Calendar of the Sun for August 18

Calendar of the Sun

18 Weodmonath

Shango’s Day

Colors: Red and White
Element: Fire
Altar: Upon a red cloth lay many red candles and torches, a double-sided stone axe, figures of running horses, a jug of beer, spicy food, cayenne peppers, sausage, red beans, and spicy rice.
Offerings: Spicy food and beer.
Daily Meal: Spicy food and beer.

Invocation to Shango

Dance, God of Fire!
Dance, warrior in the coals
Whose axe is of stone
Cut from the bones of earth’s fire!
Spring forth in flaming energy
That washes through our bodies!
Let us feel your electric presence
Dancing along our nerves!
Dance, Lord of Thunder!
Dance for your very life,
Which once you gave away
To pay the price of red-hot rage.
May we always be as willing
To pay for our anger
To give for our wrongs
To dance forward without hesitation
And have only faith
That life will spring anew
From the coals of your dying fire.

Song: All That Burns

(Shango’s Day should be celebrated with a drum circle, and much dancing, until the beginning of Akte.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]