The Symbolism of your Animal Totem

The Symbolism of your Animal Totem
Both the Ancient Native Americans and the Ancient Celts believed that all animals had lessons to teach man and that they held healing or inspirational powers. In the Native American Tradition, one of the Animal totems that one has, is the animal that is significant for your birth month. I.e. in my case, since I was born in September, the month known as the Harvest Moon, this totem, or maybe I should refer to it as my Native American astrological sign, is the Brown Bear. To find your own animal totem you can go on a vision quest to find your totem. In one of the earlier episodes of Star Trek Voyager, you may have seen Captain Katherine Janeway’s vision quest to find her animal totem while Commander Chakotay explained her how to find her totem.
So how do you go about finding your animal totem?
Close your eyes, relax your body and visualize yourself in a sanctuary, this can be any place that you see before your mind’s eye or some place that you’ve always found calming, soothing or a place that you hold fond memories of… You feel calm and serene, and you are anxious to start your journey to find your animal totem. Look around and you will see a large stone in the middle of a field, you walk over to sit down on this stone and while you look around you, you will encounter your animal totem… this is the first animal you encounter… you can proceed by asking your animal totem questions… When you are ready you will return to your sanctuary and return to your every day world.
Of course there are more techniques to encounter your animal totems, but I have found this one to be very useful!

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