Calendar of the Sun for Monday, July 2

Calendar of the Sun

2 Haymonath

Day of Bes

Color: Brown
Element: Water
Altar: Upon a brown cloth set a pitcher of beer, a bowl of incense, and the small figure of the dwarf god Bes, surrounded by rhythm instruments.
Offerings: Do something for children, or to help someone’s marriage.
Daily Meal: Barley. Beer.

Hymn to Bes

O little dancer from the Land of Punt,
Guardian of sweet dreams,
Giver of beauty both inside and out,
Bless the bed in which we shall sleep,
Bless the mirror into which I will look
Tomorrow morning when I awake.
Bless and protect all children,
For they are the innocent victims of this world.
Bless and protect those who join together
In committed relationship,
Especially when their love is the anchor of a family.
Bring us laughter, dancing Bes,
And protect us from all disasters
For as long as we may live and love.

(All pick up musical instruments and spend time playing in honor of Bes. Singing or chanting of one’s choice may be added, as may dancing.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Calendar of the Sun for Sunday, April 8th

Calendar of the Sun
8 Eostremonath

Day of Amon-Ra

Colors: Red and gold
Element: Fire
Altar: Upon a cloth of red and gold set an image of the Sun in a boat, ten red and gold candles, an incense brazier, a clay bowl of beer, and a bowl of polished colored glass stones.
Offering: Incense of musk and vetiver.
Daily Meal: Lamb or mutton. Lentils. Dates. Figs. Flatbreads. Beer.

Invocation to Amon-Ra

One day spins to an opening.
You come forth, Great Lord,
Hawk-headed, flying over the desert,
With your shrill cry,
Avatar of the sun’s killing light.
Little child by morning,
Grown man by noon,
Elder by evening,
Reborn again at dawn.
You sail on your golden boat
Across the sky each day,
And look down upon us in all your glory.
Teach us to shine, Great Lord,
And to reflect your light.
One day spins to a close.
You come forth, Great Lord,
Warrior with the ram’s head,
Father of war-kings, sire of legions,
God of great pillars that touch the sky,
Lord of the great reach, the burning spear,
The long march, the brave stand.
You run with your curling horns
Across the earth each day,
And look down upon us in all your glory.
Teach us to fight, Great Lord,
And not to fear the battle.

Light of Sun
Day Begun
(Pass the beer and pour out the rest as a libation. Put out the candles and go.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Herb of the Day for February 16th – Hops

Herb of the Day for February 16th – Hops
  Latin Name: Humukus lupulis
Common Names: Common Hop, Beer Flower, Flores de Cerveza
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Mars
Element: Air

Folklore: Known worldwide as one of the chief ingredients in the brewing of beer, Hops is grown throughout the world primarily to sate the thirst of beer-lovers everywhere.

Hops was first known to be used within the creation of beer around the 11th century, but prior to this it was a popular addition to the alcoholic beverage Ale, which was favored by Saxon and Danish cultures.

It was also a popular medicinal herb prior to the surge in its use in creating beer, with many herbalists of past ages using it to treat a variety of disorders, primarily as a sedative.

Magickal Uses: Healing, Sleep


Today’s Goddess: Minne

Today’s Goddess: Minne

Linden Festival (Germany)
Themes:Protection; Love; Luck; Devotion; Unity
Symbols: Linden Tree; Cup; Beer
About Minne: Minne is a German goddess of love and fertility. Her name–meaning “remembrance”–was applied to a special cup for lovers in this part of the world. The cup was filled with specially prepared beer and raised between two people wishing to deepen their love. This gives Minne a strong association with devotion, unity, and fidelity.
To Do Today: During the second weekend in July, people in Geisenheim, Germany, gather around an ancient Linden Tree (six hundred plus years old) and celebrate the year’s new wine. All aspects of the festival take place beneath the Linden’s branches, which in magic terms represent safety and good fortune. The Linden flowers portray Minne’s spirit, having been used in all manner of love magic! To protect a relationship, two lovers should carry dried Linden flowers with them always.
When making a promise to each other, a couple may drink a wooden goblet of beer today, linking their destinies. Raise the glass to the sky first, saying, “Minne’s love upon our lips, devotion in each sip.”
Drink while looking deeply into each other’s eyes. Or, exchange pieces of Linden wood as a magical bonding that invokes Minne’s blessing. If Linden isn’t native to your area, other trees and bushes that promote Minne’s loving qualities include avens, elm, lemon, orange, peach, pear, primrose, rose, and willow.

By Patricia Telesco

Herb of the Day for June 24 is Quinsy-Wort


Botanical: Asperula cynanchica (LINN.)


Quinsy-Wort was formerly esteemed a remedy for the disorder the name of which it bears. The specific name, cynanchica, is derived from the GreekKunanchi(dog strangle), from its choking nature.

Its roots, like those of the Galiums and Rubia, yield a red dye, which has been occasionally used in Sweden.

It is no longer applied in medicine.

This is not a common British plant, except locally in dry pastures on a chalky or limehouse soil.

It is a small, smooth plant, 6 to 10 inches high, with very narrow, close-set leaves, four in a whorl, two of each whorl much smaller than the others.

The flowers are in loose terminal bunches, the corollas only 1/6 inch in diameter, pink externally and white inside, and are in bloom during June and July.