Healing Our Animals

Healing Our Animals

  • Eden, selected from AllThingsHealing.com

by Carl David, Contributor to Animals & Pets on AllThingsHealing.com

I have been interested in and have studied and read about healing for years. I was fascinated by energy work, particularly hands on healing and could not get enough of it. The idea that we all have energy within us that can be used to heal excited me. I pursued all of the books I could find that had validity and were written by very credible people especially Barbara Brennan’s “Hands Of Light” and tried the methods she described to see if I could create the ball of energy she described. I did and that was the beginning of a long deep interest which has become an integral part of me. My healing energy comes through my hands…

The first step is to relax, taking in several deep breaths and slowly releasing them until you are in a near meditative state. The next step, which is crucial, is to protect yourself by visualizing an impenetrable pink bubble or field surrounding you so that you don’t absorb any of the negative plasma from the person or animal to whom you are extending healing energy. A very brisk rubbing of your hands until they are warm will create the healing energy. If you hold your hands 4-6 inches apart as if you are holding a ball, you will feel the energy. At that point you are ready to share the energy by holding your hands a couple of inches above your recipient and visualizing blue, pink, violet or green going into them and finding it way to wherever it is needed. You can also place your energized hands on an animal if they allow you to do so. They will feel the energy entering them and have a warm infusion of healing. You will feel instinctively when the energy stops flowing as your hands will stop pulsing and go cold. Animals will pull away when they have had enough; you will know.


When the healing session is over, you must shake your hands violently for a few seconds to detach and disperse harmlessly into the atmosphere any of the negative plasma you have inadvertently attracted to yourself. The healing sometimes works with immediate results, other times over a period of hours, and sometimes not at all. It is not within our control to affect the results; we are but conduits for the energy and cannot and dare not dictate to the Universe. If it is meant to be then our healing offerings will be received and will be successful in restoring positive health. It is also important to know that a healing must be requested by the person or accepted if you offer it. It is never okay to try to heal someone if they don’t want it. We do not have the right to impose our will on anyone, even to help to heal them by sharing our energy. Animals will let you know if they accept or refuse.

I have given healing energy to many dogs and even a pony. One of my clients in our art business had a pony that would not get well regardless of mainstream veterinary care and methods. They even tried acupuncture but to no avail. When I asked if I could come to their farm and see if I could perhaps help, they replied, “Sure, why not, we’ve tried everything else. We’d be very grateful.” When I saw their pony he was standing; listless and appeared visibly unwell and despondent. I visualized a pink bubble surrounding me for protection and then rubbed my hands together briskly to initiate the warm energy flow. I then randomly placed them on Chancy’s body and let them move wherever they went from place to place, not having any idea where they would move next, or when. I could feel him receiving the energy and saw it going wherever it was needed in his body. This healing touch lasted about ten minutes or so when he became agitated and pulled away. I knew intuitively that he’d had enough and that was his way of letting me know. I gave him a hug and a loving kiss and told him I hoped he would feel better and that now it was his responsibility to get well. Then I shook my hands violently in the air to release any negative plasma that I pulled from him. I asked my client to please let me know in a few days or in a week, if they saw any improvement whatsoever; that I could not guarantee it but perhaps my touch would help him.

Less than a week later I got a very excited call from them to thank me so much. “Chancy is eating again and has regained his frisky nature. He’s running around the farm like he hasn’t in months; his energy is seemingly endless!” They couldn’t believe it and didn’t quite understand what I did but knew that it was my hands on treatment had allowed him to heal. I could hear the smiles over the telephone and I was filled with excitement to know that I was able to help Chancy.

Since then I have worked on several dogs and even a bird or two, most with success and others with a degree of success even if only temporary. There was a golden retriever who was ailing with cancer as he lay in the corner of the kitchen store we were perusing one afternoon. As my affinity for animals was a passion, I inquired as to what kind was wrong with their dog. I sensed he was sick and they looked at me puzzled that I knew so readily. I explained my invisible thread to the animal world and how I was so attuned to them. “Would it be okay if I laid hands on him to see if I can alleviate his pain?” I asked, hoping. “Absolutely, we’d be so grateful; he just isn’t himself after the chemo treatments. He isn’t eating and just seems so resigned.” Our eyes met as I approached him and I knew he knew I was there to help him. I spoke to him softly, telling him that I was going to give him energy. I felt his acceptance as I rubbed my hands together, surrounded myself with protection and gently placed my hands on him. I could feel the energy pulsing stronger and stronger as my hands moved in rhythm randomly over his golden coat. For about ten minutes I zoned out and was one with him, visualizing the pink, blue and purple light waves coursing through his system, traveling wherever it was needed. He let me know when he’d had enough. I got up, shook off any negative plasma and told the store owner I’d be around for a week and would be happy to work on him again if she’d like. “Oh, thank you that would be wonderful. We are so appreciative.”

I called a few days later to see how he was doing and they told me he was eating and playing with his toys again, that he seemed so much more like himself. I did return to give him a few more treatments and he was much improved for a while but his cancer returned and he eventually succumbed to the disease. I felt as though I had failed and was deeply saddened until I realized that although a cure wasn’t possible, the energy I was able to give him improved his quality of life dramatically and may have even extended it.

My training comes from the volumes of books I have read and from sharing knowledge and experiences with others who have the gift (ability). If it is meant to be healed, it will be healed. Energy is energy and will infect any living thing it encounters. That goes as well for plants, not just animals and people.

Do not neglect traditional Western medicine. Many miracles have taken place and countless live have been saved. Complementary healing is just that and should be used as an adjunct, not a replacement.

I think everyone has psychic abilities to some extent. Depending upon the level of “Openness” and their belief system, the ability will differ. My wife has an extraordinary psychic gift. I am constantly in awe of the things she can see; the information she receives. I have also learned, painfully, not to go against her intuition for every time I have in the past, I have paid for it.

I think that anyone can learn to heal but they have to be open to it and really “know” that they can do it. Some people are far more advanced beings than others and have a natural aptitude, ability or gift of healing.

Sometimes a hands-on healing isn’t possible because the person in need is far away. That is when “Distant Healing” can be effective. The principles are pretty much the same except that the recipient of the energy is not with you so you have to send the energy to them through the Universe. This is where a meditative state and creative visualization together transport the healing energy. It is considerably more difficult but can be quite effective.

I have been dubbed, “The Dog Whisperer” by many of my friends who have seen the effect of my hands on their animals.


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