Dog-gone Doggie for January 2nd

Bella, the Dog of the Day
Name: Bella
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Female Breed: Black Lab, Border Collie
Home: New Jersey, USA
This is Bella! She is almost three years old, and is a black lab/border collie mix (we think, as she is a mutt). She currently lives with her family in New Jersey, and she loves it here! She prefers her water with ice cubes in the summer time, as you can see, and has a good time with them.

Bella is a very special pet because she is incredibly sweet, and has a knack for making people feel better when they are sad. We got her to cheer up our older dog (who is now ten), and she does a fantastic job! She keeps him young with her youth and vigor, but also proves to be a wonderful napping companion. Bella is such a kind dog, and we have literally never heard her growl. She loves to curl up next to any of her humans and cuddle, and she loves going for car-rides and walks.

Bella knows lots of tricks, such as the typical sit, shake, lie down, jump, speak, and roll over. She is also very good at catching treats in her mouth, and we like to challenge her by not throwing them directly to her. She is very affectionate around strangers, but she has a good sense of who is “good” and who is “bad.” Whenever we have guests over, she immediately warms to them, because she can tell that they are “good” people and friends of her humans. She has lots and lots of toys, because she likes to take them into our backyard and collect them all in one place and then bury them. Luckily for us, we know all her hiding spots (mostly), and she tends to forget where she puts them.

Bella is also very brave. Unlike our older dog, who is terrified of rain, thunder, lightning, wind, etc., Bella seems almost fearless. However, she does not like the pool, which is very uncommon for a lab. We have taught her how to swim and where the steps are in case she is ever to fall in, but she continues to hate it, even after two very hot and humid summers. Despite her being black, she loves to spend summer days basking on our deck in the sun. At times, she seems almost cat-like, because of her hatred for water and the way that she stretches (she arches her back up in a cat-like fashion). She is also known to knead her bed before she lies down and walk in circles for a few minutes before finally deciding where to lie. Bella also has lots of very intricate dreams, and she snores quite loudly and often moves her legs, as if she is chasing something. We love Bella, and we hope you do too!