Magickal Kitty of the Day for April 19th (Love this one!)

Bella, the Cat of the Day
Name: Bella
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: European Short Hair
Home: Vicenza, Italy
This black beauty is our Bella. And this is Bella’s story. Bella was a cat that was abandoned in the corn fields behind our house. She was only about six or seven months old when she started coming around. She was tiny and thin so I decided to start leaving food out for her as she sure could use it. She was super skittish and would watch me from under the terrace when I would bring her food out. She would wait until I had left and she heard the door close before she would come out to eat. She was ok with me watching her from the window even if the window was opened. After several weeks she started showing up at random times and would jump up into the kitchen window to let me know she was hungry and to greet my cat Vixen who has since gone on to the rainbow bridge. Over about a three month period she got less skittish and allowed me to stay near her while she ate. She even started playing with a catnip mouse and would approach me to give me headbumps against the leg and rub against me but would not allow me totouch her. By the way, she named herself. I would always say to her ‘ciao bella’ which means ‘hello pretty’ in Italian. One day she started coming to me when I would say it. So, by the time I could touch her it was too late … she was with kitten.

She was only ten months old when she had her four babies. She had them outside under our terrace in a window well for the basement window. We allowed her to remain with them outside for a little while as they were in a safe, warm and dry place. Once they started opening their eyes we brought them all inside. I set up my husband’s work studio for them. Everything progressed fine and we found the babies great homes. All but a little blue boy which we decided to keep the moment we saw him. Bella was spayed and introduced to the household which consisted of my beautiful RB baby girl Vixen, another black rescue named Phoenix and our border collie puppy Artica. She smoothly slipped into the family. She has been with us ever since.

Bella is a dream. She rarely makes a sound except to purr. She wants no part of outdoors aside from watching the birds through the windows who she will chatter to quietly. She gets along with our now large furfamily very well. She loves the warmth of the marble window sills in the winter when the heat has warmed it. And she must sleep on my pillow every night. Bella thoroughly enjoys her comfort and has become the perfect house cat. Hard to believe that she was the same scared, shy, skittish kitten that showed up here one day. She was smart though as she knew this was the place to come to get her tummy filled and lots of unending love.

Bella, the Cat of the Day
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Bella, the Cat of the Day
Bella, the Cat of the Day