And Last But Not Least, Our Special Kitty Of The Day for March 9th!

Sylvia, the Cat of the Day
Name: Sylvia
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Short Hair
Home: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Presenting to Cat of the Day fans – Sylvia! She came to my life nearly twelve years ago – a stray kitten from a stray-friendly neighborhood. I was in the market for a new companion, having recently said goodbye to her predecessor, alas the Rainbow Bridge welcomed another angel. Soon after, I welcomed this sweet angel to my life.

Sylvia is wonderful; a true Diva Cat with many admirable qualities. She is open minded; calmly receptive to new experiences and new people, and curious about unfamiliar foods. As You can see, she loves to be outside when the weather is nice! In the city, enjoying her outdoor domain means being tethered on the balcony, but Sylvia, true to her name’s meaning, “from the forest”, is also an adventurous hiker. When the opportunity presents to walk in secluded woods, she walks right along with me – if we should lose line of sight between us, the ‘meowing’ begins! It is such fun to walk in woods with Sylvia as she meows occasionally to make sure we don’t get too separated. Very smart on her part as well, as her coat blends perfectly with Pennsylvania forest floors. If she would ever choose to strike out alone, I would be hard pressed to find her. Luckily for me, she believes that adventures are fun, but home is best!

In case you are wondering, what the heck happened to me……

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Good afternoon, my luvs! I must apologize for abruptly leaving the site while I was posting. I meant to say something to you this morning, in case this happened. But I didn’t. I don’t know if you have been watching the News or not. We have had some awful weather come through here recently. I know on the News it has been reported about the poor little town of Harrisburg, Ill., being tore all to pieces. It has a category 2 tornado hit during the early morning hours of Wednesday. Thirteen people were killed and I believe amongst them was one child. The child was throwed from the house and probably didn’t even know what happened. I know his parents are heartbroken but thankfully he didn’t suffer. They started picking up what was left of their lives yesterday. This little town is about 75 miles from me. Our local News station is collecting goods to take to Harrisburg, Sunday.

Closer to home, we have a main road which is a straight shot to Paducah. It is nice and paved and if you are in a hurry you can do about 100 mph, no problem. I know I have done it, lol! But that is another story. Anyway, the officials kept telling everyone to stay off this main road. Do not go on it, they kept repeating and repeating. Well come to find out today, a category 3 tornado had hit down there. The spot it hit was about three or four miles awa from our house. They said the winds were blowing 125 mph. I remember my hubby came in here and asked me, if I want to be awake when I got blowed away. When I got up, the house was a’rockin’ and the siding sound like it was just being peeled off (thank the Goddess it wasn’t though). After that morning wake-up call, things calmed down and I went back to sleep.

Today, started out as a beautiful day. I went to the mailbox this morning and it was already 65 degrees here. The Weather people had mentioned something about storms but I didn’t think a thing about it. So when I sit down to post, I had it in the back of my head that I might need to tell you if I disappeared, what was going on. But genius decided not to and of course, we had one super cell storm come through after another. When the first one hit, I just quit. I started shutting the computer down as fast as I could, unplugged it from the cable and the electricity, grabbed Kiki and headed to the closet. Razzy and Stinker were stuck up my butt, so they followed right behind me. We were all in the closet. I was about to burn up. Kiki, Razzy and Stinker all piled up on top of me. I just gathered my arms around all of them and held them. My husband had grabbed his laptop and he had it on the local radar. I got to listen to him give weather reports for about two hours. I know the wind was up and it sounded horrible.  I remember hearing the hail hit the house and then I heard a loud roar. It was a tornado going over the house. I thought it was time to kiss my ass good-bye.  But it seemed like it took forever for it to go over. We were extremely blessed nothing major was damaged. My husband said he felt the house move. Hell, I was scared to death and I had three critters who had their claws stuck in me so deep, I thought I was going to need stitches. When we finally did come out, I was never so glad to see the sun shining in my life. We walked around outside. The roof on the shed is missing and we have shingles gone, all the drain pipes are ripped off, and the patio furniture, who knows where it is!

See you thought I was out having a great time didn’t ya’? Instead, I was in the broom closet getting ready to find out if brooms can really fly, lol! I wanted to let you know that I wasn’t skipping out on my responsibilities. I have calmed down and I am going to do a little posting to relax me.

Before I go, I would like to ask a favor of you. Please keep the people of Illinois and Kentucky in your thoughts and prayers (especially Harrisburg). I would deeply appreciate it. Hopefully we can get back to normal tomorrow.

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A