Put the Dead to Work Spell (1)


Put the Dead to Work Spell (1)


An extremely ancient metaphysical practice that still survives revolves setting the dead onto somebody. Recorded practice goes back to ancient Egypt. Technically, one is merely requesting assistance from the deceased over a specific situation, problem or person. However, there is an inherent intimidation factor involved with receiving a visitation from beyond the grave: frequently there’s an element of something akin to calling in thugs to work over your enemy.


A trip to the cemetery is not required. If you know whose assistance you need, an altar maybe erected at home, so that you may discreetly request personal aid.


1. The minimum offering is a white candle plus either a glass of spring water or Spirit Water.


2. The altar may also be personalized so as to strongly attract the person whose assistance you seek: offer a favorite libation or meal. Set out photographs or objects that will beckon attention.


3. Write a brief, clear, concise statement of our desire on a piece of brown paper.


4. Place this within a conjure bag, together with graveyard dirt and seven coffin nails.


5. Carry this with you, retain it in a safe place in your home or bury it in Earth immediately.


6. If and when your petition is granted, bury the bag in Earth.