Monday, January 9th is a fantastic day for……

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January 9th

Can Fruits and Vegetables, Mow to Retard Growth, Go Hunting, Brew Beer, Slaughter

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Meditation for November 11th – A Reflection Of Your Soul

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One way to gain a deeper sense of yourself is to meditate on the character of your living environment, which provides a reflection of your soul. Close your eyes and visualize the exterior of your home. Look at it as if you were a stranger, seeing it for the very first time. Hold each detail in mind, allowing the deeper significances to emerge. What is your overriding impression? Repeat this process for each room inside. Try to move beyond the surfaces to a deeper sense of the spirit of the home.

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Earth Science Pic of the Day

Fiery Sunrise



Photographer: Mitch Englebrecht
Summary Author: Mitch Englebrecht; Jim Foster


The photo above showing a fiery sunup was captured near Colorado Springs, Colorado in late winter of 2008. Neither telephone poles nor wires could detract from this glowing dawn. The increased path-length of sunlight when the Sun is near the horizon, in the presence of mid and high altitude clouds, accounts for the vivid coloration of many sunrises and sunsets, including this one.