The Easter Bunny Even Came To See Our Special Kitty of the Day!

Sarah, the Cat of the Day
Name: Sarah
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Longhair
Home: Escondido, California, USA
This is Sarah, one of our twelve kitties. She is a scrappy little girl who never hesitates to get into a brawl with our older and larger male cats. She pushes her way to any food dish she feels is hers, which appears to be all of them. It doesn’t matter who else is eating there. We are constantly telling her to mind her manners.

We adopted Sarah from the Bonita Animal Shelter when she was two months old. We had unexpectedly lost a fairly young cat and decided to adopt a new one into our family. We ended up taking two kittens so Sarah would have a younger playmate.

Sarah-de-Bara, as we often call her, listens for the click of the keyboard so she can join me as I go on-line. She is doing it right now! No matter how many times I remove her from my lap (it’s hard to type over a kitty) she will return. When she finally does get up she explores everything on the desktop and in the top drawer that can move. Pencils, flash drives, pieces of paper, paper clips – even a necklace is not safe when Sarah is around. She likes to push them to the ground and waits to see if you will pick them up. Then the game starts all over again. She also loves to climb up the cat pedestal as fast as she can, frequently slamming it into the wall. Afterwards she hangs upside down from the top and puts on her innocent face.

Each morning Sarah waits at the bathroom door for my husband to finish showering. When the door opens she greets him, gets a few pets, and moves on to welcome others. In the evening she likes to sit close by you and will keep meowing until you pet her. If you stop she will pat your hand with her paw and meow until you start again. She also loves to sleep on top of you when you sleep in on weekends.

One of Sarah’s favorite things to do at night is to dash out the door through the dog’s legs as we are letting them in. Then we get busy scouring the trees and bushes in the backyard with a flashlight to catch her. She seems to really enjoy the chase and delights in hiding from us.

Sarah is our little firecracker. We love her spunk and zest for life. We wouldn’t want her any other way. She joins us in wishing every Happy Easter!

Sarah, the Cat of the Day
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And Last But Not Least, Our Special Kitty Of The Day for March 9th!

Sylvia, the Cat of the Day
Name: Sylvia
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Short Hair
Home: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Presenting to Cat of the Day fans – Sylvia! She came to my life nearly twelve years ago – a stray kitten from a stray-friendly neighborhood. I was in the market for a new companion, having recently said goodbye to her predecessor, alas the Rainbow Bridge welcomed another angel. Soon after, I welcomed this sweet angel to my life.

Sylvia is wonderful; a true Diva Cat with many admirable qualities. She is open minded; calmly receptive to new experiences and new people, and curious about unfamiliar foods. As You can see, she loves to be outside when the weather is nice! In the city, enjoying her outdoor domain means being tethered on the balcony, but Sylvia, true to her name’s meaning, “from the forest”, is also an adventurous hiker. When the opportunity presents to walk in secluded woods, she walks right along with me – if we should lose line of sight between us, the ‘meowing’ begins! It is such fun to walk in woods with Sylvia as she meows occasionally to make sure we don’t get too separated. Very smart on her part as well, as her coat blends perfectly with Pennsylvania forest floors. If she would ever choose to strike out alone, I would be hard pressed to find her. Luckily for me, she believes that adventures are fun, but home is best!

Special Kitty of the Day for February 7th

Popoki, the Cat of the Day
Name: Popoki
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Siamese mix
Home: Shell Beach, California, USA
Popoki (Hawaiian for cat) was adopted at two years old (estimated by vet) and has been with us for almost five years. He’s “mostly” a flamepoint Siamese, who loves sightseeing from the window!

Popoki hid from every one for the first four to five weeks after we adopted him. He slowly began moving closer and closer to our common space until he made himself at home. He meows only when hungry or if a neighbor cat comes to his window. He also has an attitude when you aren’t feeding or playing with him on his terms. He turns his back on you, makes short meow sounds, and flicks his tail.

He likes to be in the same room as we are, but not too close (unless it’s his idea) Since our cats are always kept indoors, we have a pet stroller for an occasional outdoor stroll. Poki (as I call him) complains when you put him in the stroller, but seems to really enjoy all the sights and sounds around him. He often does somersaults when playing and literally melts when he gets his (hopefully) daily back massage. He is still afraid of new voices, the doorbell, and the sound of plastic bags, but boy is he friendly and loving when he smells a tuna can being opened!

For the past few weeks, he has decided that sleeping in our bedroom at night is a given, and I honestly think he knows the sound of the clock when it chimes twelve times (which is when he gets tidbit from my husband’s lunch). With age, he is becoming more affectionate as well (yay), and more of a people cat!