: Border Collie
Home: Amesbury, Massachusetts, USA
I met Shelby a few months ago and instantly fell in love. She’s the sweetest, most athletic and well-trained dog I’ve ever met. Shelby is two and currently lives in Amesbury, Massachusetts, about an hour north of Boston. She’s a huge Red Sox fan and even sports a Red Sox collar!

Shelby loves the outdoors and anything sports-related. Her favorite sports in particular are tennis, Frisbee and climbing trees. When she comes to Boston to visit, she’s a bit hesitant of the city life, but quickly adjusts, especially when I give her a pupcake from Four Preppy Paws, a bakery in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood.

She gets along great with other dogs and her best friend is Logan, a six-month-old yellow lab (included in one of the photos). Shelby has charming good looks and wonderful personality. One of the things I love best about Shelby is that her left ear always curls under when she looks at you and nods her head. It’s really the cutest thing ever. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!